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Santigold - Disparate Youth

Santigold - Disparate Youth

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Staff Lists: Top 50 Singles of 2005 Well, our work here is done. We now leave 2005 with our first of two annual holiday features, retracking the best music of the year. Tomorrow, it's our Top 50 Albums of the 2005, but today it's all on the singles. And as with our previous two singles lists, this one runs down a crazy array of indie pop and indie rock, radio hits, B-sides and remixes, compilation and mixtape highlights, white label releases, and mind-blowing multi-part one-man soap operas. Rain makes everything better. The 25 Best Music Videos of 2015 Pop music dominated YouTube this year, with arena-filling acts making blockbuster-type music videos. These mostly hip-hop and pop stars incited us want to shimmy and shake, mimicking dance moves as we saw them. But here at Paste, we noticed another trend with music videos this year.

Exclu: The Pharcyde fête les 20 ans de "Labcabincalifornia" avec une mixtape Groupe emblématique de la scène hip-hop des années 90-2000, The Pharcyde fête aujourd’hui les vingt ans de son deuxième album Labcabincalifornia avec une mixtape anniversaire. Cette nouvelle sortie intitulée #BeamMeUpSpinna a été mixée par le New-Yorkais DJ Spinna (Polyrhythm Addicts). Imani et Bootie Brown, les deux membres restants de The Pharcyde, ont également invité plusieurs producteurs (DJ Mike Relm, SBBX…) à remixer des morceaux de l’album de 1995, tels que Groupie Therapy ou Runnin’. Plusieurs inédits viennent également s’intégrer au tracklisting (NiggaSkit,ImaniintrowithJayDee, Heart And Soul…). Vous pouvez écouter la mixtape en exclusivité, juste ici:

Les cinquante meilleurs albums de 2015 Tame Impala, FFS, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Melody Gardot... La rédaction musique livre son top albums de l'année 2015. Cinq par journaliste, avec en bonus, une chanson. Top 10 Slept-On R&B Albums Of 2015 Dornik quietly made one of the year's best R&B albums. Courtesy of the artist hide caption toggle caption Courtesy of the artist The Best Experimental Albums of 2015 As American psychedelic music goes, Tom Carter is a modern titan. From his pensive folk manipulations with Charalambides to his noise sprees with Mudsuckers, and from his jams with Bardo Pond and Badgerlore to his own albums of individual ascendance, Carter has long shown the transcendence of exploration, of taking a familiar form farther than one assumed possible. Given his résumé, then, it’s surprising that Carter has never clocked into a studio by himself and clocked out with a proper solo guitar album. He must have been waiting to make a masterpiece: Long Time Underground, his seven-song cycle through riffs that rise into unexpected shapes and take on unforeseen timbres, is a remarkable display of just how far six strings can go with no overdubs and one take. "Carvedilol Cowboy" starts as a somber instrumental strummer but ends as an acid-wrenched stunner. Tom Carter: "Entreaertne" (via SoundCloud)

The 10 best pieces of Christmas classical music The BBC music supremo in the 1940s, Victor Hely-Hutchinson made a point of never buying a car, and sticking to his bicycle. Which might make him seem like Scrooge, but there’s nothing Scrooge-like about his music. He had a passion for nursery rhymes and childrens’ poems, and often set them to music. His best known piece is his Carol Symphony, which gained a whole new generation of fans in the Eighties when it was used as the title theme for a BBC adaptation of John Masefield's The Box of Delights. The first movement of the symphony kicks off in a jolly but not especially Christmassy way. But hang in there. The Year in Punk 2015 In 2015, more trans murders were reported than in any other year on record, leading the Southern Poverty Law Center to deem it a national crisis. “Trans women of color… are facing a literal genocide in the U.S. right now,” G.L.O.S.S. guitarist Jake Bison told Maximum Rocknroll. When Sadie shouts, “You want the pepper spray first, or the pocket knife?”

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