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Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House is an early example of Mayan Revival. In celebration of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday this week, we're looking back at five of his most pioneering projects.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House is an early example of Mayan Revival

Next up is the Hollyhock House, which was influenced by the style of seventh-century Mayan temples. Located in the East Hollywood neighbourhood of Los Angeles, Hollyhock House was completed between 1919 and 1921. As Wright's first house in Southern California, it marked a change from the Prairie style he had explored in the American Midwest and "consummated" in his 1910 Robie House in Chicago. Licensed with a free reign he described as California Romanza, the architect was searching for a modern style suited to Southern California, and turned to influences from pre-Columbian Mexico. Container design completes playful house in sukumo, japan. This dwelling designed by japanese architect takanobu kishimoto of container design offers the family a bright and open home in sukumo city, japan. named ‘house in sukumo’ it was developed in close collaboration with its clients who were seeking a space that would combine an office space for the wife who works at home. at the same time, a humble material palette was used and reflective glass to guarantee privacy. the first floor is symmetrically planned as an open and light-filled space where two voids spanning both the levels open up this living area and enabled larger windows to be installed. within these interior courtyards, a netting has been suspended and can be accessed from the second floor. in turn, they serve as a playful and relaxing element for all the family members.

container design completes playful house in sukumo, japan

Galvanised steel panels cover irregularly stacked volumes of Japanese townhouse. Yuichi Yoshida & Associates has completed a house in the suburbs of the Japanese city of Kanazawa with pared-back interiors and an irregularly layered structure that challenges the area's housing typology.

Galvanised steel panels cover irregularly stacked volumes of Japanese townhouse

Set back from the roadside, the unconventional house comprises two steel-clad volumes set askew on a concrete base. The architects chose galvanised steel cladding for it ability to withstand harsh climate conditions experienced in the Ishikawa Prefecture, while also gradually losing their shine over time. "In order to pay attention to the surroundings, we stacked volumes that were slightly smaller than the site, while shifting them back and forth and to the left and right," explained the architects. "The exterior cladding is used in all fields, from air conditioning equipment, to civil engineering infrastructure and automobiles," they continued.

"Initially it has a gloss that reflects the surroundings, but zinc gradually dissolves and becomes a dull grey. " Photography by Kenta Hasegawa. Dan bruun overhauls frank gehry-designed los angeles home for visual artist. A residence that was originally designed by architect frank gehry back in the 70’s has been transformed. what was once a hub associated with the contemporary L.A. art scene has been updated to accommodate the new inhabitants: a visual artist and his family living in the little osaka neighborhood of los angeles. taking cues from japanese tea houses, brunn designed a wooden box‐ like volume within that space all images © brandon shigeta the original homeowners—noted los angeles contemporary art collectors edwin janss jr. and his wife ann— commissioned architect frank gehry in the 1970s the entire first floor was gutted to create an open‐air plan that accommodates work and display space for the owner the interiors are meant to serve as a gallery‐like setting for the homeowner’s changing art displays.

dan bruun overhauls frank gehry-designed los angeles home for visual artist

Welsh + Major slots lightwell between Sydney cottage and brick extension. A tree grows up through a lightwell that Australian studio Welsh + Major has added to this house in Sydney, and topped with an opening glass roof.

Welsh + Major slots lightwell between Sydney cottage and brick extension

Annandale House, a family residence named after its suburban location, occupies a long and narrow site, which measures five metres wide and steps across three levels. Clay brick and concrete Mexican house is set around a cactus tree. Clay bricks that form a pixellated pattern clad this Mexican house, which AS/D Asociación de Diseño has arranged around a cactus tree.

Clay brick and concrete Mexican house is set around a cactus tree

The Mezquites house is located in the city of San Miguel de Allende, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. The Mexican studio designed the home as a series of volumes to accommodate the existing cactus tree in the middle of the site. One of the corners is also recessed to accommodate a mesquite tree, one of six on the property. "The conceptual criteria of the house is to preserve these natural elements through a series of courtyards where the house interweaves around them generating a strong interior exterior relationship," said the architects. Similarly, a mesquite tree also served as the focal point for a Mexican home by BAG Arquitectura. Clay bricks that clad the upper walls of the residence are stack-bonded, and protrude at different lengths to create a pixellated effect.

