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Medical Record Review. Attorneys, medical legal consultants, and independent medical examiners across the United States rely on Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) for organizing and reviewing medical records for litigation purposes.

Medical Record Review

Our medical record review services are designed according to the requirements of individual clients, reducing their out-of-pocket costs and increasing the productivity of their in-house staff. Receive your medical case summaries, indexes and chronologies in customized formatting. We offer 30-50% cost savings. For more information about our services, call 1-800-670-2809. Check out our Free Trial offer! Professional Team with Proven Expertise. Why Expert Review Services May be Necessary for Accurate Medical Reco… Social Security Disability Insurance – Steps to Ensure the Right Application Process.

Applying for social security disability insurance can be overwhelming if the applicants are not aware of the specific requirements of the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Social Security Disability Insurance – Steps to Ensure the Right Application Process

Understanding and Reviewing POMR, the Problem Oriented Medical Record. Medical Record Analysis and Review – the Need for an Investigative Approach. Medical Record Analysis and Review Vital before Accepting a Medical Negligence Case. In a medical malpractice case, it is vital for the lawyer to decide whether to accept or reject the case.

Medical Record Analysis and Review Vital before Accepting a Medical Negligence Case

This is a tricky choice because if you choose injudiciously, you may either end up losing valuable time and money defending an unmeritorious case or find that you have failed to take up a good case. So how do you go about making the right decision? Disability Medical Record Review for Alzheimer’s Disease. Slip and Fall Injury Litigation and the Importance of Medical Record Review. Medical record review for attorneys involved in medical litigation is a time-consuming and complex process, and the reviewer must be able to understand and review the medical records efficiently and effectively.

Slip and Fall Injury Litigation and the Importance of Medical Record Review

Personal injury litigation comprises the largest single legal arena of litigated matters in the US. When even medical professionals find it difficult to make sense of complex medical records, the task of reading, decoding and reviewing these documents can prove quite overwhelming to a legal professional. Consider a slip and fall injury case that would come under personal injury litigation. This pertains to an injury sustained by a person from a defective/dangerous condition on a public/private property such as sidewalks, hospitals, parking lots, malls, apartment complexes and retail stores. Such falls can cause really serious injuries especially if the injured person is an elderly man or woman who may not be strong enough to protect themselves before striking the ground. Requesting and Reviewing Medical Records for a Personal Injury Case by MOS Medical Reviews. Medical Record Review Vital for Medical Examiners. IME or an independent medical examination typically involves a physical examination as well as a review of relevant medical records by an independent medical examiner.

Medical Record Review Vital for Medical Examiners

Independent medical examinations are used in various settings and systems such as workers’ compensation claims, social security administration claims, motor vehicle and other types of insurance claims, return to work evaluations, short-term / long-term disability evaluations, and lawsuits among others. IME and its associated medical record review are conducted for various purposes – to evaluate causation of an injury/illness, to determine whether the treatment was medically necessary, to decide how long a temporary impairment is likely to continue, to assess permanent impairment, and to determine if the claimant has achieved maximum medical improvement.

Malingering, Disability Benefits and Standardized Psychological Testing - Some Thoughts. Medical evidence that is considered for a detailed medical record review in a social security disability (SSI) case includes physician examination and treatment notes, mental health records, imaging study reports and blood work panels.

Malingering, Disability Benefits and Standardized Psychological Testing - Some Thoughts

To get a speedy determination on a disability claim, timely, accurate and adequate medical evidence is vital. In disability determinations, benefits may also depend on the results of a PCE or psychological consultative examination. A recent News Medical article highlighted a report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) that called for broader use of standardized psychological testing for applicants applying for SSDI to the United States Social Security Administration.

This is to help improve the accuracy and consistency of disability determinations. Some medical experts say that the number of people who fake or exaggerate illness is increasing. The Curse of "Malingering" Legal Nurse Consultants A Valuable Addition in a Medical Record Review Team. A legal nurse consultant (LNC) is a valuable team member for an attorney in medical malpractice and other types of litigation that depends heavily on medical records.

Legal Nurse Consultants A Valuable Addition in a Medical Record Review Team

A value-added service for busy litigators, medical record review for attorneys is provided by experienced legal nurse consultants and medical review firms to ensure accurate and superior quality reviews. Since they have insider knowledge obtained from many years’ experience in the medical community, they can help attorneys understand even complicated medical aspects of the cases they handle. Their service is invaluable to insurance companies, healthcare organizations, private corporations, and government agencies.

Privacy Concerns Abound with Electronic Medical Records. The U.S. government made EMRs (electronic medical records) mandatory with a view to improving the treating physicians’ accessibility to their patients’ medical history and thereby enhancing patient care.

