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An airforce paper "owning the weather in 2025

An airforce paper "owning the weather in 2025
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Top 9 Chem Trail Health Effects - HAARP Congress Counts On | Morning Liberty Radio Program Ph D Ilya Sandra Perlingieri Fri, Nov 11, 2011 Subject: Colin Powell Admits to Chem Trails Ten Years Into The Chemtrail-Wars The Breakdown Of The Immune System By Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, PhD Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Ph.D. 2009 All rights reserved 1-22-9 Quote This winter of discontent, the New England states have been hit with one after another particularly strange snowstorms. 1, An August 1996 paper presented to USAF, "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025." l3ch15.pdf+owning+the+weather&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=5&client=opera 2. 3. 4. and: "Chemtrails Update June 2008" June_2008.html; and "MD Slams Chemtrails" Letter from Dr. 5. 6." 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Full Text of S. 517 (109th): Weather Modification Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2005 Calendar No. 319 109th CONGRESS 1st Session [Report No. 109-202] To establish the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and for other purposes. March 3, 2005 Mrs. December 8, 2005 Reported under authority of the order of the Senate of November 18, 2005, by Mr. [Strike all after the enacting clause and insert the part printed in italic] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, [Struck out->] SECTION 1. [Struck out->] This Act may be cited as the `Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005'. [Struck out->] SEC. 2. [Struck out->] It is the purpose of this Act to develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated national weather modification policy and a national cooperative Federal and State program of weather modification research and development. [Struck out->] SEC. 3. [Struck out->] In this Act: [<-Struck out] [Struck out->] SEC. 4. [Struck out->] SEC. 5. In this Act:

Scientists Push for 'Solar Geoengineering' With Nano Particles to Whiten Our Skies Susanne Posel, ContributorActivist Post The latest scheme to combat global warming is to increase the amount of chemtrails (aerosols) in the atmosphere. The thinking behind this endeavor is that this will scatter incoming solar energy from the Earth’s surface. The side effect is that there will be an increased whitening of the sky during the daytime. Researchers, Ben Kravitz and Ken Caldeira, from the Carnegie Institute for Science , have found that by blocking a mere 2% of sunlight would cause the sky to become 3 – 5 times brighter, and whiter. Climate change alarmists assert that carbon dioxide emissions have caused the Earth’s surface temperature to rise. Scientists are looking for a faster way to change the temperature of the Earth. By using solar geoengineering scientists could “mimic” volcanic eruptions by constantly replenishing the stratosphere with nano particles to reflect sunlight back into space.

home | deciBel research - Live flight tracker! 6/5/2013 — Huntsville RADAR mystery SOLVED = BAE Systems, Raytheon, and DECIBEL RESEARCH Inc. | video explanation here: I highly recommend that you begin this short journey of intriguing new science here: many thanks to AlabamaTruth for putting this out for wider review At this above link, you will see how this story began. Huntsville, Alabama – June 4, 2013 – In the late afternoon, an odd circular shaped RADAR pulse was seen on NEXRAD RADAR (weather radar). Several people reported it, and local meteorologists are ‘baffled’ at what it could be. Watch the event on RADAR here: In the above RADAR screenshots, you can see the RADAR pulse epicenter is just north of the highway. Upon review of pulse epicenter on Google Earth — a VERY INTRIGUING series of buildings reside at the point of emission .. nearest coordinates of the pulse center are somewhere very close to : 34°42’58.54″N , 86°41’8.35″W Directly at the pulse epicenter is a company called DECIBEL RESEARCH .

GeoEngineering Exposed @ Laser creates clouds over Germany - tech - 02 May 2010 Video: Laser creates clouds A laser has been used to generate small clouds on demand in lab, and real-world experiments suggest this could be a way to call down rain when it's needed. People have experimented with cloud seeding for decades in the hope of boosting rainfall, usually by sprinkling silver iodide crystals into clouds high in the atmosphere. These crystals encourage large water droplets to form around them, and the droplets then fall as rain – in theory, at least. "The efficiency of this technique is controversial," says Jérôme Kasparian at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, one member of a research team that think lasers may be a better way to trigger rain on demand. Kasparian and colleagues have just reported the first successful use of this technique to summon clouds from air both in the lab and in the skies over Berlin, Germany. Cloud chamber In the lab the team fired extremely short pulses of infrared laser light into a chamber of water-saturated air at -24 °C.

Natural Climate Change Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Professor of Geography Our federal energy policy is really a large trough arranged by the hogs for their convenience. Amory Lovins, Colorado energy expert, Mother Jones, 2008 We need an energy bill that encourages consumption. Introduction: 2005 Energy Policy Act Mandates New Energy Corridors Energy, including electrical energy, is essential for civilization as we know it. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandates two new types of energy corridors: Section 368 instructs the Secretaries of Energy, Interior, Agriculture, and Defense to work with stakeholders (including energy companies) to designate two-thirds-mile-wide energy corridors for oil, gas, and hydrogen pipelines, electricity transmission lines, and other energy infrastructure on public lands. Figure 1. In November, 2007, a 1,000+ page “West-Wide” draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was released by the U.S. Figure 2. The Colorado portion of the DEIS maps show several main corridors. Pepper Trail notes:

Who regulates cloud seeding and weather modification activities? Are there potential effects? State governments often license and regulate weather modification activities such as cloud seeding. For more information, contact the office in your state charged with managing water resources. However, federal law requires most weather modification activities undertaken in the United States to be reported to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). See 15 CFR 908: for details. In July, 2009, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation endorsed the Weather Mitigation Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2009 [S. 601], which would "establish a Weather Mitigation Research Program (Program) within the National Science Foundation and authorize a research and development program to improve the understanding of processes relating to [weather modification activities]." For additional information about weather modification activities, see: