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The Age of Transitions (full length documentary)

The Age of Transitions (full length documentary)

Greatest Lesbian Movies - a list by straightless The Opte Project Here you will find static and dynamic 2D JPG/PNG images and 3D VRML maps of the Internet. These maps are built off of our database using two different graphing engines: Large Graph Layout (LGL) by Alex Adai and Graphviz by Peter North at AT&T Labs Research. Each graphing engine produces wonderful displays, but they are only as good as the data and graphing language we provide. You can find our test images and some well produced full Internet maps below. Soon we will release the tools to create these maps on your own. How to view LGL data: You can view these maps with LGL View the LGL Java viwer (it requires JRE >= 1.4.1). VRML: Some of these graphs include VRML wrl files. Testing Maps: To see more detailed history of our maps/graphs click here. Image Usage:

The Revolution at Hand La Liberté guidant le peuple is a painting by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830 “Economists and theorists of innovation such as Jeremy Rifkin, Yochai Benkler, Michel Bauwens, and several others have concluded that the Third Industrial Revolution is at hand” are the opening words of a newly published survey by Statistical Studies of Peer Production. It is indeed difficult not to note the success and increasing visibility of peer production — the decentralized alternative to large-scale industrial production first theorized in 2006 by Professor Yochai Benkler in his seminal book The Wealth of Networks — on the network scene and in factual reality. The Economist has dedicated an entire report to the phenomenon. However, aside from the sterile evaluation of how this paradigm is penetrating today’s reality, perhaps we should think more about what appear to be the inexorable facts that have led to such sudden and widespread success. Mediocrity is obsolete

I waste so much time: Popular. Cool story bro. One of these is not like the other... Pajama day Michael Bolton face swap Star Wars Yoga. Reality. 15 reasons to not become vegetarian. GoodShit 52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less Being hungry sucks (it’s a scientific fact). So why spend hours cooking a gourmet feast when a nutritious meal could be only 12 minutes away from getting from the kitchen to your plate? Skip the grumbling tummy, the hangriness, and the cranky guests, and serve up any one of these 52 healthy meals that are so quick and easy, you’ll wonder why you ever ordered takeout. 1. Cacao and Blueberry Smoothie Um, YUM. 2. Say goodbye to boring toast. 3. You can have salad for breakfast, too. 4. This healthy breakfast is a little more of a healthy dessert, but we’ll let it slide. 5. Take a trip to the tropics with this pineapple and coconut flavored breakfast. 6. It doesn’t get much better (or easier!) 7. This blogger has recipes for four different flavors of awesome instant oats: blueberry vanilla, chocolate banana, walnut and date, and strawberries and cream. 8. Peanut butter toast might be a classic, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! 9. 10. 11. Leggo that Eggo! 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

30 Day Challenge Archive (Challenge Directory) Public Lecture Podcast - University of Bath These podcasts from the University of Bath's public lecture series feature leading names from the worlds of science, humanities and engineering talking about the latest research in their field. The podcasts are downloaded around 250,000 times a year by people in 50 countries. The University won the European Excellence Award for its podcasts in 2007. The rings of Saturn and the Cassini mission Tue, 25 Nov 2014 Delivered by Professor Carl Murray, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary University of London, this year's William Herschel Society lecture focused on the mission of the Cassini spacecraft, which has been in orbit around Saturn since 2004. Download MP3 [26MB] David Galbreath Inaugural lecture Wed, 19 Nov 2014 Professor Galbreath's inaugural lecture asked whether the evolution of technology requires us to be forever vigilant in the face of a new type of warfare. Download MP3 [19MB] Data scientist - heal thyself Download MP3 [22MB] | Press release Disembedded elites?