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Current Solar Data: NOAA data

Current Solar Data: NOAA data

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Moscow Neutron Monitor This Web-page was supported by RFBR grant 03-07-90389. See also Russian Science Foundation RSCF. Meteo VKO DME RealTime DB for high resolution: (nmdb ), nmdb Viewer: Kiel or Moscow Mirror or Paris and DOC nmdb WEBcam SpaceWeather Understanding the Effects of Solar Flares on Human Behavoir digg HJ: Have you ever noticed that some days everyone just seems to feel more on edge than normal? Perhaps everyone is reporting not sleeping well or feeling agitated? Or maybe it’s just you. Generally you feel fine but occasionally you will have a few days out of the blue where you experience any of the aforementioned qualities. They stick around for a day or two or three and then dissipate as mysteriously as they appeared.

Alternate News-Information 100 Ratings, April 2011 Top 100 Most Popular Alternate News Sites DBKP’s top 100 sites featuring Alternate News and Information. Originally posted at DBKP Reports. DBKP Reports has released its ratings of the top 100 most popular Alternate News-Information websites on the Internet. Ratings are based on the sites’ 3-month average of Alexa worldwide traffic as ranked on April 7-8, 2011. The ANI has expanded from 80 to 100 slots.

Space Weather Swings Between Extreme Effects Roughly every 11 years, headlines announce the peak of a natural variation known as the solar cycle, pointing to a proliferation of sunspots, potentially dangerous solar flares and beautiful aurora. This period of increased activity is known as solar maximum, the latest of which is predicted to arrive in August. But scientists who study the sun say that we should be paying just as much attention to the sun’s calmer periods. “Space weather doesn’t go away during solar minimum, it just changes form and approaches a different extreme,” said astrophysicist Madhulika Guhathakurta, who lead’s NASA’s “Living With a Star” project and co-authored an opinion piece on this topic that appeared in Space Weather March 19. The solar cycle, say scientists like Guhthakurta, is an oscillation between two extreme states, each with their own distinct conditions and hazards, rather than a simple change between periods of high and low activity.

Radioactive cesium-137 in foods can be blocked during digestion: Health Ranger research breakthrough (NaturalNews) After many long months of intense R&D efforts in the laboratory, I am ready to make this historical, groundbreaking announcement: I have discovered, documented and validated a combination of five natural substances which can capture and remove radioactive cesium-137 from the digestive tract. This operates in much the same way that dietary fiber can capture and remove many other substances during digestion, except that the formula I have discovered has selective ionic affinity for cesium atoms. The five ingredients in this formula are all GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA, and this formula can be manufactured as a dietary supplement. It is NOT a drug and no claims are being made for this formula to treat, prevent or cure any disease. The CDC's description of Prussian Blue validates the idea that certain substances can be used to capture radiological elements in the gastrointestinal tract in order to remove them from the body.

NASA/Marshall Solar Physics We have suggested using the average of the predictions given by the Feynman-based method and by Thompson's method. [See Hathaway, Wilson, and Reichmann J. Geophys. Res. 104, 22,375 (1999)] However, both of these methods were impacted by the "Halloween Events" of October/November 2003 which were not reflected in the sunspot numbers. Both methods give larger than average amplitude to Cycle 24 while its delayed start and low minimum strongly suggest a much smaller cycle. NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center This chart updates every minute. The Estimated 3-hour Planetary Kp-index is derived at the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center using data from the following ground-based magnetometers: Sitka, Alaska; Meanook, Canada; Ottawa, Canada; Fredericksburg, Virginia; Hartland, UK; Wingst, Germany; Niemegk, Germany; and Canberra, Australia. These data are made available thanks to the cooperative efforts between SWPC and data providers around the world, which currently includes the U.S.

Science Frontiers: Some Anomalies and Curiosities of Nature The primary intent of this book is entertainment. Do not look for profundities! All I claim here is an edited collection of naturally occurring anomalies and curiosities that I have winnowed mainly from scientific journals and magazines published between 1976 and 1993. With this eclectic sampling I hope to demonstrate that nature is amusing, beguiling, sometimes bizarre, and, most important, liberating. "Liberating?" Yes! Articles Select Category: Last 90 Days Showing 1 - 30 of 59 First | « Previous | 1 | 2 | Next » | Last Chinese beekeeper She Ping covered his body in a coat of living bees during a publicity stunt this week. Using a technique known as "bee bearding," a swarm of 460,000 bees weighing more than 100 pounds completely covered Ping's body.

Solar Activity: A Dominant Factor in Climate Dynamics Precise forecasts that prove correct are a sharp criterion for efficient science. The protagonists of global warming remain empty-handed in this respect in spite of great material and personal expense. In the eighties S. Schneider from the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, predicted in his book “Global Warming” a huge jump in temperature, polar ice melting away, seas surging across the land, famine on an epidemic scale, and ecosystem collapse. Today this is no longer taken seriously. Yet other climatologists, too, made forecasts in the eighties they no longer maintain. Sun Eruption Hits Earth’s Magnetic Field On late Tuesday night, the Earth's magnetic field was hit by a strong solar explosion. A recent report has uncovered that the same bolstered the Northern Lights throughout areas of the United States and Canada. It was on Monday when the sun eruption took place with a large veil of charged particles reaching the Earth by stripping into space.

Fukushima radioactive leaks 'impossible to stop' Japanese government officials admitted last month that radioactive water has been leaking into the ocean everyday—at least 300 tons in recent months. Most of the water is being used to prevent overheating at the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. To add to the plant’s woes, a new tank leak announced two weeks ago spilled another 300 tons of radioactive water into the ground. The leak, along with rising contamination levels, is particularly concerning as Tokyo is set to host the 2020 Olympics. Water stored in the tanks has been treated to remove cesium, one of the most dangerous of the radioactive elements.

Borderland Sciences Research Catalog “We push on into areas of consciousness where the inner mind is the only research tool for making quantitative and qualitative measurements of reality — whatever that is.” Riley Hansard Crabb This is your gateway to the source.

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