background preloader provides news and information on Better Block projects occurring around the world. provides news and information on Better Block projects occurring around the world.
One of the major issues we’re faced with across the United States is zoning and ordinance laws that prevent the type of smart, dense development that was once created around the world before the advent of large “master development” centric planning (ie. 1 owner, 1 massive block). So the question is, how do we rapidly create places again, built by communities, for communities, using limited funds? Our early goals with Better Block projects were to retrofit, educate and illustrate examples of great places that were prioritized for people (versus cars) and to show how those blocks create greater economics, vibrancy, improved health, and provide a neighborhood destination. Now that we’ve seen enough examples around the world that prove this works, the next step is to build them from the ground up. For this example, let’s look at a classic “High Street” in London, which is similar to classic US Main Streets and begin breaking down the form:

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Apply Now » Next Foundation Thank you for your interest in the NEXT Foundation. Please note that we will not be accepting Expressions of Interest (EOI) before 3 June 2014. You are welcome to download the EOI application form now however. The NEXT Foundation application process WikiCity – How Citizens can Improve their Cities This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional) When governments don’t build infrastructure, citizens usually complain, but can’t do much about it. They pressure public officials and protest against proposed projects, but that’s as far as citizen participation in city building usually goes. It’s reactive, not proactive. However, this model of citizen participation is being rethought by citizens around the world.

The Grow Forum Welcome! This is your first step toward participating in The Grow Forum. This social platform has been created by Growcology specifically for Eco-Preneurs and individuals committed to supporting sustainable initiatives. The Grow Forum is a place where you can showcase your developing projects, receive helpful feedback from The Grow Forum Community, participate in the Eco-Games, and connect directly with donors and philanthropists. The Grow Forum embraces a collaborative and supportive environment all the while seeing that each of our participants receive the feedback necessary to launch truly sustainable legacies. Get started today by joining one of our groups.

Burning Man and the Metropolis Essay: Nate Berg "Intersection," installation by James Reagant and Charles Fields, 2010. [photo by MadeIn1953 via Flickr] Tang'neduk Home » Get Involved There are many ways in which you can get involved and help us to achieve our objectives. Networking Please join us on facebook and help us network. Supplies Please let us know if you can help provide any of the following Give a Minute Project Jonathan Schultz Give a Minute homepage features a user interface modeled on Post-it notes. Courtesy Local Projects. One needn’t be a Walden-clutching Luddite to be wary of social media’s creep into the political process. Bag It The Movie Since Bag It's Since Bag It's premiere in 2010, over 1,000 festivals, nonprofits, theaters, churches and community organizations have hosted screenings of Bag It across the world! We invite you to host a screening in your community next. To order a public exhibition for schools or libraries, please be in touch with our Educational Distributor, New Day Films or click on the button below. Then, take a peek at our Bag It Screening Tool Kit for ideas about planning your event! If you are a festival, nonprofit, church, community organization or an individual, we welcome you to host a screening of Bag It in your community, at any location that works for you. Showing Bag It in your community is easy; just keep in mind that you'll need to rent or purchase a public exhibition copy of the film before using the DVD for your community event.

Bike-Share Programs Across the World - Green Transportation This article was reposted with permission from Earth Policy Institute. Politicians, lobbyists, and tourists alike can ride bicycles along a specially marked lane between the White House and the U.S. Low Impact Development Low impact development housing is housing we consider for The Highest Good because it is more cost effective, lasts longer, and is built from resources that are readily available. Our goal is to operate as a think tank of sustainability and demonstrate the low-impact development of 7 different communal living mini-village models of 15-100 residences as examples and prototypes for self-sufficient and duplicable teacher/demonstration communities, villages and cities to be built around the world. Each village model will represent a different ecobuild methodology that incorporates food production, sustainable energy, and ultra-affordable and eco-friendly living. The seven different eco-approaches we are planning include earthbag, straw bale, cob, adobe brick/earth block, subterranean construction, earthship and bottle home/reclaimed materials construction, and tree-houses. Click Here for Residency Projections POD #1 – Earthbag Construction

Principles of Intelligent Urbanism Principles of Intelligent Urbanism (PIU) is a theory of urban planning composed of a set of ten axioms intended to guide the formulation of city plans and urban designs. They are intended to reconcile and integrate diverse urban planning and management concerns. These axioms include environmental sustainability, heritage conservation, appropriate technology, infrastructure-efficiency, placemaking, "Social Access," transit oriented development, regional integration, human scale, and institutional-integrity. The Beaumont Partnership Foundation INTRODUCTION With the successful re-branding of our company to The Beaumont Partnership it enables us to embark upon Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities which we were previously unable to pursue. Our company has been operating successfully in Thailand for more than 18 years, and we have been fortunate to build our business and gain the rewards that come with that success. The Partners believe it is time to give back to the country which has supported us and provided our company with so many fulfilling opportunities. We see a fundamental need in Thailand for quality education to be made available at all levels of society. Unfortunately this is not achievable for many of the under privileged. Without a sound education millions of Thais are unable to reach their development potential or improve the financial position of themselves or their families.