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Building with Cob: Post-Collapse Solution for Shelter

How to Build a Cob House: Step by Step Guide | This Cob House - 86 Pages - The book is illustrated with color photos and detail drawings. Table of Contents - Introduction How, and By Whom, Should My Cob Building Be Built? - Site Selection Good DrainageSub-Surface GeologyLocationAccessAspectLegal RestrictionsOrienting toward the sunUsing Natural resources at the siteTesting your siteSite problems to avoid - Design 3 Important Design ConsiderationsBuilding AppearancesPassive Solar DesignThermal MassInsulationDesigning your “Home”Ceiling heightLimit the number of doorsAlcovesLevel changesRoundnessMake a ModelDraw an Outline Plan - Materials and Tools Selecting and Testing Soils Soil Testing for SuitabilityHow to do the Shake TestSandClayStrawOther Building MaterialsTools - Preparing Your Site for Building Test Your SoilTransfer Your House Design onto the GroundDrive Stakes into the GroundInsert Datum StakesClear the Site - Foundations - How to Make Cob - How to Build Cob Walls - Windows and Doors Arches and LintelsWall AnchorsNon-Opening Fixed Windows - Roofs

11 terrifically tiny homes I'm seeing ALOT of negativity here an no one is looking on the bright side. Sure it's small but look at the amount of money you would save per year in this house rather than in a regular sized home, hell even a single family home for that matter, not even a 1 bedroom apartment would save you this kind of money! Everyone's worried about having BIG THIS AND BIG THAT! What ever happened to enjoying the simple things in life? Having a house like this could essentially eliminate alot of financial woes that the majority of our nation is having. If you want to have kids its a no brainer make a small addition to the house each time you have a kid OR who really uses their garage anymore for their cars? Living Earth Structures |