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Humor in Advertising: A Comprehensive Analysis - Charles S. Gulas, Marc G. Weinberger. Lost in the Pond: 5 Major Differences Between British and American Television. The UK and US digital markets: content, search, and social. Culture and the consumer fuel content strategy.

The UK and US digital markets: content, search, and social

Content strategies are the catalyst that fuel our digital, search and social efforts. In part two of this series we take a deep dive into the differences in trends, habits and resulting digital strategies across the UK and US markets. Presuming that both the UK and the US are the same purely because they speak the same language can prove fatal for many.

Our dialectal differences may mean that we can confuse our tomato, data, and routers. According to As the UK and US share the same language, there is often an underlying assumption that the countries make obvious partners. 95% of US citizens claim to speak English ‘well’ or ‘very well’. Considering the impact of that when it comes to the representative amounts of the total population means that 39,266,902 claim Spanish as their mother tongue, in other words 82% of the entire Spanish population (47,270,000). Resources for Advertising Regulations. Resources for Advertising Regulations Harvard University, Growing awareness of the role that food and beverage advertising plays in the epidemic of childhood obesity has prompted calls for stricter oversight of advertising practices.

Resources for Advertising Regulations

The food and beverage industries have taken voluntary steps in this direction, but many commentators have called for increased government regulation. The mission of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) makes it an obvious candidate to lead a new regulatory effort. However, the FTC has a troubled history in the area of children's advertising regulation, and several political and legal factors constrain its ability to act. . . . Federal Advertising law: An Overview (PDF) Differences Between American and British Advertising - Scratchpad - Wikia. England =/= Britain....

Differences Between American and British Advertising - Scratchpad - Wikia

Persuading the Masses: The Differences between American and British Advertising, and the Impacts of Digital Media. Introduction Everyday, we are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements trying to persuade us to purchase whatever is on display with colorful images, humorous one-liners, and a cascade of facts that advertisers believe will sway us to buy. Here in the States, we are unable to escape this barrage, and to a degree the same can be said for our neighbors across the Atlantic, England. There are however, many differences between British and American advertising.

History of Division Here in the United States, commercials are just considered synonymous with television; we have never had one without the other, with the few exceptions of public broadcasting stations (PBS) or movie networks such as HBO. Luxury Buyers In Eastern Europe. 15 years ago there was little understanding about brands in markets like the Czech Republic but local consumers have pursued a steep learning curve since 1990.

Luxury Buyers In Eastern Europe

As they started to... 15 years ago there was little understanding about brands in markets like the Czech Republic but local consumers have pursued a steep learning curve since 1990. As they started to see and wear some of these styles (that were so so different from their past experiences) they started to look at the quality. Now, the wealthier folk are becoming more aware of luxury brands, educated through the travel and access to more information. The Prague Tribune provides an insight into the rise of luxury sales in the region whilst profiling several luxury retailers serving a growing domestic market from Prague. Prague Tribune Article. UK digital ad spend growth to outpace US and Europe. The latest Advertising Forecast from research group Strategy Analytics predicts that nearly £8bn will be spent on digital advertising this year.

UK digital ad spend growth to outpace US and Europe

The UK is now on track to become the first among 25 countries monitored by Strategy Analytics where spending on digital advertising surpasses all other traditional formats combined, marking an increase of 9.5 per cent, compared with 1.6 per cent for traditional advertising. Despite the focus on digital, total TV advertising revenue in the UK increased by six per cent in 2014, reaching a new record after five consecutive years of growth. TV advertising spend is also set to grow again in 2015 by 5.5 per cent. As more shoppers turn to digital devices for shopping and spend their time constantly plugged in, it is time for broadcasters to engage these consumers with smart advertising technology before they become left behind by the digital world. Seven culture-defining differences between UK and US ads. To understand the difference between British and American humour, simply look at Alan Partridge.

Seven culture-defining differences between UK and US ads

To us Brits, a man from Norwich who has bounced back, who’s prone to deadly scotch egg breath and piercing his foot on a spike is simply hilarious. Yet to most Americans, conditioned to hold a wildly different cultural mindset, it makes little sense, being far too riddled with small-island anxieties for inhabitants of a massive nation to truly “get”. It is no wonder then, that advertising, the perennial cultural repository, is vastly different in the UK than in the US. A few months ago an American tourist’s long list of observations on the UK went viral. Perhaps it’s only when you look at a culture through different eyes that you see its intricacies. 1. Americans are far more at ease with being overtly in love with their country than us Brits. 2.

American advertising says if you’re going to tell the truth, then really tell it. Presentation of Us and Uk Advertising in Journal and Tabloid Sunday Newspapers: Cross-Cultural Content Analysis by Mark A. P. Davies and Melvin Prince. The UK and US digital markets: consumer culture, differences and commonality. In this two part series key content, consumer and digital marketing trends between the UK and US online marketers are explored.

The UK and US digital markets: consumer culture, differences and commonality

Transatlantic differences and approaches to content and consumer culture are explained in this first post. In part two we take a deep dive into UK and US digital, search and social marketers. Culture and digital ecosystems George Bernard Shaw: England and America are two countries separated by the same language. Today we are all part of a globally connected world. While there is a vast amount of social and cultural changes that have happened concerning this that affect peoples private lives, this has also fundamentally shifted the way in which we do business.

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