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How to Quit Shampoo Without Becoming Disgusting

How to Quit Shampoo Without Becoming Disgusting
Are you cheap? Lazy? Vaguely and perhaps unjustifiably paranoid about slathering your body with chemicals on a daily basis? Then perhaps you'd like to join the “no-poo movement”? It is more than just a hair-care revolution—it’s also the perfect way to trick others into using the term “poo”! But from here on out I’m just going to call it quitting shampoo, because it doesn’t actually involve laxatives, and it’s less a “movement” than a “beauty tip.” Why would you want to quit shampoo? So, let’s review: quitting shampoo will clear up your complexion and make your hair look awesome, plus it will save you time and money. Here’s how you do it: Step 1: Switch from shampoo to baking soda and vinegar -To make your new “shampoo,” slowly add water to baking soda until it’s just slightly gooey. -Next, make the “conditioner.” -Now it’s time to implement your new hair-washing routine. -Use the baking soda and vinegar in place of shampoo and conditioner for at least two weeks.

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What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo When I wrote about quitting shampoo over two and a half years ago, I was a relatively recent convert to the natural-hair game. Here’s what I knew then: You go through a terrible phase where you don’t wash your hair at all. When that phase is over, you do the following instead of using shampoo: put baking soda in your hair, rinse it out, put apple-cider vinegar in your hair, rinse it out. Repeat once every 5–7 days, washing with just water in the meantime. Boom bam boom, the end. That’s all still true, but now that I’m a seasoned veteran (kind of literally, because of the vinegar), I thought I’d divulge the seven most important lessons I’ve learned in the years since that first post.

Do I Have Insomnia? - SlumberWise Can’t sleep, even when you want to? Then yes. Insomnia isn’t a single disorder, but more of a description of symptoms. Sometimes insomnia is part of another condition, or has a common cause with another condition. Sometimes insomnia is a stand-alone affliction. 10 Things I Wish Every American Knew About Health Despite throwing tons of money at the problem, Americans really are sicker than ever. Chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, anxiety and depression are wreaking havoc with our minds, bodies and bank accounts. Our “one ill—one pill” solutions are expensive, and frequently associated with adverse effects.

how to: dry shampoo Have you heard all the fuss about dry shampoo? It’s seems like it’s all anybody talks about these days: dry shampoo this, dry shampoo that. What’s the world coming to? I’ll tell you what all the fuss is about: all the fuss is about catching an extra 15 minutes of snooze time in the morning. You know those days you have a hard time getting out of bed, you miss the alarm, and you throw your hair back in a ponytail to hide the grease? Does Sugar Keep You Up at Night? - SlumberWise In a recent article about Chamomile tea and sleep, I received an interesting comment about sugar. In response to my claim that decaf tea could still keep you up if it’s full of sugar, commenter Jeremy said that sugar doesn’t keep you up at all. Jeremy is right. I fell victim to one of the most persistent and pervasive myths that surround both food and sleep: that sugar gives you energy, makes you hyper, or keeps you up. Not true. Sugar adds calories to your tea, but does not have a significant effect on energy levels or sleep.

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How to Do a Razor Hair Cut Razor cuts can be intimidating for beginners. Source Learning how to do a razor hair cut on your own can be a major feat! It's not really recommended for those with very little hair cutting experience because of the skill and technique required.