Privacy Concerns Abound with Electronic Medical Records

Independent Medical Examination and the Need for Medical Record Review Services. In a personal injury lawsuit, the insurance company may request an independent medical examination or IME of the claimant, which would involve a d etailed review of the relevant medical records prior to the examination.

Independent Medical Examination and the Need for Medical Record Review Services

Statute of Limitations Crucial in Personal Injury Cases. A large number of personal injury claims arise from injuries in department stores, restaurants, grocery stores and other such public places.

Statute of Limitations Crucial in Personal Injury Cases

Often, negligence and poor maintenance are the main reasons for these accidents though many businesses have tried to improve safety. Slip and fall injuries can be serious and produce permanent harm. People who have suffered a slip and fall injury may need a lawyer to present their case and obtain maximum compensation.

To prove damages, the lawyer will obtain and organize all the relevant medical records. Continuing Disability Review to Determine Continuing Eligibility for Benefits. People are often confused about Social Security Disability law and the rights it provides. With a number of formalities, forms, appeals, reviews and red tape, applying for disability benefits can prove to be really tedious and complicated. Disability benefits are paid on the basis of an illness, injury or disability that prevents a person from doing gainful work.

Therefore any decision is made on the basis of a detailed review of the applicant's medical records. Applicants for SSD or SSI benefits can avoid the confusion and effort associated with the entire disability benefits application process by obtaining the services of a social security disability attorney. They will be provided with clear explanations regarding the various aspects of the benefits available. CDR (Continuing Disability Review) Conducted at Scheduled Intervals >>A CDR is performed every three or seven years. >>The three categories on the basis of which reviews are scheduled are: Tips to Keep in Mind When Working on Social Security Disability Cases. 1-800-670-2809. Are Idiopathic Injuries Covered by Workers' Compensation? Idiopathic injuries are injuries that happen without any clear cause or some unknown cause.

They can stem from a personal health condition a worker may or may not be aware of such as diabetic episodes, heart attacks, seizures, strokes and blackouts. For workers’ compensation to cover idiopathic injuries, the injury or condition must arise out of and in the course of employment. So what does this mean? If an injury/condition has to arise out of one’s employment, there must be a connecting link between one’s specific duties at work and one’s health problem. For example, a worker working in a high-stress environment may experience a heart attack, and it can be proved that the heart attack was caused by the uncontrollable stress at work. Idiopathic injuries or health conditions are hard to prove often because there may not be one cause to which they can be pinned down.

Consider the case of an employee sitting at his desk and begins to feel back pain. Towards a Better Law Office This New Year. Medical record review for attorneys is a valuable service that lawyers can utilize to ensure better performance of their law practices. This can be obtained from a reliable medical record review company that offers customized services. Lawyers handling personal injury and mass tort cases will find the tedious task of reviewing medical records made easy. Along with it, the entire case preparation becomes easier and more efficient. There are many other things that lawyers can incorporate into their practices in order to work more efficiently and spend more time on substantive things rather than non-core tasks.

The most important thing is to incorporate the latest technology and enjoy the benefits offered. Learn what is new in the industry and incorporate it into your practice: Identify the technological advancements in your area that you can put to good use, whether billing software, client contact management software or practice management software. Exchangeable and Fully Functional EHRs – A Firm Stride Towards Improved Care Provision.

Digital technology has dramatically transformed the world we live in and the way we communicate. Tablets, smartphones and web-enabled devices rule the world today, and are proving to be especially beneficial in the field of Medicine, where information is paramount. Maintaining Confidentiality of Medical Records. The confidentiality factor between a doctor and patient is of great significance. Why an Experts Assistance is Invaluable in Medical Record Review. Medical records are the prime evidence in personal injury, mass tort and medical negligence cases. Attorneys handling such cases need to identify the medical facts that are most relevant to their case and start preparing the case.

Importance of Medical Record Review in Connection with OTR Review Request. Four Types of Disability Payments that the SSA Expedites. 800-670-2809. The Social Security Scenario in 2016 - Predictions. Though it has passed through many major changes, Social Security has remained a strong pillar of support for Americans, ensuring financial security for disabled as well as retired individuals. The Administration’s disability determination is very stringent, with benefits being granted only after a stringent medical record review. How Medical Record Review Services Can Prove Advantageous to Attorneys. Importance of a Disability Lawyer to an SSDI Applicant. Medical evidence is the most crucial factor that the SSA would consider when evaluating a disability claim.

To get an SSDI or SSI claim approved, the claimant has to produce medical records that support the particular disability. So the prime concern of any disability insurance applicant is to get diagnosed for the specific impairment, and obtain treatment. Registered Nurse Consultants Ease Medical Review.