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Guide to mobile advertising networks (2012)

Guide to mobile advertising networks (2012)
Other guides in this series:• Guide to mobile agencies• Guide to mobile industry awards• Compendium of global mobile stats• The insiders' guides to world’s top mobile markets The guide to mobile advertising networks Welcome to the mobiThinking guide to mobile advertising networks. mobiThinking is working on the 2014 version of the guide. Three facts you need to know about mobile ad networks: No ad network is dominant. If you're new to mobile ad networks, perhaps start with this step-by-step primer on picking a mobile ad network. mobiThinking divides networks into three main categories, based on the business model. The mobile ad networks (click on each network to read profile) BuzzCity * Updated: May 2013 *LeadBolt * New: April 2012 *InMobi * Updated: January 2012 *Madvertise * New: March 2011 *Admoda/Adultmoda * Updated: September 2010 *Mojiva * New: September 2010 * xAd * New: April 2012*YP (AT&T) * New: April 2012* MobPartner * New: April 2012*Sponsormob" * New: April 2012* Definitions

Internet Explorer Will Land On The Xbox 360 “This Fall” With Kinect Controls In Tow The announcements just keep pouring out of Microsoft’s press event at the Galen Center, so here’s another one to chew on — Microsoft has announced that a version of their Internet Explorer browser will make its way to the Xbox 360 some time “this fall.” “Internet Explorer coupled with the power of Xbox will for the first time deliver a fast, fluid, intuitive web experience in the living room,” Microsoft’s Marc Whitten said. Given that plenty of their announcements so far have made use of the Kinect, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this one does too. It’s certainly possible.

Baby Care Advice Online Publications Meeker Promises There Is Money In Mobile 05/31 Facebook's initial public offering cast a harsh light on its failure so far to monetize its immense mobile audience of 500 million worldwide. But it’s hardly the only company struggling to figure out how to make money off a rapidly growing mobile user base as more people adopt smartphones and tablets. In her annual Internet trends report presented Wednesday at the AllThingsD D10 conference, Mary Meeker underscored the upside for mobile monetization based on the history of ad growth on the desktop Web. Indeed, the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner argues mobile is more promising than the mid-'90s era Internet in terms of rapid user growth, a large number of innovative developers and a broad base of sophisticated advertisers and marketers. With her trademark series of data-filled slides, Meeker also points to factoids showing that mobile monetization has grown from 153% annually from $700 million in 2008 to $12 billion last year.

Fast Cash With Domain Names Shining the Light on Shadow, Adobe’s New Mobile Web Workflow Tool | Adobe Shadow Team Blog Today we’re excited to introduce a brand new offering – Adobe Shadow Labs Release 1, which enables Web developers and designers to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining preview and customization of websites for mobile devices. Mobile compatibility is a top demand of Web designers today, but we were hearing from the web community that building sites for mobile devices was a huge pain point in their workflow. The common process we heard was to manually key in the URLs on each device to check the layout and performance of each page of a site design – nothing short of tedious. Adobe Shadow aims to alleviate the time and stress of working on websites across mobile browsers. Adobe Shadow can be used in conjunction with any integrated development environment (IDE) or text editor to fit into every mobile Web development workflow. We’re really excited to deliver Shadow and start simplifying the pain points of previewing, inspecting and presenting mobile web content. Shadow at SXSW

Profiting from Information Products 7 usability guidelines for websites on mobile devices Mobile Internet is continuing to grow very quickly. These guidelines will help you create or improve your mobile user experience. 1. Reduce the amount of content Not everything shown on a PC site can fit reasonably onto a mobile web page, where space is short and every pixel counts. Only include the most important content or features. Mobile websites should be very focused. 2. Wide web pages are difficult to view on small mobile phone screens. Remove low priority content and present content using a single column layout Instead, create single column pages that use up the whole width of the screen. 3. It's difficult to fit the navigation across the top of the screen on a mobile web page. On the homepage place the navigation and site search at the top of the page, and leave content for later pages. 4. Entering text onto websites using mobile phones is much more difficult than when using a desktop or laptop keyboard. Ways to reduce the amount of text entry required include: 5. 6. 7.

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