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50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life

50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life
1. Whoever managed to get this giant bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows …so you can be their new best friend. 2. Whoever threw this party …so you can have them plan your birthday. 3. …so you can ask how he got so dang cool. 4. …so you can carpool with them. 5. …so you can ask her who won the staring contest. 6. Thanks, Ryn! …so you can get some ideas for your next haircut. 7. …so you can tell them that, hey, at least they still have half. 8. …so you can invite yourself over for dinner. 9. …so you can get a degree in BEING RADICAL! 10. …so that when they’re President, you can say you supported them from day one. 11. …so you can find out if he ever got his revenge. 12. …so you can give thanks for the NEW dear leader. 13. …so you can congratulate him. 14. …so you can shake their hand on a prank well done. 15. …so you can, uh, nevermind. 16. …so you can get their opinion on Arby’s. 17. …so you can meet his parents and find out why they named him that. 18. 19. …so you can “borrow” it. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

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40 websites that will make you cleverer right now The indexed web contains an incredible 14 billion pages. But only a tiny fraction help you improve your brain power. Here are 40 of the best. Inside Instruments This print campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra uses macro photographs taken inside the cramped spaces of instruments making the inner workings of a violin, cello, flute, and pipe organ appear vast and spacious, almost as if you could walk around inside them. So wonderfully done. Art directed by photographer Bjoern Ewers, you can see more over on Behance.

10 Unbelievable Girls Who Look Like Dolls Everyone meet Dakota Rose; she's a 19-year-old girl who goes by KotaKoti and looks a lot like a Barbie doll… KotaKoti's incredible resemblance to Barbie has made her very popular in countries like Japan and China, where she has been featured on several news networks. Considered a cosplayer by a lot of her fans, the 19-year-old says she dresses like this pretty much all the time and she doesn't mind it when people look at her funny. At 15, Venus Palermo has grown into her doll obsession rather than out of it. Under the screen name Venus Angelic, the London-based teenager posts beauty tutorials on YouTube for fans who want to look like her. But that's not why she's the latest viral video star.

Who We Are Racialicious Staff Latoya Peterson Owner/Editor A certified media junkie, Latoya Peterson provides a hip-hop feminist and anti-racist view on culture with a special focus on video games, film, television, and music. Unbelievable Street Art Murals by El Mac «TwistedSifter 1. Inspired Background by Kofie. Painted at Mid-City Arts for the Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Street Cred” exhibition.

12 Most Embarrassing Ads A little too close to reality. No more living in denial about the size of your waist line, thanks to this fantastic, albeit terrifying, guerrilla marketing initiative from the health club chain, Fitness First. Unsuspecting commuters in the Netherlands are faced with viewing their body weight in bright lights - quite literally - when they take a seat at this Rotterdam bus stop. Scary, to say the very least, but extraordinarily clever, and likely to increase membership numbers at the local Fitness First. Let’s Get Ratchet! Check Your Privilege At The Door By Guest Contributor Sesali Bowen; originally published at Feministing A few days ago I had the–ahem, pleasure?–of seeing the video of Miley Cyrus twerking. I was a little put off by it but couldn’t immediately identify why. There was the obvious discomfort at the fact that she wasn’t really good at twerking in the first place, but there was something else that I just couldn’t get jiggy with.

What Female Disney Characters Might Look Like in Real Life «TwistedSifter Mar 17, 2012 Jirka Väätäinen is a Finnish designer and photographer currently studying graphic design at the Art University College at Bournemouth. His series on Behance titled Envisioning Disney Characters in “Real Life” is one of the most ‘appreciated’ (think of it as a Like on Facebook) projects of all time on Behance with 14,528 thumbs up at the time of this posting.