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'Moving house' Great properties. Freddie sur Twitter : "Percent of population that is homeless: □□GBR: 0.48% □□AUS: 0.47% □□GER: 0.37% □□SWE: 0.36% □□ISR: 0.29% □□IRL: 0.22% □□FRA: 0.21% □□CHN: 0.18% □□USA: 0.17% □□IND: 0.15% □□CAN: 0.09% □□ITA: 0.08% □□RUS: 0.04% □□BRA: 0.04% □□MEX: 0.0. Anti-homeless architecture. Home ownership UK. Having a bit of a cry at this tragic fairy tale of the magical apple-cheeked landlord who might have to sell his 27 remaining properties to stop the wicked Corbyn from taxing him more.… "'It's a classic estate agents' phrase, but people getting divorced keep us in business." Lol.

Will the property market slow even further ahead of Brexit? The UK housing market has been in the brace position since the EU referendum three years ago.

Will the property market slow even further ahead of Brexit?

It has been a bumpy ride for the most part. Prices have ground to a halt in some parts of the country, while they have soared ahead in others. A report by Nationwide yesterday showed overall prices were up just 0.2 per cent on last year. It is the tenth month in a row that annual house prices have grown by less than 1 per cent. But the crash-landing many fear has yet to come. Britain's property market is blowing hot and cold, with areas that saw a mini-boom a few years ago, including London and the South East suffering, while locations that had lagged, such as regional cities and the North seeing more buoyant conditions With 29 days until the Brexit deadline, there is a sense that October could be a crunch month for the housing sector.

Get a deal with the EU and there could be a flurry of sales as the market breathes a sigh of relief. Is the mood turning in the property hotspots?


.@dannydorling for Tribune: Alasdair Rae sur Twitter : "Random housing stat of the week: the most expensive property in England and Wales in 2018 cost £160 million. That would have bought almost all 1,122 properties sold in Copeland (Cumbria) in 2018. Or all 799 in Merthyr Tydfil wi. London house prices fall for eighth quarter running as Brexit slowdown continues - business live. Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial markets, the eurozone and business.

London house prices fall for eighth quarter running as Brexit slowdown continues - business live

Britain’s housing market remains in the doldrums, according to a new industry survey which shows London prices have now fallen for eight quarters in a row. With demand subdued, and Brexit uncertainty rife, annual house prices across the UK only rose by 0.5% in the 12 months to June, a four-month low. That’s down by 0.6% a month ago, meaning that the slowdown that began after the EU referendum in 2016 is persisting. Prices inched up by a sickly 0.1% in June alone, pushing the average price of a UK dwelling to £216,515. The Nationwide Building Society, which compiles the data, says the market is “subdued” -- potentially good news for those trying to get onto the housing ladder, but also a sign of weak economic activity. The slowdown is being driven by action (or lack of it) in the capital and the surrounding area.

More to follow.... Also coming up today The agenda. My new report "Understanding Local Housing Markets" for @LGAcomms is out now.

Convertible housing

House prices in the US (measured in cost of square foot) have been surprisingly stable after inflation has been taken into consideration. Source. Herne Bay housing developments. North-South divide in house prices. Image copyright PA A North-South divide has opened up when comparing house prices, according to official figures.

North-South divide in house prices

Property values fell by 1.9% in London in the year to March, but rose by 3.6% in Yorkshire and Humberside, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. House prices in Scotland recorded a 3.3% increase over the same period, the data shows. But a home in the South East of England - and particularly London - still costs more than elsewhere in the UK. The ONS also said that rent paid by tenants to private landlords in the UK rose by 1.2% in the year to April. The average UK house price was £227,000 in March, up 1.4% on the same month a year earlier.

The national and regional variations in house prices reveal the differing picture for property buyers and sellers in different parts of the country. On the mass house building industry, @MrGeorgeClarke says 'Everything just looks the same now. Where's the sense of community? Where is the placemaking?' #FJOlecture… We'll be on the side of tenants and people without a home to call their own, not rogue landlords. It’s time to end revenge evictions. #panorama. Chartered Institute of Housing sur Twitter : "Evidence from our UK Housing Review 2019 published today suggests that if short-term lets such as Airbnb are left unregulated, there's a real risk of loss of much-needed homes from the private rented sector & I’m obsessed with property websites. I’m not buying – this is pure escapism. According to Alexa, a leading analytics company, the most visited websites last year were those you would expect: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon.

