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La checklist du community manager

La checklist du community manager

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Facebook to advertisers: clicks are meaningless and here’s the proof Connect with leaders from the companies in this story, in real life: Come to the fourth annual VentureBeat Mobile Summit April 14-15 in Sausalito, Calif. Request an invitation. Advertisers who judge the success of their online campaigns on click-through rates are doing it wrong, Facebook head of measurement and insights Brad Smallwood told attendees of IAB MIXX, an ad-focused conference taking place in New York. How to conduct a social media audit It is essential to carry out a social media audit, be it at the start of a campaign, or for a new pitch prospect, or even a regular quarterly “MOT” of your own social media programmes. This should stand aside from the regular monthly key performance indicator (KPI) reports that campaign managers should run and it helps if someone neutral and unconnected with the programme conducts it to avoid any misrepresentation of the data and to add new ideas. The role of social media audits is particularly relevant given that many brand presences were set up in haste to respond to client demand without clarity of an objective or proper planning. But what should a social media audit actually look like?

Converged Media: Maximizing Consumer Engagement in a Digital World Businesses have probably heard a lot more about “converged media” recently. Though not a new term, its role in digital marketing is a new concept for many marketers that presents opportunities, challenges, and questions. So what does it mean and how should it impact digital marketing strategies for retailers, home service providers, financial institutions, and other businesses? The simplest explanation is that “converged media” represents the overlap of any combination of paid, owned, and earned media types.

Social Media's Role In Understanding and Influencing Reputation The newsjacking blunder SEO professionals have always made use of rising searches on Google to create content that drives traffic to a website. Twitter Trends now offers a more readily available opportunity to jump on a trending topic or hashtag. Reverse Engineering Facebook EdgeRank - Beyond the Theory Everyone is talking about the theory of Facebook EdgeRank, but are their assumptions actually true. We are about to find out! Shared By Plus Subscriber Avinash Kaushik This is Baekdal Plus content. It is shared with you for free by a member. Are You Making These 8 Foolish Social Media Mistakes? So you’re building a new business and you’ve decided that social media is something you need to tackle to grow. After you read a few social media articles, you flex and rush into social media but… nothing. No traction. What happened? Using social media marketing gets your company involved earlier in the buying process, educates prospective customers, and, when done correctly, generates high quality leads.

The new Twitter Ads center Today, we’re excited to share some changes we’ve made to the Twitter Ads center. Based on feedback from our advertisers, we’ve created a revamped experience that improves campaign reporting, provides more visibility into campaign performance, analytics and spend, and also makes it easier to manage campaigns in real time. A major focus of ours is improving campaign analytics. With this in mind, we are now reporting all engagements that Promoted Tweets receive — not just engagements that advertisers pay for, but earned media as well. This change gives marketers more complete insight into the impact Promoted Tweets have in driving engagement and exposure on Twitter. Additionally, in our updated ads center, we now provide advertisers with more granular breakdowns in campaign reporting.

8 Scary Truths About Social Media Crises Happy Halloween! In light of the festivity of the day, I thought I’d scare you a little. Boo! Just kidding! But I am going to let you in on 8 scary truths about social media crises. 8 ultimate reasons why your business or organization should be prepared and protected with a custom social media crisis communications plan. Facebook Admits Critical Bugs Caused Page Reach To Be Misreported For Months While trying to speed up its iOS and Android apps, Facebook accidentally stripped out too much data about news feed posts by Pages. This caused Page Insights to be misreported, leading admins to believe their posts reached fewer people than they actually did, in most cases. Bug fixes are now rolling out and accurate data will flow into Page Insights starting Monday. I spoke with Facebook to learn about the scope of the problem. For starters, it’s important to understand the issue was only in Page Insights reporting. Page posts were delivered to fans as expected, but they were counted wrong.

SocialCode's 6 Ways to Reward Your Brand's Social Influencers Finding Your Social Influencers SocialCode, a leading social marketing solutions provider, earlier this month announced the release of two new features that help brands reach the most influential Facebook users, or "viral brand accelerants." By observing the behavior of millions of consumers across thousandsof Facebook pages, the company is able to identify industry-specific segments of active social userscapable of promoting brand content through their networks. These tools are a natural development for SocialCode, a company known for helping leading global brands identify, engage, and convert audiences into customers and evangelists. After all, the company knows a bit about Facebook, having been selected as one of only 12 companies (out of 300-plus), to be admitted into the social network's Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. Image: Flickr/stefanomaggi

Small Business Strategy: 10 Trends to Watch Part of an ongoing series dedicated to small businesses As you read this, the business landscape is shifting right under your company’s foundation. How customers make decisions, how they discover, communicate, and share, how they influence and are influenced, is evolving considerably.