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What cannabis actually does to your brain

What cannabis actually does to your brain
Chances are they would've ended up brainless morons with or without the pot. It's quite frankly not strong enough of a narcotic to destroy one's life such as you describe. It's very dependent on the user's persona. @Tadashii: Are you also for alcohol and tobacco prohibition? Those ruin more lives every year then marijuana has ever. Wow- Tadashii, pot is not meth or cocaine. Yes, its a chemical that can intoxicate and has been embraced by, and been the cause of some lazy folks, underachievers, and Grateful Dead fans not amounting to much. Pot is like anything else- tobacco, alcohol, vicodin, valium, caffeine, etc. Cannabis has great promise for any treatment that requires appetite stimulant (such as cancer, HIV, etc), and has also been found to act as an anti-inflammatory or nausea reliever, Don't just stamp marijuana "evil". Do you enjoy any caffeinated sodas, cigarettes, or the occasional alcoholic beverage? Yes I am against alcohol too and I agree that it's worse than pot.

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Israeli company grows medical marijuana which doesn't get you high Situated in an undisclosed location near Tzfat, northern Israel, is a government-approved medical marijuana plantation which was founded in 2004 by a retired biology teacher. Named Tikun Olam, the plantation has created a new cannabis strain which contains very low traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main constituent in cannabis responsible for making people feel "stoned". By virtually eliminating THC in the new strain, Tikun Olam can now offer the drug's medicinal benefits to those patients who wish to keep a clear head. Marijuana contains over 60 constituents named cannabinoids and though THC is the most famous due to its psychoactive effects, another important constituent is cannabidiol (CBD).

Myths About Cannabis Misconceptions Cannabis is probably the world’s most popular casual use drug that is illegal in most nations. It has become so widespread that many people wouldn’t think twice about asking to light up at a friend’s or to smoke in public places. It is an ancient drug that has been used throughout history for medical, magical, and pleasurable purposes. Thanks to the scare-tactics of propaganda in the 1960s and 1970s, there are many myths surrounding the drug – this list intends to put things straight once and for all. Myth: Cannabis’ active ingredient THC gets stored in body fat and its effects can last days or even weeks

Atomic Weapon Time Travel Research Center © 2005 Cetin BAL - GSM:+90 05366063183 - Turkey/Denizli Atomic Weapon - Atom bombası Diagram-1 Diagram -2 Diagram-1 Miracle Drug At Cambridge over the summer, many students were taking pills to help their concentration. Ed Cumming was among them ... From INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine, Autumn 2009 Adults See Alcohol, Cigarettes Riskier Than Marijuana Americans view alcohol and cigarettes as more dangerous than marijuana. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that just 17% of Adults rate use of marijuana as riskier than drinking alcohol. Fifty percent (50%) say alcohol is more dangerous, while 26% rate the two as equally risky. These findings are consistent with a survey last August. Even a majority of adults who drink alcohol rate it as more dangerous than marijuana.

Weed sequenced. No really — weed. (Credit: stock image) DNA sequencing hit a new high with the release of the Cannabis sativa genome, says Nature News. The raw sequence, done in Amsterdam (where else?), was posted on Amazon’s EC2 public cloud computing service by a young company called Medicinal Genomics, which aims to explore the genomes of therapeutic plants. Medicinal Genomics founder Kevin McKernan says he estimates the size of the C. sativa genome to be about 400 million bases. The Disastrous War on Drugs Turns 40: 5 Ways to Stop the Madness February 11, 2011 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Some anniversaries provide an occasion for celebration, others a time for reflection, still others a time for action. This June will mark forty years since President Nixon declared a "war on drugs," identifying drug abuse as "public enemy No. 1."

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Good Questions to Ask Your GirlfriendWelcome to Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Asking great questions always opens up interesting conversation. If you can get them telling stories that relate back to the answers you will have endless good times. So enjoy yourself and ask away. Here are the categories. Meth Addict Citation: Hydrogenator. "The Perfect Addiction: An Experience with Methamphetamine (ID 43655)". Jun 20, 2006. I am a chemist. I have synthesized, extracted and tried many drugs.

Top 11 Marijuana Documentaries by Evilpig on May 3, 2010 | 56 Comments This list was written by Hail Mary These are by far some of the best marijuana documentaries to date. All of them are eye-opening and most of them make a serious case for the legalization of marijuana and/or medical marijuana. Molecular mechanism found that controls marijuana-like substance in body A newly discovered molecular mechanism helps control the amount and effectiveness of a substance that mimics an active ingredient in marijuana, but that is produced by the body’s own nerve cells. The results were reported in the latest Nature Neuroscience. The lead author on the study is William R. Marrs of the Neurobiology and Behavior program at the University of Washington (UW).

AHAHAHAHAHA LOL thats awesome! by mrperrific Jul 24

Miss-spelling I meant >"pure THC" not >"put THC" ! ;-\ See it fried my brain ! ;-) by mirlen101 Jul 24

Hmm sounds like a plan ! ;-) That reminds me I took some Vodka soaked some high quality bud in it for a few days put the liquid in a tray let it evaporate slowly at room temp . What remained was put THC ! It looked like such a tiny amount . I thought I'll just put a little in and light up ! BAM !!! Talk about instant face to floor ! ;-O OMG ! I'll never do that again ! I had super high tolerance back then and it Kicked My ASS ! by mirlen101 Jul 24

hehe, yeah im from norway so thats what he used, first you would need like 96% moonshine, then put a 5g bud in ca 300ml liquor, store it for three weeks, shake from time to time, filter it, then mix in water to make it like 20 to 30%. and then it should work fine by mrperrific Jul 24

Yah but you don't really get anything from the booze except taste. You might with Moon Shine but you would probably just explode ! ;-O So best to have a not so great friend try it first ! Just keep a fire exstinguisher handy ! ;-) by mirlen101 Jul 24

hehe lol, yeah i heard it from a friend as well that you could do that with vodka, and it would get you both drunk and stoned, with a surprisingly good taste. would be nice to try once, too bad big liquor companies cant make this in big scale by mrperrific Jul 23

I tried that too ! Actually I soaked it in Vodka ! ;-) It wasn't bad really ! ;-) But yes age does degrade the bud for sure ;-/ But with a preservative ( maybe Vodka ! ) you might get away with it ! ;-) I could never keep it that long though ! ;-) I think a few days is my record ! ;-) And that was with all my super will power ! ;-) by mirlen101 Jul 21

dont think you could, but it would be nice if buds were like a good cognac, better with age :D by mrperrific Jul 21

Hmm 2,700-year-old pot stash ! I wonder if anyone tried smoking it ? I had some like 10 year old stuff and it was really nasty ! ;-/ by mirlen101 Jul 21

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