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Susan Cain: The power of introverts

Susan Cain: The power of introverts

How does today impact tomorrow’s success? Everyone wants to have a good day, but not many people know what a good day looks like – much less how to create one. And even fewer people understand how the way you live today impacts your tomorrow. Have you ever asked someone what he was doing and heard him respond, “Oh, I’m just killing time”? Have you ever really thought about that statement?

» Creating Silence from Chaos Post written by Leo Babauta. We are often afraid of silence, because its emptiness feels idle, boring, unproductive, and scary. And so we fill our lives with chaos, noise, clutter. But silence can be lovely, and therapeutic, and powerful.

The Fortunes Of Solitude: Susan Cain On Introverts, The "New Groupthink," And The Problems With Brainstorming Bill Gates, Craig Newmark, and Mark Zuckerberg have more in common than being highly successful founders of tech companies. They’re also introverts. This psychological temperament, according to Susan Cain, author of the recently published book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, is vastly misunderstood and undervalued. A self-avowed introvert herself, Cain is a former corporate lawyer and consultant who says that 30% to 50% of the population aren't just the first to leave a party, they are also uniquely creative, highly focused, and often better prepared than their loudmouthed counterparts. We spoke with Cain about the power of going solo and why brainstorming is broken. FAST COMPANY: You say "introversion is now a second-class personality trait, somewhere between a disappointment and a pathology.”

Robots that fly … and cooperate: Vijay Kumar on TED Technology Make your smartphone a personal robot: Keller Rinaudo at TED2013 Sometimes, it feels like your smartphone is your friend. But if Keller Rinaudo has his way, your phone may be more like a pet. Rinaudo, the co-founder and CEO of Romotive, has created Romo, a smartphone robot. Your phone docks into a robotic base that looks a bit like a powdery blue tank. Kickstarting a new source of startup investment - Blogs On Entrepreneurs By Judith Messina The crowd-funding craze hit the Internet with a splash a few years ago as a way of harnessing social media to raise money for causes or projects that strike an emotional chord with donors. Sites such as Kickstarter and RocketHub provide a platform for the likes of inventors, independent filmmakers and young fashion designers to get their creations off the ground. Donors get a nominal payback, such as an early version of a product or a mention in the credits of a film, in addition, of course, to the feel-good perk of helping someone pursue a dream. And the idea has caught fire with dozens of sites exploiting the trend in the U.S. and abroad. Three-year-old Kickstarter says that a million people have backed projects on its platform, donating some $84 million for 13,000 projects.

12 Tips For Becoming Charismatic & Unforgettable Charisma is a great and wonderful talent to possess. A lot of people feel that Charisma is something only a handful are born with. Well they are wrong. 6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers In the beginning, there was just you and your partners. You did every job. You coded, you met with investors, you emptied the trash and phoned in the midnight pizza. Now you have others to do all that and it's time for you to "be strategic."

6 Simple Rituals To Reach Your Potential Every Day It’s Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. Two San Francisco entrepreneurs are pitching their ventures to potential investors today. They’d both agree that this is one of the most important days of their lives. This is the story of Jane and Joe... Jane was up until 4 a.m. putting the final touches on her deck. In fact, she spent the entire weekend fixed in her apartment, preparing the presentation. Living for the city: Gospel for Teens and Mama Foundation for the Arts at TED2012 art A choir live and online: Eric Whitacre at TED2013 In an extraordinary finale for TED2013, Eric Whitacre stages a type of performance that has never been seen before, with a choir assembled to sing his composition, “Cloudburst.” It’s not just any choir. He’s joined on stage by 100 live singers formed from choirs from California State University, Long Beach Campus, California State University, Fullerton […]

My Page - Chicago Social Media Marketing Group We are a Chicago-based start-up in social identity management.We offer research analysis and social media solutions that help social media marketers to better ground their client recommendations through model-based identity-analyses.We also aim at assisting companies, educational institutions and non-profit/ political organizations directly with social media-related issues in everyday work situations. As such, we are keen on boosting our clients’ traffic and customer behavior through guided digital identity output. We feel our services can be of use to basically anyone. By using a model developed by BlankMediation, we have succeeded in creating accurate and less time-consuming analyses for optimal corporate identity-strategizing. Our analyses provide a clear starting point by uncovering natural ‘talents’ in a client’s identity output, a strengths-weaknesses assessment. Feel free to contact us for any further information.

Eight Products the Facebook Generation Will Not Buy Consumer tastes are changing at a greater rate than ever before. Not surprisingly, the purchasing habits of the youngest generation present the most dramatic shifts — a reflection of what they find important. 24/7 Wall St. has identified eight popular products that the “Facebook generation” is not buying. Generation Y, generally defined as those born between 1980 and 1999, have lost interest in many of the services and products their parents found important. For example, younger Americans are less interested in cars. In 1998, 64.4% of potential drivers 19-years old and younger had drivers licenses. By 2008, that rate had dropped to 46.3%, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

Introverts in the Office: How to Work Well in an Extrovert's World Speak up! Promote yourself! Network! Our Measurement Model - The Circumplex Developed by psychologist Dr. J. Clayton Lafferty over 30 years ago, the Human Synergistics Circumplex provides a way to “see” what drives human thinking, behaviour and performance - at the individual, leadership, group and organisational levels. It breaks down the factors underlying performance into 12 ways or “styles” of thinking, behaving and interacting that are arranged in a circular manner, based on their similarity.

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