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Cal-Earth - The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture

Cal-Earth - The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture
Latest News: Updated March 24, 2014 Welcome to Cal-Earth Institute. Click the video below to enjoy the visual journey through the many things that Cal-Earth offers to the community and the world. is a 501(C)3 non-profit/charitable foundation at the cutting edge of Earth and Ceramic Architecture technologies today. Founded in 1986 by its director, Nader Khalili (1936-2008), its scope spans technical innovations published by NASA for lunar and Martian construction, to housing design and development for the world's homeless for the United Nations. Continuing in his tradition, Khalili's associates and apprentices are dedicated to research and education of the public in environmentally oriented arts and architecture.

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The Shantikuthi Earthbag Spiral House [video] Alternative homes are popping all over the world. The next example comes from Nagano, Japan. The earthbag house may seem like a building coming from fantasy novels, but it is a real place you can live in. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building How can we create buildings that heal themselves, ourselves, and the natural environment? Advances in synthetic biology, bio-printing, and material engineering have opened up a whole new field of Biodesign – and we’re giving away $1000 to the best project that integrates the natural world into the built environment. The winner of our Biodesign Competition will also be showcased to the X-Prize foundation as well as millions of Inhabitat readers around the world – so enter today! The Fab Tree Hab living tree house concept by Mitchell Joachim, Javier Arbona and Lara Greden

Tamped Earth Floors Unstabilized Earthen Floor Using Road Base by Frank Meyer [Note: This technique by Frank Meyer is a alternate method for making earthen floors. Tamped earth floors dry much faster than poured adobe and also cracks less.] A few years ago, when asked to make an earthen floor, I started by collecting all the soil types available in our area. Building A House On A Hill: A Guide Building a house on a hill is the best way to take advantage of your view, but can be a costly and complecated project. While the visual impact of your home is sure to be stunning, you need to consider many other building aspects before you begin. A house on a hill must be carefully planned. Building Codes

Dining Etiquette to the Next Level: Kniggerich Placemats Dining Etiquette to the Next Level: Kniggerich Placemats Dining Etiquette to the Next Level: Kniggerich Placemats by rozin.abbas from Different Solutions An Earthbag Round House For Less Than $5,000 Looking for a very stable design which does not only come cheap from the start but also makes you save money in the long run. Due to its shape and materials used, the earthbag house has less area than your normal home, so it’s cheaper to keep it supplied with energy. Don’t be scared if you never built circular structures before, because the example shown here used a technique called the compass arm which you can easily learn. Recycled or salvaged materials were used wherever it was possible, like in the door or on the floor. The tutorial has photos showcasing almost each step of the building process so if you decide to replicate the project, use it to help and guide you along the way. At the end you will have the comfort of 450 ft² with less than $5,000 spent overall.

Spherical House Design This home might look like it had been taken out of a movie scene, but it actually exists and it’s even more amazing than it seems at a first look. It is a ball home, located in the heart of nature it resembles the planets from our solar system. The large open areas allow free admission of light, which saves energy and enlarges the entire space. The surrounding trees provide good shade, keeping the house cool in summer. This house it’s built using demolition wood, that gives a rustic aspect to the residence and completing it with materials used on oil platforms.

How to be “Stealth” Homeless “There, but for the grace of God, go I” goes the old canard, usually in reference to a disheveled homeless person, dressed in rags sitting on a street corner begging for change and smelling of b.o. What you are seeing is the result not of homelessness, per se, but dysfunctionality in general, due to substance abuse, mental illness and a host of other contributing factors. You may see homeless people everyday and never suspect them. Conversely, that panhandler on the street corner may not be homeless at all. But, perhaps, you have that fear in the back of your mind that such a fate could happen to you.

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