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efectos CSS If you are looking for in-depth articles on the inner workings of flexbox, or a comprehensive explanation for using CSS regions, then this is definitely not the post for you. Instead, we have squarely put our focus on those CSS tutorials that not only make the smaller details of the web visually appealing, but are also really useful. You know what we mean… fantastic text effects, innovative button styles, space-saving navigation systems, subtly animated form elements… that kind of thing. We have organised the tutorials and techniques into the following categories: Typography Techniques; Button Tutorials, Menu &amp, Navigation Techniques, Form Element Tutorials, SVG &amp, CSS Styling Techniques, Styling Anchor Links, Web Page Components Tutorials, CSS Layout Techniques, and finally a mixed bag of cool miscellaneous tutorials. Here you go…

CIELMANIA : le blog de Jean-Baptiste FELDMANN, photographe du ciel Les astronomes ont actuellement de la chance : le samedi 4 avril avait lieu une éclipse totale de Lune (à l’occasion de la Pleine Lune des poissons), 15 jours seulement après une belle éclipse de Soleil. Cette éclipse lunaire se déroulait entre 10 h 15 et 13 h 45 TU (début et fin du passage de la Lune dans le cône d’ombre terrestre), le maximum se produisant à 12 h TU. Continuer la lecture Samedi 4 avril aura lieu la quatrième Pleine Lune de l’année. Appelée Pleine Lune des poissons, elle fait suite à la Pleine Lune du corbeau du 5 mars dernier. La Pleine Lune des poissons se produira à 12 h 07 TU exactement, alors que Séléné sera à un peu plus de 402 000 km de la Terre.

Generador CSS de formularios y otros elementos Its handy and easy-to-use UI allows you to adjust rich graphical styles quickly and without coding. The main features: 2D and 3D transformsmultiple complex transitionsmultiple linear and radial gradientsmultiple box and text shadowscustom fonts (including google fonts)and much moreYou’ll be able to play with all EnjoyCSS parameters just like in photoshop or illustarator (with sliders, colorpickers and etc) combining all possible CSS3 style capabilities for the same element. Moreover you can include pseudo states (:hover, :active, :focus, :after, :before) and style them as well. All required CSS code will be automatically generated by EnjoyCSS. You can easily copy-pase all the code into your environment or get the code for each style aspect separately, e.g., code for each gradient, shadow or transform.

Les dernières nouvelles de l’Univers & l’actualité de l’observation du ciel Prevent - Aiming Towards Better Health New Blood Pressure Guidelines Will Kill Millions MoreApril 20, 2018 | JunkHealthcare | M.TorresNew limits, set by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology ignores the potential harms of slapping people with disease labels, according to an analysis published by Australian public-health experts. They estimate that up to 80 percent of newly diagnosed individuals will end up worse off. Why Is Your Blood Pressure So Affected By Salt?April 18, 2018 | Nutrition | K.FosterSalt is the most common and readily available nonmetallic mineral in the world. Yet some people are far more susceptible to the effects of salt than others and scientists are beginning to understand why. Why does a low salt diet increase the risk of death for some and not others?

The Telescope Review Web Site V3.163 Earth Changes The PoleShift-Ning is, providing people with information about the Earth Changes, the pending Pole Shift, how to survive these events and about life afterwardsbased on ZetaTalk, which contains a vast amount of information being relayed by the Zetas with an outstanding accuracyhosting the weekly ZetaTalk Q&A. (Archives of Q&A can be found at Zetatalk: What's New)being moderated in an effort to keep the material concise and on-topicreviewed and checked to be in accordance with ZetaTalka cutting edge platform for discussion by those who have done their homework with regard to reading what is already presented herea genuine source of information, unlike any other site on the web History Nancy previously held the ZetaTalk Question & Answering at, a forum without strict rules as enforced on the PoleShift-Ning.

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