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Slow Fashioned
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the Economics of Happiness | Home Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops We love fashion. But the clothes we buy in the UK come at a terrible cost. Millions of workers around the world, mainly women, suffer poverty wages and exploitation producing cheap fashion for our shops. This can't go on. We demand a fashion industry that respects workers' rights. Our government must act now to protect the people who make our clothes. plugin not working on this platform Teens @ Newham Asian Women's Project War on Want's research on the sweatshop conditions facing the workers who make our clothes has made front page news and attracted attention nationwide. Sustainable change can only be achieved through legally binding regulation that protects the rights of workers supplying the UK high street. To get there, it is important we highlight how brands and retailers fail the workers who make our clothes - like the the 1,127 people, mainly female garment workers, who died in Bangladesh making clothes for the UK and high street - and hold them to account for their actions.

About Log in SIGN UP FOR FREE news and business bulletins direct to your mailbox. EFF SOURCE Fashion business success without compromise 2 April 2014 VIDEO: What is the SOURCE? Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum 18 February 2014 SOURCE Webinar: Make the SOURCE work for you 10 October 2013 About SOURCE Intelligence 9 May 2013 Introducing SOURCE Founding Partners Archive →More 13 March 2013 Founding Partners - Benefits Infographic 8 January 2013 SOURCE Bulletins: Sign Up + Archive 24 December 2012 Who SOURCE Intelligence is aimed at 20 December 2012 SOURCE Founding Partnership 9 December 2012 SOURCE Colour Coding Site built by Nivelo & designed by Design Friendship | Back to top → Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Contact Us

| F.TAPE Fashion Directory | News & Media | in The Model Wall In just six months Andreas Lindquist has shot the cover of 10 Men, walked exclusively for Burberry and took part in his debut show season! in Model News Florian van Bael keeps cool in the summer sun modelling all-white ensembles for the new issue of Fantastic Man. in Magazines & Editorial Witches, seductive temptresses and youth ready to rebel. Adrian Cardoso and friends join forces to show camaraderie against a backdrop of rebellion for the latest issue of Fucking Young. in Motion Watch British model Anders Hayward let the music take control of his body in this uplifting film for Palmer//Harding. Dutch model Ton Heukels models Louis Vuitton menswear in a beautiful spread for the SS14 issue of Metal Magazine. Naomi Campbell takes to the May issue of Vogue Australia to show the Aussies she’s still sitting pretty at the top! in Shopping Put your best foot forward this summer and embrace the socks and sandals trend courtesy of Opening Ceremony and Teva! in campaigns in Events EY!

FASHIONmeGREEN - Where style goes green Ufficio di scollocamento | International Union League for Brand Responsibility With your support, organized workers are taking on transnational corporations to end the race-to-the-bottom once and for all. Below, sign up to make a monthly donation to the International Union League for Brand Responsibility, and check out what your donation will support on the ground. Instructions: Select an option, then you'll be sent to a secure online form to enter your information. (If you prefer to make a one-time donation, click here.) Sustainer $10/month $10.00 every month Bus fare for one local union activist to visit workers' communities to educate about labor rights. Sustainer $25/month $25.00 every month Phone minutes for one local unionist to keep in touch with fellow workers. Sustainer $50/month $50.00 every month Meeting space for workers to discuss problems on the job and to make strategies to defend their rights. Sustainer $100/month $100.00 every month Modest office space for workers to type up documents, e-mail with far-away allies, and make photocopies. Sustainer $200/month

Flavia Aranha Biografia Poesia, leveza e contemporaneidade resumem o trabalho de Flávia Aranha. Nascida em Campinas, veio para São Paulo para cursar a faculdade Santa Marcelina e adotou a cidade como sua primeira casa. Modelagens atemporais, tecidos de algodão puro e tingimento com corantes naturais [como folhas, cascas de árvores e chá] estão presentes em todas as coleções, complementadas por uma linha de acessórios em couro de tilápia e vidro soprado — gotas transparentes que compõem brincos ou pingentes em longas e sutis correntes de prata. Desenvolve suas coleções com a mesma sutileza com que troca experiências com as comunidades que visita, para compor suas referências, inspirações e parcerias. Destas comunidades que produzem diversos tipos de matéria-prima que Flavia usa em suas peças, ela quer resgatar um trabalho artesanal que se perdeu no tempo e na vida das pessoas, através de reinvenções, buscando uma nova valoração da brasilidade.

TheGloss - A gloss on beauty, fashion, style, love and more e c c o * e c o Consigli per cambiare vita: vivere una vita migliore e più felice Consigli utili per chi sta pensando di cambiare vita ed in più notizie, interviste, recensioni di libri ed approfondimenti sulle tendenze che si stanno affermando in Italia e nel Mondo e sui segnali sociali che si stanno manifestando e consilidando. Di Anna Scirè Calabrisotto Cambiare Passo di Arianna Huffington: come ridefinire soldi e potere per imparare a vivere una vita felice e davvero di successo“Una delle ragioni per cui lasciamo che lo stress sia parte integrante delle nostre vite è che non abbiamo realmente tempo pe... Leggi tutto A cura di Nicole Cascione Renato Collodoro ha da poco pubblicato il suo secondo libro, dal titolo “Il buon mangiare”. Il libro, stampato su carta paglia, una carta alimentare, è il risultato di un percorso scaturito dalla trentennale esperienza dell’autore nel mondo del... Leggi tutto Leggi tutto Leggi tutto A cura di Nicole Cascione “30 esaltazioni di gioia” questo è il titolo del libro scritto da Rosa Gattuso. Leggi tutto Siete mai stati a Malta?

The Label Doesn't Tell the Whole Story - Canadian Fair Trade Campaign The Canadian Fair Trade Network and ReThink Communications have teamed up and launched the "The Label Doesn't Tell the Whole Story" campaign. This campaign is aimed at bringing awareness to and getting people thinking, talking and taking action on ongoing issues within garment and textile production and manufacturing. This series of thought-provoking clothing labels have been photographed in a bid to raise awareness of the horrific plight of those toiling in sweatshops around the world. We're hoping that these images will make people think about the garments they are wearing and just where they have come from. Teaming up with the advertising agency Rethink, the photographs feature clothing labels telling the tragic stories of factory workers from Bangladesh, Cambodia and Sierra Leone. Each label says that the product is 100 per cent cotton - but adds that is not the whole story and follows on with a snap shot of just who could have made the item.