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World Energy Report (Infographic) Clean Power Published on September 30th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan "World Energy Report" (CLICK TO ENLARGE) OK, so this isn’t an official World Energy report just released by some international energy organization or research institute, but it is a fun infographic created by some friends of ours over at that helps to visualize and convey some key energy facts.

Stand in Solidarity - Stop the Tar Sands! English • Português • Español • Français • Deutsch **UPDATE: We joined forces with a powerful coalition of organizations, and unveiled our combined number of signatures (618,428!!) at the White House on September 3** Scientists Have Almost Completed the Resurrection of Extinct Aurochs and Plan to Reintroduce Them to the Wild A group of scientists is attempting to re-wild 1 million hectares (2.47 million acres) of European lands, and one of the keys in the circle of life will be reintroducing the fierce, huge, wild aurochs, an ancestor of modern cattle that went extinct centuries ago. How can they reintroduce an extinct animal?, you may ask. Scientists in the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania and Croatia are back-breeding specimens of the animal from modern cattle that retain the most genes of the extinct beast. So far scientists in those countries have bred about 500 animals.

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7 Environmental Problems That Are Worse Than We Thought With as much attention as the environment has been getting lately, you’d think that we’d be further along in our fight to preserve the world’s species, resources and the beautiful diversity of nature. Unfortunately, things aren’t nearly that rosy. In fact, many of the environmental problems that have received the most public attention are even worse than we thought – from destruction in the rain forest to melting glaciers in the Arctic.

Santa Fe IV Plan Santa Fe IV Sven Alstrom, Designer South Elevation This one story Santa Fe Style Guest House is based upon 24-inch wide straw bale construction or adobe block on concrete foundation & footings with crawl spaces. Natural interior plaster and natural exterior stucco are recommended.

Costa Rica powered by renewable energy for over 250 days in 2016 Costa Rica completes 2016 without having to burn a single fossil fuel for more than 250 days. 98.2 percent of Costa Rica's electricity came from renewable sources in 2016. The state-run Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) reported that renewable energy sources accounted for 98.2 percent of the country's electricity and more than 250 days were powered completely by renewable sources. Costa Rica has been powered on a mix of hydro, geothermal, wind, solar and biomass energy sources. 74.35 percent of the country’s electricity has come from hydroelectric sources. Geothermal plants contributed roughly 12.74 percent of electricity generation, while wind turbines provided 10.30 percent, and biomass and solar generated 0.74 percent and 0.01 percent each. 1.88 percent of its electricity still had to be produced from fossil fuels due to rainfall deficits at the beginning of the year.

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Global Disaster Mitigation Our Infinite Future Series Part Two: Global Disaster Mitigation - Importance of Global Coherence Complete Destruction or Massive Positive Change. Make a Choice. Today!

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