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A City In New York Just Got Over 40 Inches Of Snow. Here Are The Wildest Photos People Have Posted. Beginning Wednesday, a winter storm brought a record amount of snow to Binghamton, New York, where accumulation exceeded three feet.

A City In New York Just Got Over 40 Inches Of Snow. Here Are The Wildest Photos People Have Posted

Tropical Depression Cristobal Could Make Lake Superior Landfall. This has been the year of murder hornets, massive locust invasions on two continents, and a sudden start to Atlantic hurricane season, among other oddities (not to mention the deadly pandemic).

Tropical Depression Cristobal Could Make Lake Superior Landfall

So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that Lake Superior is set to see its first post-tropical cyclone ever recorded, and yet here we are. Tropical Depression Cristobal is currently churning over the Midwest after bringing torrential rain and storm surge to the Gulf Coast. 30 Pics Showing How Canadians Are Dealing With An Unprecedented Blizzard. With global warming affecting the planet, we’re seeing more and more extreme weather all over the world.

30 Pics Showing How Canadians Are Dealing With An Unprecedented Blizzard

We’ve written extensively about the bushfires (and now floods) ravaging Australia. But it’s not the only place to see unprecedented weather. A massive blizzard hit Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, covering the area in huge amounts of snow. Canadians wanted to show the world just what the worst blizzard in half a century looks like, so they posted a whole bunch of pictures online. From snow completely covering home entrances to roaring gusts of wind, the views from the city of St. Florida History: The storm that washed away hundreds of workers and builders. Today, we hear about the Labor Day storm that powered through the Florida Keys in 1935.

Florida History: The storm that washed away hundreds of workers and builders

This is part three of four columns on Florida’s great hurricanes. Welcome to Florida Time, a weekly column about Florida history. What was North America’s most powerful hurricane ever? Atmospheric Convulsion Will Cause Historic Disasters of Arctic Melt & U.S. Storms Next Week. The atmosphere had a convulsion at the end of April in the transition from winter to summer.

Atmospheric Convulsion Will Cause Historic Disasters of Arctic Melt & U.S. Storms Next Week

The cold polar vortex in the stratosphere did not go gently into summer. Instead of fading slowly into a dome of warm air the whole atmosphere from the surface to the top of the stratosphere convulsed with wave energy driven upwards by an atmospheric dome over Scandinavia. Extraordinary atmospheric heating took place in the over the pole and cold air was pushed towards the temperate latitudes especially over the Pacific ocean. A dome of hot sinking air formed at very high levels over the Arctic pushing cold air and the jet stream south causing unseasonable storms to track across the Pacific ocean into California in mid May. Storm for the ‘history books’ spawns tornadoes, derails train. Shipping containers are strewn across the river bed, with a jumbled pile of containers on the slope above the Canadian River near Logan, following a train derailment Wednesday.

Storm for the ‘history books’ spawns tornadoes, derails train

Authorities blamed high winds for the derailment of 22 freight cars. (Source: N.M. State Police) Slurpee waves: Incredible photos capture nearly frozen waves off the coast of Nantucket. I Woke Up After A Night Of Freezing Rain To Find The Whole City Of Bucharest, Romania, Frozen And Damaged. After a night of freezing rain, I woke up on a crazy and frosty Saturday with the whole city frozen and damaged.

I Woke Up After A Night Of Freezing Rain To Find The Whole City Of Bucharest, Romania, Frozen And Damaged

Hawaiian island erased by powerful hurricane: ‘the loss is a huge blow’ A piece of the United States has been dramatically wiped off the map after an island in Hawaii was washed away by a powerful hurricane.

Hawaiian island erased by powerful hurricane: ‘the loss is a huge blow’

East Island, a remote spit of gravel and sand that sat atop a coral reef, has vanished after having this misfortune to come into contact with Hurricane Walaka, an intense storm that surged past Hawaii earlier this month. Scientists have confirmed the disappearance of the 11-acre island after comparing satellite images of the surrounding French Frigate Shoals, part of an enormous protected marine area in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands. “I uttered a swear word. I had a holy cow moment, somewhat in disbelief that it had disappeared,” said Chip Fletcher, a professor of earth sciences at the University of Hawaii. Fletcher and his colleagues were in the process of researching East Island through drone videos and taking samples of sand and corals to ascertain the age of the island and gauge its future prospects in the face of climate change. Rainstorms are now up to 70% stronger and wetter than they were in the 1950s — and this is only the beginning.

Climatologists Say Humanity’s Best Hope Is Hurricanes Spinning In Different Directions And Canceling Each Other Out. SILVER SPRING, MD—Warning that the planet would continue to experience progressively more destructive storms caused by climate change, a group of the nation’s leading climatologists said Wednesday that humanity’s best hope now is for hurricanes spinning in opposite directions to cancel each other out.

Climatologists Say Humanity’s Best Hope Is Hurricanes Spinning In Different Directions And Canceling Each Other Out

“At this point, we believe that the last, best hope for the human race is for two hurricanes whirling in opposite directions at exactly the same speed to neutralize each other,” said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researcher Justin Rhee, adding that if one hurricane spinning clockwise and another spinning counterclockwise collided in the Gulf of Mexico, they could theoretically nullify each other and result in calm, clear skies. 9 Shocking Moments From Hurricane Irma. Key West's “gypsy chickens” are driven to safety Key West's famous fowl was evacuated ahead of Irma.

