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Space Weather and Amateur Radio Website

Space Weather and Amateur Radio Website
ZeroFive is located in the United States and specializes in multi-band vertical antennas and much more. Added 04/18/2014 @ 13:20 UTCM7.3 Solar Flare Observed A moderately strong solar flare measuring M7.3 was observed around region 2036 on Friday morning peaking at 13:03 UTC. A 10cm Radio Burst (TenFlare) measuring 1000 sfu and lasting 24 minutes was associated with the event. The flare itself was long in duration and a halo coronal mass ejection (CME) is now visible in the latest STEREO Ahead COR2 imagery. Additional imagery courtesy of LASCO C2 shows that a majority of the plasma was directed to the south, but a weaker Earth directed component is visible. An impact to our geomagnetic field will be possible within 48-72 hours.

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Groupes de taches solaires Groupes de taches solaires Sur cette page vous trouverez une liste de toutes les taches solaires visibles sur le soleil avec leurs propriétés, les photos et les chances d'éruptions. Les données des groupes de taches solaires sont mis à jour chaque jour, chaque heure de l'image. Il ya maintenant, sur la base des données actuelles, il n'ya pas de chance pour voir l'aurore polaire sur la latitude moyenne Le flux maximum de rayons X des deux dernières heures est: (Re)Vision – Universal Rights First Published: July 2014 CE Motivation to work on this article comes from a passion I can’t put in words but compassion is the driving force. I hope that effort motivates you to look at things differently and it’s my hope you’ll take the time to read the whole article. You’ll miss too much information by skipping sections. This article was: Last Updated: April 13, 2016 CE at 10:44 am MST

thesuntoday - On June 5, 2012, from 5:45pm EST to 12:30am, The Sun Today will join the Sun-Earth Day team ( and NASA Edge ( in a live broadcast from this amazing spot. Tune in by visiting The next Transit of Venus happens on June 5 -- 6, 2012. It is the rarest predictable astronomical event, occurs 4 times every 234 years! We have seen Venus move between the Earth and Sun before like when it could be seen in the SOHO/LASCO coronagraphs. But what we didn't see was it move across the face or disk of the sun.

Onion link list Here you can see a list of known onion websites and add a link if you want to. I am not responsible for any content you might find on those websites. Be carefull as they might have illegal content. Real-time Cosmic Ray Variations (Moscow Neutron Monitor) people and neutrons visited us from July, 1997. Any questions, comments, notes, remarks, suggestions? Feel free, please. [ top ] [ months ] [ days ] [ hours ] [ minutes ] [ last GLEs ] [ data ] [ events ] [ indices ] [ magnetometer ] [ our station ] [ stations ] [ links ] [ pressure ] [ feedback ] last modified 12 May, 2010. - The Search Engine for Truth Seekers Search Filters Normal SearchAll sites, excluding mainstream media propaganda and government disinformation sites Product SearchE-commerce sites, excluding Amazon, Walmart and other large corporate sellouts Mainstream Media SearchMainstream media news sites, typified by parroting government propaganda

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