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The Age of Transitions - NBIC Technologies

The Age of Transitions - NBIC Technologies

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The Yin and Yang of Relaxation I have come to believe that those who study martial arts should never look on the Yin Yang figure as a mere symbol. Instead they should think of it as a formula, an equation written with pictures instead of numbers. You may feed in certain ideas, then see what comes out on the other side of that equal sign. Here is an example of that figure, the spiral alternation of black and white. GeoEngineering, SRM (aka Chemtrails) - Look UP, Get the APP, Save the WORLD SkyderALERT, became an iTunes Top 5 and Twitter Top10 Paid Social Networking Mobile App within a month of its release, and now v3.0 is even better with it's new Twitter petition and Facebook integration. SkyderALERT v3.0 is the only environmental and health mobile app to instantly petition legislators and news media with 1 click - wherever you are on the planet. Get yours NOW and show lawmakers how you feel about what they are doing regarding Climate Change and extreme weather. SkyderALERT automatically contacts the appropriate legislators and news media based on your geo-location so you don't even need to know who they are. SkyderALERT provides that contact information.

9 legal weapons of mass destruction Tue. Mar. 18, 2014 by Jonathan Landsman (NaturalHealth365) Our political leaders run around looking for ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and pretend to care about our welfare. Yet, the real threats are in plain sight, supported by the same political leaders placed in power to defend their constituents. Something is very wrong with this picture. 43 façons simples de vous simplifier la vie Post written by Sherri Kruger. Follow me on Twitter. Simplicity. How can we make things simpler, more streamlined, or more efficient? Is this all just hype or is there actually something to this simplicity thing? Catastrophic Ecosystem Manipulation – Where Are We? » Catastrophic Ecosystem Manipulation – Where Are We? Where are we? We are literally the concerned citizens of planet Earth, from countless nations, and represent and reside from within orders of magnitude more cities of our world. Undoubtedly, many of us reading this are residents of the United States of America – resident on Earth of one of the relatively recently formed fifty, United States. We are people living in mountain chalets and cabins, farm houses on plains and terraced hills, beachside residents and desert dwellers. We occupy barrios and urban centers, checkered swaths of suburbs, forests and high plain deserts, yurts on frozen plateaus, and stilted homes and huts in river basins.

Top 10 Ways Humanity is Being Murdered (NaturalNews) Of all the threats to humanity today, none is more destructive than modern-day “evidence-based science.” And by the word “science,” I don’t mean the humble pursuit of knowledge using genuine scientific methods. What I mean is the dogmatic, corporate-driven brand of distorted science based on falsified evidence, bribery of gatekeepers and corruption of government regulators. That “science” is killing us all with hormone disruptors, hidden food chemicals, heavy metals, genetic engineering and neurological disruptors.

MIMIC-TPW Global | Global-2 | North Atlantic | West Pacific | East Pacific | Indian Ocean | Australia/Fiji Current time: Sat, 12 Apr 2014 22:47:36 GMT Animations: Recent / FTP archive | Images: Recent / FTP archive | Product Description The Georgia Guidestones - Another Gateway Into The New World Order/New Civilisation Enclosure For The Sheeple by Arthur Cristian "LET THESE BE GUIDESTONES TO AN AGE OF REASON" - "A letter in stone to the editor of history, unsigned, and an inspiration to mischief" The message of the Georgia Guide Stones 1. Practical Formulas Alternately, you may memorize [part of] the above table and notice that an increase of 5°C corresponds exactly to an increase of 9°F... (S. P. of Piscataway, NJ. 2000-07-15) Can you determine the speed of a car by knowing the rpm of the motor, the gear [ratio] and tire [diameter]?

Rothschilds And The Geoengineering Empire Why would the Rothschild’s be so interested in owning the largest and most recognized weather modeling organization out there? Why would E.L. Rothschild LLC wish to have the controlling interest in the worlds leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobil? Because when you are involved in climate decimating geoengineering programs, you must also control the “forecast” models to cover your tracks.

10 horrifying technologies that threaten humanity's existence (NaturalNews) Technology is the archetypal golden calf of the modern age. Everything that naturally exists in a purely analog and resonant state is being artificially mechanized, computerized, digitized and hybridized (think half-human, half-robot on this one). And with this gradual suffocation of the living, breathing fabric of our world comes the ominous threat of eventual human extinction, as the very essence of humanity is systematically uprooted in favor of a wholly synthetic and programmed existence. Much of what is considered technological advancement these days is inherently evil and has the potential to be used as a collective weapon of mass destruction against life itself. Synthetic biology, for instance, which involves re-engineering genes to manufacture fake organisms, is one such example that threatens to set off an unpredictable chain reaction of devastation and death within the larger ecosystem of life itself.

Random blah de blah: Flower of life part 2 nature and structures Intended to do this tomorrow, but i'm in carlisle, and there's fuck all else to do, so: My last post finished off talking about the platonic solids and the historical shapes found in the simple flower of life, and the expanded version. Now i am going to move on to look at the ratios and mathematical constants that can be found within the flower of life, which was first re discovered (wasn't mentioned in my last post, but the Mayans, the Egyptians and many other ancient civilizations knew about the flower of life and its potential, but that's another topic (watch the video on my last post if you're interested in the true history of this symbolic pattern) One of the most significant activities that combines the sacred geometry and the Fibonacci sequence is the production of the "golden mean spiral"

The Billy Meier UFO Contacts - The Unknown Dangers of HAARP The Unknown Dangers of HAARP Excerpt from the FIGU Bulletin No. 13 (Vol. 4), January 1998 (English translation: February 1998) Experts: 100% death rate for baby killer whales along West Coast — ‘Alarm bells ring’ as no newborns have survived in past 3 years — “This is absolutely the worst thing possible”, pregnant orca dies with decomposing stillborn full-term fetus inside — “We’ The Province, Dec 5, 2014 (emphasis added): For an endangered orca population living off the B.C. coast, Thursday’s death of a young adult female “couldn’t be much worse,” according to a marine scientist… “It couldn’t be much worse than losing an 18-year-old female,” [Dr. Peter Ross, a senior scientist at the Vancouver Aquarium] said. “This was a female who was at the sunrise of her reproductive life.”… “There’s virtually no survival of the babies anymore, which of course means there’s no future… We have to turn this around somehow,” said [Ken Balcomb of the Center for Whale Research]. Dr Andrew Trites, U. of British Columbia: “To lose a female of reproductive age, that’s absolutely the worst thing possible that could happen… without them, the population is doomed.” Times Colonist, Dec 5, 2014: The death of J32 [and] her baby, paints a grim future for the southern resident whales… Balcomb said. “We haven’t had any survivals in babies for a couple of years.