9 Shocking Moments From Hurricane Irma

Roosters and chickens were wrapped in newspaper "burritos" and placed in the back seat of a car. Local celeb Jayesh Mani is credited for moving the feathered friends to safety. US forecast models have been pretty terrible during Hurricane Irma. 100 years of hurricanes in Florida, visualized - Washington Post. List of Florida hurricanes - Wikipedia. The List of Florida hurricanes encompasses approximately 488 tropical or subtropical cyclones that affected the state of Florida.

More storms hit Florida than any other U.S. state,[1] and since 1851 only eighteen hurricane seasons passed without a known storm impacting the state. Hurricane Irma: Everything You Need to Know About This Monster Storm. Hurricane Irma, a "potentially catastrophic" Category 5 storm churning in the Atlantic, is gathering steam as it makes its way toward the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and parts of Florida. And this monster storm could pack a punch; Hurricane Irma's maximum sustained winds have been recorded at a mind-boggling 185 miles per hour (296 km/h).

To help you stay on top of the storm's development, Live Science has compiled everything you need to know, from tips on hurricane preparedness to Irma's latest forecasts to the science behind nature's biggest hurricanes. [Hurricane Irma Photos: Images of the Monster Storm] California’s past and coming superstorm: Flooding that will make Harvey a dim memory.

When the National Weather Service announced that Hurricane Harvey had set a new rainfall record for a tropical storm in the continental United States — with 51.88 inches at Cedar Bayou, Texas — that seemed to epitomize just how massive and unprecedented Harvey was. In terms of sheer volume, Harvey’s rainfall could fill the Great Salt Lake twice over. It was Houston’s third 500-year flood in three years, with the potential to register as a 1,000-year event by its conclusion. Flooding after Harvey: How bad is it, how bad will it get, and when will it end? - Washington Post. What's Causing Tropical Storm Harvey's "Unprecedented" Rainfall? Tropical Storm Harvey, which made landfall as a hurricane late Friday (Aug. 25) near Corpus Christi, Texas, has been battering communities in southeastern Texas with periods of intense rainfall, flooding streets and homes, forcing thousands of people into shelters and killing at least 10 people so far.

And the storm is not over yet. With more heavy rain expected to drench the region in the coming days, the National Weather Service tweeted yesterday (Aug. 27): "This event is unprecedented & all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced. " Economist. The Hottest Temperatures on Record in Every Country. Dogs are a lot more complicated than we give them credit for. As a result, sometimes things get lost in translation. We’ve yet to invent a dog-to-English translator, but there are certain behaviors you can learn to read in order to better understand what your dog is trying to tell you. The more tuned-in you are to your dog’s emotions, the better you’ll be able to respond—whether that means giving her some space or welcoming a wet, slobbery kiss. 1.

What you’ll see: Your dog is standing with his legs and body relaxed and tail low. 10 Unusual Objects Encased in Ice. After years of “weather modification” being derided as a conspiracy theory, China announces massive weather control campaign. Hurricane Matthew's U.S. Impacts: Life-Threatening Storm Surge, Damaging Winds, Flooding Rainfall. We Haven’t Seen Many Storms Like Hermine. Based on the current forecasts, Post-Tropical Cyclone Hermine is a storm without a good historical comparison. Hermine was once a tropical cyclone that made landfall in Florida, but that seems like ages ago. It has now transitioned to its post-tropical stage after moving northeast across land, off the coast of North Carolina, where it’s partially drawing energy from the jet stream.

Stormscapes 3. Pyxis system would use GPS signals to gather more accurate weather forecasts. PlanetiQ has begun testing its new Pyxis weather instrument. Biggest Cloud-Seeding Experiment Yet Only Sparks More Debate. We may never have another coldest year in history. A surge of Arctic air has left much of the continental U.S. shivering in unusually bitter November cold. But this early foray into winter weather is just a small blip in the overall global picture, which is of a warming world that is still on track to see 2014 set the mark for hottest year on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday.

Researchers find ‘biggest volcanic eruption in last 500 years’ devastated Europe’s climate. Weather patterns over Southern Hemisphere have a regular pulse. 'Polar Vortex' Event Paltry Compared to Past Freezes. 1816- The Year That Had No Summer. Monster ice sheets destroy homes, terrorize residents. 'Nemo' From Space: NASA Image Of Potentially Historic Winter Storm (PHOTO) Climate Change And The Blizzard: Nor'easters More Fierce With Global Warming, Scientists Say. Northeast Blizzard Warnings Posted As Region Braces For Up To Several Feet Of Snow. Australian Town Overtaken By Sea Foam. Watering fields in California boosts rainfall in Southwest. 7.4 Cubic Kilometers of Ice Crashing Into the Ocean. Megastorms Could Drown Massive Portions of California. Warm seas around Greenland may indicate cold European winter.

Superstorm Sandy: before and after. Global drought may have changed less than thought. Critical Thinking on Climate Change: Separating Skepticism From Denial. TEDx Speaker Predicted Hurricane Sandy’s Devastation One Year Ago. Sandy versus Katrina, and Irene: Monster Hurricanes by the Numbers. The Stats Are In: Superstorm Sandy Totals. NASA Warned New York About Hurricane Danger Six Years Ago. Earth May Be Warming Even Faster Than Expected [Slide Show] Hurricane Sandy path: How the Fujiwhara Effect explains its odd trajectory.

Sandy is 'An Extraordinarily Unusual Confluence of Events' Arctic Ice Melt Could Mean More Extreme Winters For U.S. And Europe. Thawing permafrost emits more carbon than expected. Hurricane Isaac Pictures: Photos Document The 2012 Storms That Hit Louisiana And Mississippi. Before It Was Hurricane Isaac: Amazing Night Photo of Tropical Storm. Wi-Fi weather station could help create world's biggest weather-monitoring network.