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Professional Blogspot Templates. Travel Retail- The Sixth Continent ~ Retail Demand Forecasting. Bewitched!

Travel Retail- The Sixth Continent ~ Retail Demand Forecasting

I guess so. Have you ever wondered there are over 1 billion globetrotters? They can be called hitchhikers, travel fanatics or whatever you like them to call. They represent 15% of the human population on the earth. But these over a billion tourists across the globe are turning this travel retail into the behemoth of retail sector with an estimated annual spending of around $1 trillion. Recently, a Deloitte research on the most travelled countries worldwide was topped by France with over 83 million tourists. Of course, airport is not only the sole contributor. Already, big brands have taken it seriously which has resulted in the personalization of retail stores as per your nativity. Professional Blogspot Templates. The Most Popular Marketing Automation Softwares reviewed ~ supply chain and Inventory forecasting Review Blog. Professional Blogspot Templates. The 5 most difficult markets for Insurance companies to do business.

Hulu's 10 streaming video statistics which you would never have known. Follow the brand : 10 things about craiglist you would never have know. Nations with highest number of twitter app installed in their iPhones. 10 interesting statistics on howTumblr's is set to end Facebook domination. 10 interesting and mind boggling statistics on how Tumblr is giving Facebook the jitters lesser known facts on Tumble :Tumblr Statistics Data ( This data is updated till July 1st,2015 Very few of us know that Tumblr's , founder and CEO David Karp who is worth more than $300m have not completed his high school.

10 interesting statistics on howTumblr's is set to end Facebook domination

Of the 943,000 unemployed Italians 2007 and 2014, 70% were from south. Globally indexed web pages : google vs bing. Rating the top 10 preventive maintenance software solutions : infographic. Presenting the list of the best software for maintenance both routine and preventive There is no one software that fits one and all organizations, Lacking the no one fit size approach, makes it all the more challenging for big enterprises " that are engaged across diverse processes.

rating the top 10 preventive maintenance software solutions : infographic

Softwares that are based on the cloud ( web based ) are much in demand and preferred for obvious reasons.A powerful web-based maintenance software needs to have plenty of functional features based on the task intended to achieve.The ideal maintenance software solutions should have multi-site asset tracking, contract and project management and both routine, preventative and general maintenance. The software should support most commonly used platforms,scalability and seamless integration.

UK digital spends to reach £8.1b, to make up 50% of total ad spending. Scandinavian nations, Norway Denmark, Sweden top mobile web usage in Europe. Nations where" internet shopping" contributes significantly to GDP. Hr and Talent management Software Review: Top 10 list. Mobile vs ecommerce sales compared across North America and Europe by devices. Investing in these companies for last 3 years would have doubled your wealth. Mobile Internet Statistics in Australia: Top 5 Trends.

How Facebook can track you if you have your facebook messenger app on. If you're like most, you probably don't want to broadcast your whereabouts at all times.

How Facebook can track you if you have your facebook messenger app on

But a lot of social media apps are tracking your location and making it easy for others to do the same. While it's A KNOWN fact that t Facebook's Messenger app uses location data, it's not so well known just how that location data can be used. However theres a help at hand new Google Chrome extension called Marauder's Map we now know that you can get some pretty creepy location data from the messaging app The extension, which is named after the magical map from "Harry Potter," basically reveals a person's exact location on a map. t this only works if the person you are messaging has location data for the app turned on. If someone you are messaging has their location data turned on, you can also see almost exactly where they are located by simply clicking on the icon next to the time you sent the message..

United kingdom ranked 8th in mobile banking and payment index. Twitter rolls out new advertising model based on 6 performance metrics. Mobile user base in russia to number 122million by 2017. Online Marketing Trends. Content sharing : facebook vs twitter vs pinterest. Comparing chinese media usage by device: offline vs digital. Microsoft windows 10 improvements set to be gamechanger. .Microsoft is set to make the Desktop OS market by storm with its impending windows 10 upgrade Windows 10 made everyone stand up and notice when it made public of how engaging and all-encompassing Windows 10 will be.

microsoft windows 10 improvements set to be gamechanger

Giving everyone a taste of the power this latest Microsoft OS via build 10074. This time, this Windows iteration may likely succeed where Windows 8 and 8.1 failed miserably -by integrating every device from PC's to tablets to handheld devices into one dependable OS. In a break from the past when Windows platform is no longer built in a walled garden but set to blow the windows environment open .Windows 10 will allow apps written specifically for the iOS and Android platforms to be ported directly into Windows 10 environment And the best part is that once released officially, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for everyone - available for older versions and even for pirated ones. How yahoo is starting to become increasingly irrelevant. This year to see $540 billion of advertising spending :regional comparison chart ~ Online Marketing Trends.

Online Marketing Trends.