Mulroy Architects extends house with angled skylights and glass passage. Mulroy Architects has added a glass passageway to the side of this three-storey house in north London, which features an interior fitted with bespoke oak joinery and furnishings by local studio Manea Kella.

Mulroy Architects extends house with angled skylights and glass passage

London-based Mulroy Architects maintained the period character of the facade of the end-of-terrace Edwardian home, while modernising the interior with minimalist furnishings by interior design studio Manea Kella. The architecture studio opened up the ground floor of the extension, adding a glass roof over the combined kitchen and dining area to allow natural light to flood the space. One of the side walls of the house was removed and replaced with a stock brick cavity wall and joined to the rest of the house by a sliver of glazing.

Directly outside this glass passageway, a raised flowerbed adds greenery to the kitchen space. Three bedrooms are situated on the first floor, each with sizeable windows. Photography is by Tom de Gay. Pavilion-like house offers spectacular views of India's Western Ghats mountains. Volcanic stone walls and sculptural skylights are among the features of this holiday home by Khosla Associates, which looks out over a picturesque mountain lake in southwest India.

Pavilion-like house offers spectacular views of India's Western Ghats mountains

The retreat is located in the heart of the Western Ghats, a mountain range older than the Himalayas. The spectacular scenery takes centre stage in the building, which is deliberately simple in design. "Although they owned two acres of land, our client's requirements were modest," explained Khosla Associates, which is led by architects Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand. "They asked us to build a 2,100-square-foot single-level pavilion as a retreat to escape the frenetic pace of Mumbai life and to reinvigorate the senses.

" The 195-square-metre building is divided into two halves. Huge glass doors fold open, allowing interrupted views of the sprawling landscape. Aleph-bau adds aluminum structure to 'twelve tacoma' house in toronto. Aleph-bau, a practice led by iranian-canadian architect delnaz yekrangian, has overhauled a 19th century rowhouse in toronto’s summerhill neighborhood. from street level, ‘twelve tacoma’ retains a somewhat subdued appearance. the brick façade has been painted a uniform white, while the form of the vernacular front porch has been reinterpreted with updated materials. all images © tom arban (unless otherwise stated) aleph-bau’s design notably includes a new rooftop structure clad with corrugated aluminum. while out of sight from the passing street, the full appearance of the volume becomes visible from the laneway at the rear of the property. a steel construction helps support the third-floor addition without burdening the party walls. the unusual shape of the new structure, and its adjoining roof terrace, is defined by the city’s strict zoning and code regulations.

aleph-bau adds aluminum structure to 'twelve tacoma' house in toronto

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter designs austere holiday home on Swedish island. This pared-back holiday home on the Swedish island of Gotland provides a retreat for three generations of a family and was designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter.

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter designs austere holiday home on Swedish island

The Stockholm studio – arguably best known for its mirrored Treehotel – designed Atrium House on the coast of the island, which is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. As the name suggests, the house is arranged around a central atrium, which creates a sheltered outdoor space in lieu of a traditional garden. Instead, the land surrounding the outskirts of the house is used to graze sheep. Minimalist interiors with bare rafters, integrated furniture and mottled walls place emphasis on the views out through the large sliding windows. HA's vietnamese 'less house' combines compact urban living with the serenity of nature. Vietnam-based architecture firm HA (human architecture) presents its latest green and cozy ‘less house’ townhouse in ho chi minh city. with dedicated spaces for large trees and vivacious plants, this 72 sqm house blends together the serenity of nature with the compactness urban living. the transparency of the walls highlights the greenery of the house HA‘s (human architecture) ho chi minh city townhouse features movable partition systems within the structure, allowing homeowners to customize the layout to their preference. additionally, the perforated metal walls allow for the sunlight to illuminate the house throughout the day, while feeding the house’s greenery while converting the clean air amongst the pollution of the city. details of the perforated walls.

