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The Kate by Tiny House Building Company. On April 18, 2017 When you walk through the front door.

The Kate by Tiny House Building Company

Washer/dryer and a real flush toilet! Look at that awesome rain shower head! I love it. %B&CProductions. At first glance, you might suppose I am quite cozy in my office, and you're correct.


However, what you don't see is my anxious desire to finish my side, as it is barely configured. Let me explain: The desk (A quick introduction: I made it with black pipe, salvaged casters, and plywood, which I burned and waxed and after framed with electrician's C channel and junkyard scrap metal.) is getting me by nicely, but I intend a great deal more ease of function, by way of mechanisms and add-ons. The great thing about using black pipe is that you can always disassemble it and improve upon its design with new fittings.

At the moment, I need to use a wrench to lock-in the working position, but I intend a more sophisticated arrangement that will allow me to more easily move up and down. The chair you see, the old, shabby-looking one behind me in the picture (Chloe bought it for $20 at a consignment shop), is slated for some improvements, as well. 7 Dumb and Costly Moves Homebuyers Make ‒ Money Talks News. 12 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Home Inspection. Ana White's Open Concept Modern Tiny House with Elevator Bed. On February 7, 2017 Today you are in for a huge treat: This Open Concept Modern Tiny House with an Elevator Bed.

Ana White's Open Concept Modern Tiny House with Elevator Bed

The home, designed and built in Alaska by Ana White, would be amazing simply because of the $500 DIY elevator bed she created which solves the “loft problem” — but it gets better! The house is packed full of DIY, multi-purpose furniture pieces that often do two, three — even four — different things. There’s even a hidden washer/dryer combo unit! I know this video is long (15 minutes!) Plus, get the free plans for the storage/chair cubes shown in the video here. 150 Sq. Ft. Tiny Drop Tiny House on Wheels. On May 19, 2016 This is the 150 sq. ft.

150 Sq. Ft. Tiny Drop Tiny House on Wheels

Mother in law cottage. The perfect Mother-In-Law Cottage designed with the option of adding on a porch to the front or back in a size of the customers choosing. 1 Bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, loft, living area and the option of covered porch.

mother in law cottage

ELECTRIC BILL KILLING YOU? WANT POWER AND NO ELECTRIC BILL EVER? The Mother in Law Cottage Is $16,800. Cosmo's Tiny Vacation Teardrop Home on Wheels. On January 21, 2017 This is Cosmo’s Tiny Vacation Teardrop Home on Wheels.

Cosmo's Tiny Vacation Teardrop Home on Wheels

The little Vistabule trailer has been Cosmos’ bed for 52 nights over the past year and he uses it as a “step-up” from a tent as he takes in beautiful nature views. You can watch his entire video tour below, where he explains all the amazing features of his little home away from home. Enjoy! The Wheel Pad: Tiny Home on Wheels that's Wheelchair-Friendly! On January 16, 2017.

The Wheel Pad: Tiny Home on Wheels that's Wheelchair-Friendly!

Handy Tips and Hacks for Christmas Trees. Planting a “live” Christmas tree is an ambitious task.

Handy Tips and Hacks for Christmas Trees

Its practicality depends on three things: (1) the climate you live in; (2) the size of your Christmas tree budget; and (3) how strong you are. Live trees are sensitive. For a tree to have any chance of survival, it can’t undergo extreme climatic changes. The Connection Between Arthritis Symptoms and the Weather. By Dr.

The Connection Between Arthritis Symptoms and the Weather

Mercola Do your joints ache when a storm is coming? Do you feel like a walking, talking weather prediction station? You may be convinced your arthritic pain is worse when the barometric pressure falls, but many researchers have developed headaches trying to prove this with science. The vast majority of studies have failed to establish a scientific connection between changing weather patterns and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Despite its lack of scientific support, both arthritis sufferers and rheumatologists insist there is a great deal of clinical support for this phenomenon, citing widespread reports of weather-induced pain flare-ups. More than 60 percent of osteoarthritis patients report that their symptoms vary with weather conditions.1 Fibromyalgia patients have also reported weather-related fluctuations in pain although, as with arthritis, scientific evidence is elusive.2, 3 Well, clinicians and patients may now be vindicated!

10 Tips For Removing Mold and Mildew. Compact Camper Is Perfect For Traveling  How to Build an Earthbag Dome. Note: If you’re new to earthbag building, first read the introductory Step-by-Step Earthbag Building Instructable and How to Build an Earthbag Roundhouse .

How to Build an Earthbag Dome

Also, my new Earthbag Building Guide and Earthbag Building DVD are now available. We built this earthbag dome at our home in Thailand for Mother Earth News Magazine in 2007. The article that describes the complete building process in detail was published August/September 2009. Log Home Galleries List. Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper - Australian designed and owned 1950s retro style camper.

10 Things I Learned Building a Vardo Wagon. Here is a guest post by Ricardo Villanueva on building tips for a vargo wagon. For me, a vardo is a Romani inspired tiny house that’s built to travel. This means a vardo has more limitations in space, weight, and balance than a tiny house that will only be moved on occasion. If you are thinking about building your own vardo, here are a few suggestions that might help. 1.

Before you build anything. 2. Images © Ricardo Villanueva 3. 4. 5. 6.