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Top 25 Web 2.0 Search Engines Online search is now a multi-billion dollar industry, with Google alone grossing over $3.5 billion in profits last year. It’s no wonder why so many newcomers are hopping on the search bandwagon, hoping to become the next Google. And those new search engines that may stand the best chance to become the next Google all share one common element — the use of Web 2.0 technology that they hope will increase search result relevance. We’ve picked out of favorite ones for college students so try them out for your next paper, online college rankings search, project, accredited online schools search or personal entertainment. Here are 25 such engines. Some offer functionality that’s slowly making its way into traditional search engines. Mashups and Tagging Many of the new search engines use the modular functionality of Web 2.0: mash together several services and add new features. Ajaxwhois.Doing a little domain name research? Rich Internet Application Search Interfaces Visual Search Like.

PubMed How-to Search Quertle® - Intelligent semantic queries of MEDLINE (PubMed) and the biomedical literature NaturalNews NaturalPedia Healthcare-Related Search Engines | Topical Search Blog by tedeytan At one stage of search engines’ history, consumer health search engines were considered a true rivals of horizontal search engines. Taking into account the demand for online health information and the online advertising budgets of the pharmaceutical industry and health-care institutions, these search engines had a profitable business model. Moreover, Microsoft acquired one of these specialized search engines for its then newly-horizontal search engine, Bing. However, in the long run, search engines like Healia, Kosmix, and MammaHealth, made room for health information portals that comprise comprehensive consumer health information. From a business perspective, these portals can keep users in their own domain and make money from search as well as from content. Taking these into consideration, it's not surprising that nonprofit organizations undertake the development of consumer health search engines. MedlinePlus is both a health portal and a specialized search engine.

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