I’m obsessed with property websites. I’m not buying – this is pure escapism

(Alexa is owned by Amazon, by the way, which makes sense: Amazon owns everything). But I know I am part of a dedicated group of people who spend a significant amount of time on the internet, not watching behind-the-scenes clips of Broad City – although there is that – but browsing property websites. This is not because I am an investor (cue hysterical laughter), or that I am buying a house. This is pure escapism. Sites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and Purple Bricks are my weakness; I’m afraid I have a passionate dislike of estate agents – because fool me once, shame on you; fool me 90 times and I will despise you for life – and a key bonus of escapist browsing is not having to deal with them.

A little quiz on international house prices. I've animated the trends in REAL house prices of 14 Countries. Index = 100 at 2005 But have removed the country label. Which is top? Bottom? Where does UK sit? I’m making a Soul Music for Radio 4 about @Ralph_McTell Streets of London. If you have a story / memory connected to it please contact me karen.gregor (email is better than replying to this tweet). Do share. Tom Chance sur Twitter : "Wow. In 2016 more than 20,000 homes in London and another 30,000 private rooms were listed on Airbnb. That's almost as many entire homes as are built in the capital each year. After they capped lets at 70 nights/yr other sites gr.

Danny Dorling News sur Twitter : "Housing market bubbles don't grow for ever. They always end with a crash. Three key questions are where, when, and with what impact? Why is this always a surprise? News from Canada: Once the market was buoyant, or that’s. He’s driven me home several times — complete legend in our household!… If anyone really does need visual proof that houses a few quid then you can grab yourself a London house price gif here for evermore, including extra fast version #geogif… Thelma Walker MP sur Twitter : "A homeless man died at the door of Parliament today. He was employed as a kitchen assistant - but had to sleep rough in the middle of December. This is the kind of society the Tories have created. This is what we should be.

Where real estate prices are rising the fastest in the U.S. Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "This chart by @EU_Eurostat shows what share of the population lives in apartments or houses. People in #Ireland #UK #Croatia tend to live in houses while people in #Spain #Latvia #Estonia #Germany tend to live in apartme. You're in luck because I'm sat at the station waiting for the delayed Penzance train and so I found a few extra minutes to add final two frames in…

So of course I tested it by making a London house price gif and patching together the frames (300ms each, final frame 3000ms) - colours shamelessly lifted from @sdbernard… Now I’m onto sky high house prices in St Ives driving out local people. Last year, 27% property transactions in Cornwall were for 2nd homes. Map of the Month: Where Are All The New Houses.

ZigZag Geography sur Twitter : "How do others recognise your identity? Place is an important part of defining you, but what if you don't have a place? Physical addresses are used as an I.D. criteria in all manner of official identity checks - a real issue. Always: Before prices fall transactions stall The London housing market slump is spreading out across the country. #OnThisDay 1962: "Are you kidding? He wouldn't even put in a sink for us" Housing Minister Keith Joseph was touring tenements in Hackney.… Simon Kuestenmacher sur Twitter : "#MissingMiddle refers to multi-unit housing types in walkable neighborhoods that provide diverse #housing choices but generate enough density to support #transit and #commerce. Common in pre-war era this housing type is. Ed Conway sur Twitter : "The story doesn't end there. We've been misdiagnosing the housing crisis for yrs. Tomo on @skynews we'll be broadcasting a landmark report on what's REALLY going on in the housing market. I've been working on this with @resi_analy.

New Zealand has passed a ban on foreign homebuyers into law #economics #property… Change in House Prices - Axis Maps. Peter Stefanovic sur Twitter : "The Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament still requires “honesty.” RT if you think FALSELY CLAIMING the number of rough sleepers is now lower than it was when Labour left office when truth is the NUMBER HAS SOARED BY 1. Every golf links within 20 miles of Charing Cross should be subject to compulsory purchase and (probably) have public housing erected upon it.… Weekend Read: The ghost estates that still haunt Ireland. This is a hexmap of every constituency in England & Wales. The colours show how much house prices have changed since 2007. Green = increased. Yellow = the same. Red = fallen.…

A really interesting idea for teaching Y12 changing places. PB Video Analysis: UK Property – What’s It Worth? Twitter. Dan Cookson sur Twitter : "Fair to say I was underwhelmed to see so few building sites analysed as part of the Letwin report (just 17 sites). Over last 10 years there have been 1.5m new build completions in England. I thought it might be useful to show wh. Housing affordability is an issue in all big fat global mega cities. This #map shows properties in #London selling for at least a million pounds right now. Source.

