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Electric Camper: Tiny Geometric House on Wheels

Electric Camper: Tiny Geometric House on Wheels
Not only is this highly unusual-looking vehicle a hand-made camper – it runs on electricity. Built from plywood, fiberglass, epoxy resin, bicycle parts and an electric motor, ‘Golden Gate’ by San Francisco artist Jay Nelson is reminiscent of all of those amazing hand-crafted house trucks from the 1970s, but with a very modern power source. The tiny camper measures just 96″x54″x64″, making it just large enough inside to lay down on the bed platform. The Golden Gate is better equipped than you might expect, with a sink, stove, cooler, storage compartments and even a toilet. While its top speed of 20mph and lack of headlights doesn’t exactly make it ideal for traveling long distances, it’s easy to envision owning a tiny house like this for use as a swanky home base for camping. Related:  Micro Style

Traveling Carpenter’s Home Away From Home Hey all! I just finished building my tiny house on a trailer in western NC & thought I would share. It was built using all sustainable materials from the area, nothing pressure treated or finished with chemicals. A tiny traveling house on wheels in Western, North Carolina. Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon. Red Rocket Tiny House A tiny house on wheels with steel siding in Sharon Springs, New York. More info. here. Gnomadik Micro Cottage (Part 2) A 75 square feet tiny home built by Gnomadik Homes. More photos here. More info. here.

Tiny Tiny House This is a rustic tiny house built primarily out of minimally processed natural materials for people who are sensitive to manmade chemicals. Built onto a recycled trailer frame, stripped, wire brushed and inspected, primed and painted with Rustoleum paint to ensure a long second life. More info. here. Rolling Bed A vintage 203 truck converted into a “rolling bed” with a mini fridge and wired for current in Ardèche France. Owned by Les Roulettes Du Travers. Trekker Trailers Tiny House Tiny house in Eustis, Florida. Built by Trekker Trailers. Teenie Tiny House I am still working on many areas of the Teenie Tiny House #2 but here are a few pics. These pics are of work in progress…I am adding a couple pics of Teenie Tiny House #1 inside also. These two TT’s are built for “OFF GRID” use…I feel this will be the reality and not the abnormal. I am a 53 yr old Grannie of 8 and my 13 yr old Granddaughter has already put in her house order.LOL Photos and build by Mary Guthery.

Portable tiny house built from recycled water tanks can be towed by a bicycle Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes, and are built from all sorts of materials, but this tiny house concept uses a novel approach to creating a lightweight portable dwelling that is also said to be able to float on water. I've been following the tiny house movement for over a decade now, ever since my family's foray into living in a very small space, and even after seeing hundreds upon hundreds of different tiny house designs, I still come across innovative concepts for using repurposed materials to build miniature dwellings that just seem to make sense, but that are only obvious after seeing them. And this portable tiny house design is definitely up there in terms of being a potentially viable idea that combines reused materials in a way that takes advantage of the materials' inherent strengths, while also being versatile and adaptable. © Stereotank

Bike Campers! 8 Ultra-Mobile Pedal-Powered Shelters - WebEcoist You don’t need a gas-guzzling truck to haul around a camper, tent or emergency shelter – you can use the power of your leg muscles with these 8 clever creations made to be pulled by bicycles. These ultra-mobile bike campers range from ultra-lightweight and simple designs made of fabric to floating creations comprised of recycled water tanks. Taku Tanku, the Towable Floating Tiny House Lightweight enough to tow by bicycle yet sizable enough to sleep 2-3 people, the Taku Tanku could potentially be used as a disaster shelter, according to designers Stereotank architecture at Takahiro Fukuda. Micro Gypsy Wagon This amazing micro gypsy wagon pops up from a coffin-shaped bike trailer to an adorable little abode inspired by traditional Romani dwellings. Bike Tire Pop-Up Tent Forget hauling your tent with you when camping by bicycle; this cool idea builds a pop-up tent right into the front wheel to free up space. Camper Bike Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer QTvan Bike Caravan

Small Trailers Houses Decorating Small Trailer House – Home Constructions sponsored links This Small Trailers Houses image is one of the photograph among other images in the writing of Decorating Small Trailer House - After you build it, you can choose the suitable furniture to decorate your small trailer house, and set them neatly. The organized furniture will make your small trailer house looks bigger than the real size. The surprising Small Trailers Houses image above, is categorized in House subject and trailer houses niche and along with interior designs theme along with along with Small Trailer House area along with and then design model area of interest and then public transports content . Download Small Trailers Houses picture with measurement 453 × 358 pixels for your desktop background or then click on the digital photograph above to look all digital photographs of "Small Trailers Houses" by checking through the thumbnails to view the full digital photograph's of "Decorating Small Trailer House".

Relax Shacks Builds a Micro Reading Pod for NYU Professor Photo: Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of is in the process of completing a micro home for an NYU professor to use as a reading and study pod. The pod is built mostly from recycled, repurposed and salvaged materials. The micro house measures 7 feet by 5 feet, and is about 6 feet high. Photo: The Tuftex is slightly smoky, which does block some of the light getting in. The interior is basically just a single space, with flooring made of polyurethane board, which Derek repurposed from a demolition site of a house that had been torn down. You can check out the full video tour of this micro home at Article tags: affordable, construction waste, green building, modern design, reclaimed, recycled, tiny home, tiny homes, tiny house, wood

Melissa’s 1947 Tourette Teardrop Restoration Guest post by Melissa. My Dad always wanted a vintage teardrop camper. We talked about it all the time. The day before Easter, we were again talking and I told him I wanted to find me a Scamp camper. The next day my Dad passed away on Easter Sunday. I knew right then that my Dad had sent it to me to see. The camper had a been painted several times. I brought it home, took it down to the frame, and sanded and painted the frame with bed-liner coating. After the Teardrop was reassembled, it was time to work on the kitchen. Then I had my friend, Mike, strip and paint the outside of the camper and the inside of the outdoor kitchen. The day the Teardrop came back from paint, I added my Dad’s nickname to the back in the kitchen area, “HOSS.” I bought an 8-inch memory foam mattress because the foam can be cut to maximize the sleeping area around inner wheel wells. Now that the 1947 Tourette Teardrop is completely restored, I know that my Dad is smiling and saying “I told you so”

Adorably Tiny Study Cabin Was Built for $400 Using Recycled and Salvaged Materials | Inhabitat New York City The hustle and bustle of city life is invigorating, but there are times when it's not very conducive to quiet contemplation. That's why one NYU professor hired Derek "Deek" Diedricksen of to build a tiny reading and study cabin on a plot of land he bought in New Jersey. Diedricksen, who set the micro study pod on wheels and built it almost entirely out of salvaged and recycled materials, estimates that the cost of materials (excluding labor and time) was just $400. Perfect for grading papers or for use as a low-key vacation getaway, the 6-foot-tall micro cabin measures 7 feet by 5 feet and can even comfortably sleep two. Related: Tiny Wooden Writer’s Block Cabin and Boathouse Offers a Tranquil Natural Retreat in Maine Inside, the small cabin gives off a yoga studio vibe with its dark polyurethane beadboard flooring and a colorful assortment of pillows. + RelaxShacks Via Jetson Green Images via RelaxShacks, RelaxShacks YouTube Video