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La checklist du community manager

La checklist du community manager

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How to make an infographic online: five essential free tools Given the popularity of infographics, you’d be wise to consider using them to help achieve your content marketing goals. They can be great for social sharing, blog fodder and inbound links. The last time I created an infographic I used – wait for it - Microsoft Excel.

Presentations & Whitepapers PresentationApr. 9, 2014 | Share Trends Shaping Local Search in 2014 In this presentation, comScore, 15Miles, and Neustar discuss key insights from the 7th annual Local Search Study. Learn how to create a positive online experience for potential customers, driving in-store and online purchases. Read more 14 traits every successful social media manager should have The days of getting by with simple knowledge of how to schedule tweets in advance or research hash tags are long over. Competent social media managers not only need to be on top of current events and trends, they need to understand what works and what doesn't, have an in-depth understanding of multiple channels, and have a vast toolkit for analyzing data. To find out which skills matter most, I asked 14 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) which must-have traits will make every social media manager successful this year.

Facebook to advertisers: clicks are meaningless and here’s the proof Connect with leaders from the companies in this story, in real life: Come to the fourth annual VentureBeat Mobile Summit April 14-15 in Sausalito, Calif. Request an invitation. Advertisers who judge the success of their online campaigns on click-through rates are doing it wrong, Facebook head of measurement and insights Brad Smallwood told attendees of IAB MIXX, an ad-focused conference taking place in New York. How to conduct a social media audit It is essential to carry out a social media audit, be it at the start of a campaign, or for a new pitch prospect, or even a regular quarterly “MOT” of your own social media programmes. This should stand aside from the regular monthly key performance indicator (KPI) reports that campaign managers should run and it helps if someone neutral and unconnected with the programme conducts it to avoid any misrepresentation of the data and to add new ideas. The role of social media audits is particularly relevant given that many brand presences were set up in haste to respond to client demand without clarity of an objective or proper planning. But what should a social media audit actually look like?

Sharing on the Web: How, When, Where and Why We Do It [INFOGRAPHIC] When are people most likely to share content on the web? How do they prefer to share it? What services are they sharing to most frequently? These are the burning questions of the age of social media. Bookmarking and sharing service AddThis just might have the answers. AddThis is celebrating its fifth birthday with a deep dive into its data pool. Time Is On Your Side Did you see those silly cats on Tumblr, that breaking news on Twitter, and those photos of your friend’s kids on Facebook? Different social networks have their own distinct personalities. Bitly links are shared across all social networking services, giving us a unique viewpoint on how these networks differ.

5 Skills Social Media Managers Need to Have in 2015 Just a few years ago, the job title “social media manager” didn’t exist. Fast forward to today, and almost every company has someone on staff who is responsible for social media. At smaller companies, the person who manages it might be the same person who handles public relations or marketing. At bigger companies, there is usually a dedicated employee who could command a salary of $50K or more. So, what exactly does a social media manager do? Most people tend to think that social media management means simply answering customer questions on Facebook and Twitter.

Converged Media: Maximizing Consumer Engagement in a Digital World Businesses have probably heard a lot more about “converged media” recently. Though not a new term, its role in digital marketing is a new concept for many marketers that presents opportunities, challenges, and questions. So what does it mean and how should it impact digital marketing strategies for retailers, home service providers, financial institutions, and other businesses? The simplest explanation is that “converged media” represents the overlap of any combination of paid, owned, and earned media types.

Social Media's Role In Understanding and Influencing Reputation The newsjacking blunder SEO professionals have always made use of rising searches on Google to create content that drives traffic to a website. Twitter Trends now offers a more readily available opportunity to jump on a trending topic or hashtag. Social Media Counter Facebook 18 New users Share 6 New mobile users Share 7,500 Messages Share 14,649 Status updates Share 2,499 Shared links Share 5,001 Friends requests Share 6,801 Uploaded photos Share Twitter 2 New users Share 1 New mobile users Share 17,361 Tweets Share 72,918 Searches Share

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