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Cob Houses - Live Debt Free with Sustainable Development

Cob Houses - Live Debt Free with Sustainable Development Being Somewhere This utmostly beautiful and sensitive house was built by our neighbours Charlie and Meg for their baby Ely. Despite Charlie growing up there and them both having lived for years in a caravan on the very same spot, the house has been refused planning permission and is in for a second application. They could do with some letters of support, more details at the bottom of the page. Why we wanted to build our own home We both grew up in Pembrokeshire. Charlie spent his childhood on this same smallholding, building tree houses and dens and helping his father work the land. The nature of our home was influenced by the Lammas eco community which sprung up on neighbouring land. Charlie’s words On the smallholding we have a small woodland, from which we were able to harvest all the timber we required for the building. Planning Saga begins! Finally - As the older generation gets older, more help is needed on the land. Please support our application:

Green Living - Home - Building houses with straw bales I have a friend who is not remotely interested in things environmental, but who is fascinated by strawbale building. The concept captivates him: that you could take a ubiquitous, rural waste product and use it to build a home that is not only highly insulated and with a negative carbon footprint, but which looks beautiful as well. When I first mentioned strawbale building to him, I was greeted with a barrage of sensible questions: how much do the houses cost? How much straw is there available in the UK? What's the lifetime of a strawbale house? If only I'd read the second edition of Barbara Jones' fantastic book, Building with Straw Bales, back then, I might have been able to give my friend some more intelligent answers. Future homes The book (images from which are displayed above) is a perfect balance between hard facts, sociological context, and beautiful images. The self-build revolution With any luck, we may see the spark of a sustainable, straw-powered, self-build revolution.

Dreamy Delights Posted By Fans Of Living Off The Grid Every day, all of you find something amazing out there, and share all that good stuff with me on Facebook. Thank you for your shares, for your creativity, for finding and seeking out good ideas. I couldn't do it without you: Debrene.Eu Shared: Roque Solo shares this cool pic: Wafa Kocht: 100 sq ft tiny house! Fleurs & fruits: stone home Goa Secrets shared this with us today: Becoming Self Sufficient and Getting Closer to Nature: The Amazing Cob House From the moment I first heard about cob houses I was in love. And what's not to like? It is an eco-friendly building that can be made for cheap. It's a combination of sand, clay and straw. The unique thing about cob houses is that you get to essentially "mold" your house. There are a few reasons why I have chosen to build a cob house as my future residence. If you want to read more about cob houses, this website has more detailed information as well as links to companies that hold workshops.

Unique Fairy Tale Cob Cottage Is Available To Visit And Be Inspired And yes, this vacation dream is for rent to those who wish to vister her.... and the price isn't too steep either! For $140 CAD per night or $1250 CAD per month, how can your vacation go wrong!?? Other Great Stories From

Half Strawbale, Half Wood Dreamy Super-efficient Cottage Source: The Year Of Mud