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100+ Box templates & tutorials (Gift/Card/Treat Boxes)

100+ Box templates & tutorials (Gift/Card/Treat Boxes)
Box round up!Hope this list of free box templates, tutorials, & inspirationfor boxes is useful to You. The templates are all linked to the people who created them,so please just click the photos to visit them (and you canfind their terms of use there). Please bear with me, while I work on checking the links,adding thumbnails, and adding more current box projects to this list. Faux Bois Box from paper crave via idiy Wedding Cake box tutorialfrom Paper Source: Faux Bois box template & pictorialby Jeffrey Rudell of CraftStylish: All of K. (These have the patterns on them) English speakers, Please Note: to download the boxes above, visit the original page in French by clicking on the photo. For folding instructions click the link that says "Téléchargez les explications de pliage" and so onthen choose file & save as. DIY Dime store games in boxes (martha): Robot & other neato Box templates by Machintoy via the Rag & Bone blog: 3d Flip Flop box My Graphicofree SVG: . Related:  Sustainable Design

Clearly iStamp: Gift Card Grad Hi friends, before we get started with Tuesday's tutorial, I just wanted to remind you that we've got our monthly challenge going on right now. You have until June 3rd to join the fun. You can read all about it RIGHT HERE. Now for todays fun...Katie here and its Tuesday which means that I've got a tutorial for you. Today, I decided to box up my gift card. My first inclination is to go the traditional black and white since I don't actually know a person graduating this year, but I opted to go with my other inclination at the moment... Graduation is a big deal and its a reason to celebrate so I opted to create a design with these fun bright colors and using a new release stamp set called Air Flair. I then added THIS single graduation hat image and THIS graduation sentiment to create my tag. So how about the box? Here is a list of all the dimensions for the 3 main pieces of cardstock that you will need. I started with one color and stamped the balloon image. Next I added my balloon basket.

Recycling symbols - Your essential recycling guide - Archive We have updated our cookie policy to reflect changes in the law on cookies and tracking technologies used on websites. To show you this page, we placed cookies on your computer. If you continue on this website, we will use further cookies to maximise your experience and help us to understand how we can improve it. Cookies are text files containing small amounts of data which are downloaded to your computer, or other device, when you visit a website. We are currently working hard to bring you the ability to choose and control the cookies placed on your computer when you use our websites. Please read our cookie policy - it provides important information about the cookies we use, how we use them and how they can be deleted.

Banderolemateriale - Pakkemaskiner Banderolematerialer med print Banderolemateriale uden print. Monter en printer på banderolemaskinen og print efter eget valg. Food sold in recycled cardboard packaging 'poses risk' 8 March 2011Last updated at 06:52 By Nick Higham BBC News Major brands are taking action Leading food manufacturers are changing their packaging because of health concerns about boxes made from recycled cardboard, the BBC has learned. Researchers found toxic chemicals from recycled newspapers had contaminated food sold in many cardboard cartons. The chemicals, known as mineral oils, come from printing inks. Cereal firm Jordans has stopped using recycled cardboard and other firms are to ensure their recycled packaging does not contain any toxic oils. Kellogg's and Weetabix said they were taking steps to reduce the amount of mineral oil in their packaging. Exposure to mineral oils has been linked to inflammation of internal organs and cancer. Government scientists in Switzerland found quantities of mineral oils between 10 and 100 times above the agreed limit in foods like pasta, rice and cereals sold in cartons made from recycled cardboard. 'Frightening' potential Continue reading the main story

Simon Warren: a pocket–size photography portfolio It's hard to find environmentally friendly printing solutions that also look fantastic, but why should you compromise? Photographer Simon Warren wanted to show off his work to the highest standard, without compromising his personal stance on carbon neutrality - so our 100% recycled Business Cards were the perfect solution. About Simon Warren Simon Warren is one of the UK's best-known location photographers. His interior and exterior photos of some of the world's greatest architectural designs are much in demand by magazine editors, publicists and architects themselves. The first photographer to shoot the now famous Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai, his breathtaking photos were used on a 48 sheet poster for Emirates Airlines, and can now be seen in advertising books and magazines all over the world. Photographic Business Cards Simon decided to use MOO Business Cards for two reasons. Thinking Green too Simon is also keenly aware of the environmental impact of his work.

Introduction to biodegradable plastics Art and Photography Prints of the work of 'king of kitsch' Tretchikoff were once fairly easy to come by. But as they get rarer, or at least more expensive than they once were, perhaps these Tretchikoff lampshades from Graham and Green can fill that kitsch decor hole in your life. Continue reading "Tretchikoff lampshades from Graham and Green" » Just noticed these rather eye-catching Vintage by Hemingway prints at Habitat, which are ideal if you want some interesting graphic design on your walls. Continue reading "Exclusive Vintage by Hemingway prints at Habitat" » Love Bowie? Continue reading "David Bowie albums as Penguin books prints by Standard Designs at Etsy" » We're quite taken by this Spring in Paris print by Noémie Cédille. Continue reading "Spring in Paris print by Noémie Cédille" » Bargain of the day as far as we are concerned are these limited edition Keith Haring tote bags at Uniqlo. Continue reading "Limited edition Keith Haring tote bags at Uniqlo" »

Sustainable packaging Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging which results in improved sustainability. This involves increased use of life cycle inventory (LCI) and life cycle assessment (LCA)[2][3] to help guide the use of packaging which reduces the environmental impact and ecological footprint. It includes a look at the whole of the supply chain: from basic function, to marketing, and then through to end of life (LCA) and rebirth.[4] Additionally, an eco-cost to value ratio can be useful[5] The goals are to improve the long term viability and quality of life for humans and the longevity of natural ecosystems. Sustainable packaging must meet the functional and economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.[6] Sustainability is not necessarily an end state but is a continuing process of improvement.[7] Environmental marketing claims on packages need to be made (and read) with caution. Criteria[edit] Benefits[edit]

Historypin | Home Solid shapes and their nets - other shapes Solid shapes --- cube --- tetrahedron --- octahedron --- icosahedron --- dodecahedron --- other shapes --- Euler's formula --- glossary --- for teachers Platonic solids There are five Platonic solids: cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron. There are other solids which are not so regular which are well-known. Buckyball or Truncated Icosahedron There is a story that a scientist discovered what the molecule of a new form of carbon looked like. Here is a net of a buckyball. Star It is easy to make an attractive star. Sphere It is impossible to make a perfect sphere (ball or globe) from a flat sheet of paper. Another way to make a sphere is with pointed ellipses. If you want to make a globe, here are some websites to help you. © Jo Edkins 2007 - Return to Solids index

Make a gift bow from a magazine page In gift wrap emergencies when you've got the present but need some wrapping, here's an idea for turning a magazine page into a bow. There may be better ways to stick this thing together, but I used what I had on hand: staples and adhesive glue dots. Double stick tape or brads should work, too. Cut a magazine page lengthwise into 9 strips, 3/4" wide. Leave 3 of the strips full length. If you're using a magazine that's 10 1/2" tall, you'll end up with: 3 strips, 10 1/2" x 3/4" 3 strips, 9 1/2" x 3/4" 2 strips, 8 1/2" x 3/4" 1 strip, 3 1/2" x 3/4" Twist each strip to form a loop at both ends and staple it in the center. Layer the three longest pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing each with a glue dot. Use other papers, like a map of your city.

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