Solo House II by Office KGDVS encircles a section of a forested hilltop in Matarraña. This ring-shaped house threads between trees in a Catalonian forest, and is the second in a series of dream holiday homes designed by leading architects for the French developer Christian Bourdais. Brussels-based Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen designed the property for the development in the mountainous region of Matarraña, where Bourdais is planning to eventually build 15 houses and a hotel for the Solo Houses project. VTN architects' 'bamboo house' offers green solution to vietnamese density issue. In response to vietnam’s rapid urbanization and divergence from its origins as a low density tropical area, vo trong nghia architects develops ‘bamboo house’ — a small residential project in ho-chi-min city. in an attempt to reconnect vietnam’s developed urban areas to nature, the firm’s ‘house for trees’ concept is a series of prototypical housing designs that provides green spaces within high density neighborhoods. the ‘bamboo house’ is VTN’s response to vietnam’s density issue due to vietnam’s narrow streets, otherwise known as ‘hem’, vo trong nghia architects’ ‘bamboo house’ is designed to create a comfortable living space in spite of the limited available space. the site’s density only allows two sides to create natural ventilation and light into the building. both the front and back of the house are open and wrapped with greenery, allowing cool wind to pass through.

Urban Sanctuary: The Margot House in Barcelona: Remodelista. Older Urban Sanctuary: The Margot House in Barcelona by Izabella Simmons Issue 37 · Urban Life · September 18, 2015 Newer Issue 37 · Urban Life · September 18, 2015 Located on Paseo de Gracia, the nine-room Margot House is the latest lodging addition to the bustling city of Barcelona. Judging from the interiors, it's no surprise that both owners come from a design background—Sergio owns Natura, a chain of eco-friendly lifestyle stores, and Sandra runs a fashion and accessories stores called Be. Huffingtonpost. From Sweden with Love: A Romantic Captain's Seaside Villa: Gardenista. Older From Sweden with Love: A Romantic Captain's Seaside Villa by Michelle Slatalla Issue 25 · Vacation House · June 22, 2015. Dutch vacation home rises like a diamond out of the dunes. Dutch firm Marc Koehler Architects recently completed a striking luxury vacation home in the island of Terschelling, Northern Netherlands.

Rehab Diary: A Revived Manse in Melbourne: Gardenista. Older. Lionel Buckett's spectacular Clifftop Cave. Lionel Buckett squats barefoot on the stone outcropping that forms a natural verandah to his latest extraordinary creation. Weathered and weary with a shock of curly orange hair, he's looking out across a magnificent, pristine valley in Australia's Blue Mountains range, a view that probably hasn't changed in thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years. "It's an interesting thing with passive solar design," he muses, "that a cave facing north is probably the first passive solar building that humans ever lived in. " Open House: A Dublin Architect Builds a Home for His Family: Gardenista. Older. Izabelin House camouflages into the forest. Andrew Maynard Architects turns a house into a village. Architect Visit: A Hidden Japanese Garden: Gardenista. Older. Stunning, spectacular 1961 mid-century modern time capsule house in Minnesota - 66 photos!

Austrian house swallowed up by larger new wooden exterior. When houses are extended, it's generally the case that an additional section is simply added on to one part of the building. A house in Austria, however, has had an entirely new exterior built around it. The Architect Is In: A Passive Solar House for a Family of Stargazers.

Older. Floods don't wash with this amphibious floating house. Living in an area prone to flooding has historically meant that you need high sockets and deep pockets. Baca Architects, however, has come up with an altogether more ingenious solution. Its "amphibious house," designed to float on floodwater before being gently placed back down, is nearly complete. View all. Weekend Spotlight: Indoor/Outdoor Living with Chambers + Chambers Architects: Remodelista. Architect Visit: K2YT's Indoor Garden House in Tokyo. 2014 European Solar Decathlon: The results are in. This house in the desert keeps itself cool and generates its own power.

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