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Space Weather and Amateur Radio Website

Space Weather and Amateur Radio Website
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Inspire Me Now truth2day Bookshelf Porn Ice Age Now - The next ice age could begin any day How to Start a Compost Pile A vegetable garden is more than what you see on the surface — dirt, plants and (hopefully!) some mulch. Under the surface, a complex web of dirt, roots, microbes and fungi transforms plain old dirt into a superior growing medium — soil. Composting is a natural process, similar to the way nature breaks down leaves and other dead material on the forest floor. Getting Started Where will you work your compost? If you don’t want to build your own cage, there are numerous sizes and shapes of commercial compost tumblers available. What to Add — Or Not The best compost heaps contain a good variety of green and brown ingredients: whole or chopped leaves and stalks (if chopped, they will break down quicker)vegetable and fruit trimmingsherbicide-free grass clippingsweedsstraw or hayshredded paper or cardboardmanure from grazing animals If you have too much wet, green material (grass clippings and fruit or veggie trimmings), the pile may get smelly. Keep it Going Have questions about compost?

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