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Green Society Association

Green Society Association
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100' Geodesic Dome for Aquaponics The bigger a dome gets, the better it's energy efficiency. Thank you for viewing my entry. I will post Instructables for all of the different aspects of the project as we complete them. When I am asked about building an aquaponics center that has an area of almost 8,000 square feet, I always have the same answer. In "Critical Path," under Geodesic Dome efficiency, Buckminster Fuller says: "Every time the linear dimension of a symmetrical structure is doubled (ie. 1 -> 2) the surface area of the enclosure increases at a two to the second-power rate (i.e., 2^2). With a 100' diameter dome, we will have almost 8,000 square feet to set up our aquaponics system. Couple that with it being twice as hard to heat and cool, and you may begin to see the picture. The prize money rounded to $100 (with tax:) 1760 6ft. 2x6's - $2800 616 Hubs - $25,000 *note* I edited this up from $5,000 as I got the quote back after contest closed 8,000 sq ft. This dome will have two exterior types, papercrete, and ETFE.

Project: EARTH : Timeless Earth Solutions Note: the above video was made 3.5 years ago and will be updated in November with a more relevant and current one. Experience…. Best Technologies & Innovations in Bio-Architecture, Renewable/Radiant Energy, Food and Water Systems, Economic Systems and Social Architecture.Advanced Educational Environments, Materials, Practices and Concepts.Holistic (Gestalt) Mind, Body and Spirit Development.Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions.Integrative Wellness Services.Community grounded in Truth, Love and Integrity… true security & peace of mind.The Highest Attainable Nourishment with Vibrant “Living Foods and Water.” Community Living – Reclaiming our Heart Wisdom & Core Life Purpose By creating communities, that make it easy, affordable and rewarding to be socially and environmentally conscious, a whole shift in behaviors and culture naturally arises that fundamentally transforms the lives of people. The E.A.R.T.H. Long-Term Vision

Dome | Sustainable Domes - Green Domes, Geodesic Domes, Dome Homes, Mobile Dome About | Green Village Set along the terraced slopes of the Ayung River in Sibang, Bali, Green Village is a master-planned community of eighteen dramatically unique homes, each custom designed, rigorously engineered, and hand-constructed to embody the inherent strengths and versatility of bamboo. Within walking distance of the Green School, the architectural innovations and structural vocabulary are an extension of the sustainable principles and artisan craftsmanship of the world famous campus. According to Elora Hardy, creative director of the Ibuku design team, “Green Village has redefined the potential of sustainable materials. It is a place where where people connect with nature. Homeowner Peter Barge says “Being an active permaculture farmer with a twenty year background in Asian real estate, I was looking for a Bali residence that made good investment sense but had minimal impact on the environment. A percentage of every villa sold is contributed to Green School’s Balinese Student Scholarship Fund.

Domerama Colorful Binishell Dome Homes Made from Inflatable Concrete Cost Just $3,500 Architect Nicoló Bini uses a technique similar to covering a balloon with papier-mâché to build his concrete Binishell domed homes. He starts with a two-dimensional shape on the ground, adds wooden form around an air bladder and reinforcing steel rebar, and then places a load of concrete that sets and slowly rises from the ground. Hit the jump to learn more about these unusual structures. This strange building technique combines an ancient building material with a modern-day aesthetic. It was pioneered by Nicoló’s father Dante, who built the first Binishell in 1964 (which is still standing today.) Related: Foldable Solar-Powered Geodesic DOM(E) Home Can be Erected Anywhere There are over 1,600 Binishells built across the globe, ranging from those 120 feet in diameter to tiny bungalows built in developing countries. + Binishells Via Wired

Environmental Impact Of Building Construction Can Now Be Predicted A team of researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) has developed a method that makes it possible to evaluate the environmental impacts caused during the construction of buildings in advance. Before beginning the works, with just the project data, the new method makes it possible to predict up to 37 environmental impacts. This information, according to the creators, could help improve environmental management in the construction processes. "This model identifies in advance the environmental impacts associated with carrying out a particular construction project, making it possible to program the inclusion of environmental improvement procedures or apply preventive measures right from the project study, planning and preparation phases", Marta Gangolells, a member of the Group of Construction Research and Innovation (GRIC) at UPC and one of the authors of the study, explained to SINC. New environmental indicators

Serenity Gardens EcoVillage Eco-Dome: Moon Cocoon The Eco-Dome is a small home design of approximately 400 square feet (40 sq. meters) interior space. It consists of a large central dome, surrounded by four smaller niches and a wind-scoop, in a clover leaf pattern. Learning and building an Eco-Dome is the next stage after building a small emergency shelter and provides hands-on learning experience in the essential aspects of Superadobe construction. It's small size of approximately 400 square feet (interior space), makes it a manageable structure for the first time owner builder. The finished "very small house" is self-contained and can become a small guest house, studio apartment, or be the first step in a clustered design for community use in an Eco-Village of vaults and domes. Built from local earth-filled Superadobe coils (earth stabilized with cement or lime).Tree free.Maximum use of space through alternative options. Note: The Eco-Dome plan is a part of the Cal-Earth educational and research program.

Photo Gallery Archives | The Future of Energy FilmThe Future of Energy Film Want to support the movement? The Future of Energy is a non-profit film. Even though we've finished production, we're still actively seeking funds to cover the cost of music licensing, stock footage, and editing fees for post production. In addition, our plan is to tour the film internationally through schools, colleges, and local communities. If you can support this movement financially, we'd greatly appreciate your support! Thanks for being part of the solution! Planetary Advocates is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. American Apparel T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Toddler T’s and more! Check out The Future of Energy store! Additional Press mention in Forbes Tree Hugger Indigo Children Green LifeStyle Aloha Green House Idea Blog "100% renewable energy is not a dream.

Éasca - Environmental & Sustainable Construction Association - Ireland Pura Tierra Eco Village Costa Rica - Intentional Community INTERSHELTER DOMES April 9, 2014 Some of the many uses for our Survival Domes... Hurricane & Storm Shelters - Emergency Housing - Military - Relief - Quarantine - Dome-atories - Worker Housing Construction Site Office - New Development Sales Center - Workshop - Campgrounds - Parks & Recreation Centers - Safe Room House Expansion Backyard Cabana - Hunting / Fishing Cabins - Garden Houses - Spa Covers - Homeless Community - Guest House & More! Our 20' dome located on the top of Mount Valdez for over 10 years is subject to winds in excess of 225 MPH each year and remains in great condition as well as the millions of dollars of the telecom and computer equipment inside. (Hurricane CAT 5 Winds = 155 MPH. There are numerous uses for our domes and we ship world-wide. Request for More Information