Proportion of local authorities with rising/falling house prices over past two decades - interesting chart from @MacrobondF - source (see link for more nuance, detail)… (1/5) Snow is falling across the country, leaving thousands of rough sleepers exposed to freezing temperatures. If you see a rough sleeper today there's plenty you can do...… The obscenity of London's hollowing-out by dumb silos of overpriced luxury ghost flats. V disappointed to hear that the UK's property register - first mooted by David Cameron in 2015 - won't be implemented until 2021. Longer the delay, longer the corrupt have to abuse our property market. We put a £100 million footballer on a perfect pitch But a priceless human we leave sleeping on a street. Tables set now! It's a #EustonChristmas. Trains don't run on Christmas Day so Network Rail is going to turn empty Euston station into a temporary homeless shelter and serve lunch fo…

Shared from the @EspritsFree Facebook page: Winter in Turkey and Bulgaria - people hang jackets on trees for the homeless and destitute. A… The UK's intergenerational crisis in one statistic: under 35-year-olds own just 3.3% of the UK’s net property wealth, while the over-55s hol… Ref the #housingcrisis. Britain has ~20 million more bedrooms than it needs channelling eric morecombe.... all the right rooms just not in t… Change in Transactions by Local Authority Jan-Sep 2014 to Jan-Sep 2017. Some call it 'cargotecture'. Read more.

21 years of local house prices in a single gif? Why not. Designed to be watched on loop; look closely at 2008 and beyond. #housing #dataviz. EXCLUSIVE: Harris academy chain to build 100 homes for teachers... I'm not sure that any single government policy irritates me more than this one. Where has our affordable housing gone? Three months on and a team of us at CPRE – with some kind assistance from the consultancy Rural Housing Solutions – have carried out some further investigation of the rural housing picture.

Where has our affordable housing gone?

And the picture emerging is not a pretty one. In June we saw how local communities’ targets, as developed by councils, to address the affordable rural housing shortage, are regularly being flouted, and developers’ profit margins given more priority. Generally, if developers can opt out of building affordable homes on grounds of 'viability', they will make more money from a given scheme. These renegotiations are happening time and again, but are very hard to keep track of, as the details are often buried within local authority planning application databases and committee reports. Brilliant leader. When @CPRE and @thetimes are calling out dysfunctional housebuilidng system, govt must listen!

If you only read one thing today make it this. *****How much home can you buy for $200,400 in every state #realestate #dataviz. The % of homes that are unoccupied across Europe. Intriguing variation by country. HT @make_trouble. Economist. More use of land value capture urged to fix UK housing crisis: good article by @JudithREvans. Major land reform urged to fix UK housing crisis. Unlimited access to all content Instant Insights column for comment and analysis as news unfolds FT Confidential Research - in-depth China and Southeast Asia analysis ePaper - the digital replica of the printed newspaper Full access to LEX - our agenda setting daily commentary Exclusive emails, including a weekly email from our Editor, Lionel Barber Full access to EM Squared- news and analysis service on emerging markets Access to FT's award-winning news on desktop, mobile and tablet Personalised email briefings by industry, journalist or sector Portfolio tools to help manage your investments FastFT - market-moving news and views, 24 hours a day Brexit Briefing - Your essential guide to the impact of the UK-EU split For 4 weeks receive unlimited Premium digital access to the FT's trusted, award-winning business news.

Major land reform urged to fix UK housing crisis

*****Second homes 1970: An Englishman's home is his castle - or at least his holiday home is a castle. *****Impacts of tourism on coastal communities: SW England esp Cornwall and Devon (estuary view!) Over the coming weeks the South West coast will welcome millions of visitors as the main holiday season gets underway.

*****Impacts of tourism on coastal communities: SW England esp Cornwall and Devon (estuary view!)

The importance of tourism to the regional economy cannot be understated. It contributes an estimated 4.5 per cent of GDP and employs over 180,000 people underpinning a wide range of businesses including accommodation providers, visitor attractions, restaurants and shops all of whom benefit from the tourist pound. However, we need to manage the economic power of tourism carefully to avoid unwelcome, and in some cases unforeseen, social and environmental consequences. Selling the attractions of the South West is not a new phenomenon. The idea that sea air and bathing delivers health benefits led to the emergence of fashionable resorts like Weymouth and Torquay and ultimately the phenomenon of mass tourism which has had such a significant impact on our coastline.

