The Motherfucking Pterodactyl

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Real World Math Welcome to the Saylor Foundation’s Real World Math Series. The courses included in this program are designed for the high school student preparing for college or the adult learner who needs a refresher course or two in mathematics. Each of the courses in this series includes instructional videos and practice problems from Khan Academy™ (Khan Academy™ is a library of over 3,000 videos covering a range of topics, including math and physics) that will help you master the foundational knowledge necessary for success in College Algebra (MA001: Beginning Algebra) and beyond.

School:Journalism Emma Zorn reading a newspaper. The Wikiversity School of Journalism is looking to offer study courses people can follow to learn the ethics, theories and techniques of journalism. We strongly encourage practical alignment with Wikinews, such as it being a venue for assignment work. If you have knowledge or a skill that can be taught here, please start a course page and list it below. Courses[edit] Video Causes Natural Hallucinations Who needs drugs when you have science? If you follow the video’s instructions, when you look away you will continue to see wavy lines in your wall or on the floor. This happens due to an optical illusion that is the result of repeated psychological stimulation. When the video ends and you look away, your brain still expects to see the waves, and therefore it creates them for you. Saying the letters out loud doesn’t really play a role, it just ensures that you are focusing on the center of the screen, where you can best receive the stimulus.

You Know You Are A Sindhi When…. Your love for diamonds is only rivalled by your love for fried food and while the world and its neighbouring planets are broke in this financial depression, you are the only one making money! All you Sindhi ladies put your hands up and show some love because turns out you guys rock. And no calm down now, we aren’t referring to those meteorites on your fingers chari! Internal Assessment | Psychology Here you can find information regarding the requirements for your internal assessment. Here is are two documents (SL and HL) that aredetailed and should contain everything you need to know for the internal assessment. It has been constructed with the help of textbooks and information copied from the IB guidelines, as well as from the subject reports for Psychology. Everything you need to know should be able to be found in this document.

Conclusion and Evaluation Labs : IB Physics CE ASPECT ONE: Concluding  Do you clearly state a conclusion based on a reasonable interpretation of your data?  Does your conclusion offer more than just a restatement of the graph? You need to explain and justify what you discovered, including the scope and limit of your results.  If relevant, comment about random and systematic errors in your data, and comment about any x-axis or y-axis intercepts. These 15 Essential (And Free) Websites Will Help You Survive College by Deepa Lakshmin 5 hours ago You can thank us later. 1.

The Most Accurate And Honest Fortune Cookie Advice Of All Time. life Someone should be making a real fortune writing these. Usually, fortune cookies tell you all sorts of Confucius bullcrap how you should mend your faults or follow your heart, etc.