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The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (First Listen)

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (First Listen)

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Staff Lists: Top 50 Singles of 2005 Well, our work here is done. We now leave 2005 with our first of two annual holiday features, retracking the best music of the year. Tomorrow, it's our Top 50 Albums of the 2005, but today it's all on the singles. And as with our previous two singles lists, this one runs down a crazy array of indie pop and indie rock, radio hits, B-sides and remixes, compilation and mixtape highlights, white label releases, and mind-blowing multi-part one-man soap operas. Of course, the exclusion of non-single album tracks made staff favorites like Robyn's "Konichiwa Bitches", Beanie Sigel's "Purple Rain", and anything from Sufjan Stevens' Illinois, among many others, ineligible.

The Tattoos Of Russia's Brutal Prisoners & Criminals Custom Tattoos Of Russia **_Warning some of the imagery you're about to see is NSFW_** Here's a tale of struggle, individuality, brutality, creativity and all set against the bleak background of cold Soviet Russia. Danzig Baldaev (who's father was imprisoned as any enemy of the people) would regularly visit his father behind bars at the controversial prison Kresty Prison in St. Petersburg. The 25 Best Music Videos of 2015 Pop music dominated YouTube this year, with arena-filling acts making blockbuster-type music videos. These mostly hip-hop and pop stars incited us want to shimmy and shake, mimicking dance moves as we saw them. But here at Paste, we noticed another trend with music videos this year. Some artists used their music videos as spaces to share messages of social import—from body image to the refugee crisis to police brutality.

DIY Project: Floral Garland Mirror Materials: mirror or frameblack acid-free papercraft glue or PVAwirescissorspliers and wire cutterstaple gunspray finish, matte or glossyoptional: black paint and paintbrush for frame Steps: 1. If it is necessary to paint your frame, remove the mirror, apply black paint, and seal with the spray finish according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 10 Things you Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do | The Gentlemans Journal | The latest in style and grooming, food and drink, business, lifestyle, culture, sports, restaurants, nightlife, travel and power. Ah the iPhone. A wonderful piece of technology that has made it come to be that no one can go 10 minutes without checking them and needs them permanently attached to their hip. Yet, despite us all being obsessed with our iPhones, we really don’t know all they can do very well at all.

Top 10 Slept-On R&B Albums Of 2015 Dornik quietly made one of the year's best R&B albums. Courtesy of the artist hide caption toggle caption Courtesy of the artist Dornik quietly made one of the year's best R&B albums. What to eat before, during and after the London Marathon - Women's Health © Shutterstock It has finally arrived; the London marathon is back for another year! You've been training hard and eating right for weeks, so now is the time to ensure that all your hard work doesn't go to waste. Keep reading to find out which foods will help boost your energy before you begin, sustain and replenish you as you power through, and help you recover from the gruelling exercise afterwards. Before your run The days before the marathon is the time to focus more on your carbohydrate intake, increasing it by about 10% to ensure you have a productive and successful run at an endurance-testing event like the London marathon.

The Best Experimental Albums of 2015 As American psychedelic music goes, Tom Carter is a modern titan. From his pensive folk manipulations with Charalambides to his noise sprees with Mudsuckers, and from his jams with Bardo Pond and Badgerlore to his own albums of individual ascendance, Carter has long shown the transcendence of exploration, of taking a familiar form farther than one assumed possible. Given his résumé, then, it’s surprising that Carter has never clocked into a studio by himself and clocked out with a proper solo guitar album.

You are one? You are alone? You are by yourself? - The scenic route back to Kathmandu with my imaginary friends.... Advertisement "Yes, yes, yes I know, I'm a billy no mates and have no friends", is what I felt like saying after the 6th person in two hours spoke or gestured, combined usually with a look of concern or confusion, to ask whether I was on my own. I was beginning to get the feeling that in everyday Nepal, ie. outside of the tourist bubble I'd been living in, perhaps women didn't travel on their own.... I was staying in Bandipur, some three hours from Pokhara, having decided to take the scenic route back to Kathmandu. I'd finished my Annapurna trek with a day being shaken around (as much as is possible when there are four squished into a row) in the back of various jeeps as we travelled a road that was in parts more rock and less road.

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