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Funny video clips, funny movies, classic TV ads, virals, silly pictures - Kontraband

Funny video clips, funny movies, classic TV ads, virals, silly pictures - Kontraband

Sharing Machine Break Oliver Laric Koreus 10 Hottest Celebrities without Make up Penelope Cruz Acting since the tender age of 16, Spanish starlet Penelope Cruz has starred in such movies as Blow, Sahara and Gothica. Known for her gracious good looks, a waxwork of which is set to appear in Paris’s Gervin Wax Museum later this year, here she is looking a shade plainer than usual. Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne is a 28-year-old singer from Ontario, Canada. Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz is one of the great uber-babes of the past two decades, having kept men of the world drooling from a line of appearances in some of Hollywood’s most successful flicks. Keira Knightley Making an action packed entrance into mainstream movies in the unmistakable Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, alongside Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley has risen to level of an internationally renowned babe. Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson has been an international sex icon for longer than I’ve even been alive. Pages: 1 2

Derniers ajouts DTC L'actu de DTC → Commentaires Derniers ajouts (page / 691) Page suivante → <Hélène> Finalement je pense pas venir au cinéma, mais merci d'avoir proposé<Blycom> Oh non :( pourquoi ? #17622 - Votez : (+) 109 (-) 13 0 - <3 - 9 commentaires Camille: J'ai une amie qui vend un sac pour le badminton, ça t'intéresse ? #17621 - Votez : (+) 359 (-) 78 9 - <3 - 16 commentaires <Flo> ah merde jsavais pas, pourquoi ils ont rompu ? #17620 - Votez : (+) 1005 (-) 73 4 - <3 - 14 commentaires #17619 - Votez : (+) 592 (-) 264 3 - <3 - 17 commentaires <> j'aime mes clients.. #17618 - Votez : (+) 971 (-) 104 6 - <3 - 21 commentaires <azerty> ch'ais pas comment c'est en France mais chez moi, le client est roi ! #17617 - Votez : (+) 1636 (-) 59 16 - <3 - 19 commentaires * Nom de la partie : "Youpr0n"Modérateur : Le nom de la partie étant contraire aux règles, cette dernière est renommée "Bisounours en folie"Blakstar : ...Kaminso : Je crois qu'il nous a pwnd non ?.. <Dowmed> Raconte !? Cadeau bonus :

The Greatest Women Without Make-Up - MarketGid logo login The Greatest Women Without Make-Up What a difference Read more Their Pic After The Transformation Gonna Make You.....loose your breath!Read more Emma Watson Gifs You Weren't Ready To SeeHer look is so...Read more This Is How She Looked In Spy Kids, But Today... Top News Her Pictures 10 Years Ago Will Leave You Bewildered!!! Read more Reflection In The Mirror Has Spoiled Everything...FailsIt could have been a great picture.... Read more You'll Spot Their Mistake When See The Full Photo! Read more You'll Regret That You Didn't Invite Her To Prom..Just Look! Read more No One Believes This Girls Is Real, But...AmazingDo you? Read more This Pool Will Astonish You! Read more After This Report You Will Start Watching Weather Forecast! Read more Jennifer Lawrence As You've Never Seen Her Before! Read more Ronda Rousey's Announcement Stunned EveryoneMMAShe's going to beat a very bad guy Read more It's A Completely New Level Of Racing Simulators! Read more San Andreas Got The Most Astonishing Reboot! Read more

The Chive Breakthrough: The first functional, vat-grown lungs A Sliding Alternative to CAPTCHA? It's no secret that the use of difficult CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) in Web forms can confound ordinary people, drop conversion rates, and increase errors in addition to (hopefully!) keeping the bad guys out of your site. As a result, I'm always interested in alternatives to standard CAPTCHA techniques. Once such approach brought to my attention recently can be found on They Make Apps. Instead of the distorted text strings that typify most modern CAPTCHAs (above), the sign up form on They Make Apps uses a slider that asks people to: "show us your human side; slide the cursor to the end of the line to create your account." I don't have any data that suggests this implementation impacts conversion rates (up or down). - home of fine hypertext products Deep Web Research 2010 Bots, Blogs and News Aggregators is a keynote presentation that I have been delivering over the last several years, and much of my information comes from the extensive research that I have completed over the years into the "invisible" or what I like to call the "deep" web. The Deep Web covers somewhere in the vicinity of 1 trillion pages of information located through the world wide web in various files and formats that the current search engines on the Internet either cannot find or have difficulty accessing. The current search engines find about 200 billion pages at the present time of this writing. In the last several years, some of the more comprehensive search engines have written algorithms to search the deeper portions of the world wide web by attempting to find files such as .pdf, .doc, .xls, ppt, .ps. and others. This Deep Web Research 2010 article is divided into the following sections: ARTICLES, PAPERS, FORUMS, AUDIOS AND VIDEOS (Current and Historical) Metadata?

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