"Homeowners are the bedrock of the Tory vote. But their numbers are's an existential threat." *****#Map shows most common age of dwellings across #Europe. Hints at #war demolitions and economic prosperity. *****'Futuro House', designed in the 1960's by Matti Suuronen, being transported through the streets of Todmorden, Yorkshire, England, 1971. Global #RealEstate trend: how much did house prices change in the last year? Down in #Brazil #Ukraine #Russia. Up in #Iceland #NZ #Hungary.

The great London property squeeze. The first time I met Ian Dick, the head of private housing at Newham council in east London, he took me on a walk to look for “beds in sheds”.

The great London property squeeze

It was 2011, and alongside criminal levels of overcrowding in private rental properties, there was a growing problem of people living in illegal structures in back gardens. It was not uncommon to find 10 or 20 people living in a room above a fried chicken shop, in a basement, or in ramshackle outbuildings. When we met again, five years later, he was happy to talk to me, not because these problems had disappeared, but because he was proud of the council’s private rented sector licensing regime. Introduced in 2013, it was the first such scheme in the country and had led to 800 prosecutions and 28 landlords being banned from renting property to tenants. State house price trends #dataviz. The total value of housing in every U.S. county. House prices fell again in April, Nationwide says.

One third of homes have £25,000 slashed off asking price - Zoopla Mobile. By Property News team April 26, 2017 What’s the latest?

One third of homes have £25,000 slashed off asking price - Zoopla Mobile

There’s good news for first-time buyers hoping to save money following revelations that nearly one-third of properties listed for sale on Zoopla have seen hefty discounts. What’s more, our analysis shows that the average reduction in asking prices stands at almost £25,000. The market town of Darlington tops the list for the highest proportion of discounted homes, with almost half (45.65%) listed for sale in the County Durham town, marked down in price. With examples from across England "One third of homes have £25,000 slashed off asking price" no "Economic Stability" Couple saving to take parents out and ask them for a mortgage deposit. New app shows Londoners what it would be like to own a house. *****Automation: Robotic bricklayer builds houses 3x faster than humans by @SAI.

*****Heygate regeneration 100% sold to foreigners. (Top photo: An artist's impression of the development replacing the Heygate Estate) When Elephant and Castle's Heygate Estate was eventually torn down in 2014, many tenants were forcibly evicted from their homes, given compensation at less than 40 percent of the market value.

*****Heygate regeneration 100% sold to foreigners

In its place, Londoners were promised a shiny new development that would provide affordable, accessible homes for key workers desperate to get on the property ladder. As the first properties hit the market, a report claims that 100 percent of those sold so far have gone to offshore foreign investors. *****I wanted to see how price per m² radiates out from London so I made this gif using the great web map by @darkgreener. *****Mapped! House prices per square metre, from brand new data. *****This robot can build a house faster than humans. London Housing in Deepest Slump Since the Financial Crisis - Bloomberg. London’s housing market is in its worst slump since the depths of the financial crisis eight years ago, part of a broader slowdown that may continue. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said its price balance for the city fell to the lowest since February 2009 last month.

It declined to minus 49, indicating that a greater percentage of agents reported drops in March. Still, more respondents than not still expect prices in London to rise over the next year, the report showed. According to Samuel Tombs at Pantheon Macroeconomics, the London measure tends to represent the prime market rather than the city as a whole. The slump in the gauge tallies with other reports of sellers in central London having to cut prices to close deals. In addition to buyers being kept out of the market because of high prices, nervousness about Brexit and the U.K. outlook are also weighing on demand. *****Topological map: Clever minimalist #map shows median house prices in #London. Two maps: 2014 and 2015. Full data available here. England & Wales average property prices (1995 - 2016) #Australia and #UK both try to tackle housing affordability. What are best practice case studies we can learn from?

Homeowner equity in #relaestate nearly back to (nominal/not inflation-adjusted) peak. #dataviz. House sales by house road number, 2016. Notice anything about number 13? A must see animated #HousingAffordability #map for #Vancouver.