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INFINISKI - Arquitectura y Construcción Sustentables

INFINISKI - Arquitectura y Construcción Sustentables

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Cellophane House Cellophane House is a five-story, off-site fabricated dwelling made of transparent, recyclable materials commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art for the 2008 exhibition Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling. It was on display for three months on a New York City lot adjacent to the Museum, drawing over 500,000 visitors. The house is comprised of integrated component assemblies"or chunks"manufactured off-site over the course of thirteen weeks and assembled on-site in just sixteen days. A parametric model was used to achieve the high precision required for off-site fabrication and to eliminate the need for shop drawings. Fabricated virtually with Building Information Modeling (BIM), the geometric and dimensional certainty of the virtual model allows parts to be machined and assembled to the required tolerances.

Modern Modular Done Right from Challenger Living A lot of lessons have been learned over the last decade as architects and manufacturers try to make modern green prefab affordable and accessible to a wider audience. A new entry into the market is Challenger, a modern architect-designed line of houses from Manitoba, Canada's Conquest Manufacturing. They recently displayed a new model, the Cube, at the National Home Show in Toronto. By way of background, prior to coming to TreeHugger I spend a number of years trying to introduce modern modular to the Canadian marketplace, and did just about everything wrong. Looking at the Challenger line, I think that they have done just about everything right. 1) Unit size and design

Offsite Construction: STACK Charlie Kaplan joined ARCS Construction Services in 1996 as Construction Manager and Peter Gluck and Partners as a designer in 1997. He became associate principal in 1999. As the lead housing architect in our office, Mr. Kaplan, AIA LEED certified, has been involved in the design of sustainable housing projects throughout the U.S. He was a partner with Peter Gluck in the purchase, development, design and construction of award winning affordable housing in Aspen, Colorado, built as a turn-key project for the City of Aspen. Mr.

Studio 101 Designs - ridge0™ 2,341 sq ft of livable area + 246 sq ft of storage + 261 sq ft of ext decks / 3 bedroom + 2 bath Download floor plan The ridge0™ is a fully customizable home with a large flex space upstairs and various options available for exterior siding, interior finishes, plumbing fixtures, HVAC systems (including radiant floor heating) and accordion doors. Packaged House by Konrad Wachsmann and Walter Gropius (1941-1952) at Rather than representing a revolution in prefabrication, Konrad Wachsmann and Walter Gropius's Packaged House (General Panel System) represents the zenith of the wood-frame, panelized houses that were, by 1942, fairly common on both sides of the Atlantic. What is more relevant is the nature of the partnership between two influential architects with their own distinct interest in collaborating on such a project. Despite the cachet of its authors, the house, like so many before and after it, would ultimately fail as a commodity, remaining influential today by virtue of its conceptual underpinnings, rather than for its commercial success. Escaping interment in Germany virtually penniless in 1941, Wachsmann arrived at Gropius's American home in Lincoln, Massachusetts, homeless and without work. Gropius, an old friend, was in a position to help as he was both practicing and teaching at Harvard and had recently severed ties with his longtime collaborator, Marcel Breuer.

the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture [ home ] The Taliesin Mod.FabTM is an example of simple, elegant, and sustainable living in the desert. The one-bedroom, 600-square-foot prototype residence relies on panelized construction to allow for speed and economy on site or in a factory. Tind prefabricated house concept by Claesson Koivisto Rune Milan 2013: Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune will present a kit-of-parts for a prefabricated Scandinavian house in Milan this April (+ slideshow). "The prefab/kit house market generally prefers fake historical over contemporary," says Claesson Koivisto Rune, "and it is more than common that an architect has not been involved at all." The team was keen to avoid this conservative approach and wanted to come up with a modern design that reflected current Swedish architecture.

Families, Empty-Nesters 3-4 bedrooms + additional pods3 baths1 level56' x 54'starting at $635,000optional pod $155,000+ 2-3 bedrooms2-2.5 baths1 level57' x 39' - 6"starting at $350,000 3 bedrooms2 baths1 level60' x 36' | 71' x 40'starting at $465,000+ 2-3 bedrooms2 baths1 level57' x 20' - 6"$285,000+ 2 bedrooms + additional pods2 bathrooms1 level36' x 64' - 6"starting at $465,000optional pod $155,000+