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Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with non-violence

Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with non-violence
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Occupy 2.0: The Great Turning by Michael Nagler Michael Nagler on building a movement to build a new reality. posted Apr 05, 2012 The spinning wheel, and the spinning wheel alone, will solve the problem of the deepening poverty of India. —Mahatma Gandhi Anyone who thinks consumption can expand forever on a finite planet is either insane or an economist.—E.F. During the May 27, 2011 protests in Barcelona, protesters wore flowers and painted their hands white to reinforce their commitment to nonviolence. After a roaring start, the Occupy movement hit a wall in the form of rough-handling and evictions by the police. It’s time to step back, take stock of the situation we’re in, and work out a roadmap of the way home. If our movement is about raising the dignity and value of the human being, we cannot use the method of violence, which degrades. The worship of wealth that has brought corporations into a position of dominance in the world today has also brought in its wake two unexpected benefits. Michael Nagler wrote this article for YES!

Rolly A. Chabot: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle Mindful Occupation | Rising Up Without Burning Out PanelPicker Voting period for this idea type has passed Online communities have become big business- so big that many social media and publishing platforms are making huge investments in teaching their users to become more active community participants. In some cases, companies are even directly paying community members to participate in educational programs. This approach diverges from the traditional means by which education is delivered (an exchange in which learners pay and educators earn). Why switch things up? Websites should pay their community members to learn for the same reasons companies should invest in employee development. HubPages CEO Paul Edmondson will share how online communities aren’t so different from the companies we work for every day, and will also detail the multifaceted benefits of shifting our educational payment paradigm, which include more vibrant, evangelistic communities, effective and empowered users, and a virtuous cycle that benefits all parties involved. Speakers

Occupy Sandy: Why Activists Are Working with NYC Mayor, Police Two hundred people were lined up at a hurricane relief center in a park in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood on Sunday morning when three volunteers hoisted the banners of two enemy camps that had come together in an uneasy collaboration: the Occupy movement and the office of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. One of those helping hang the banners on white tents with duct tape was Red Hook resident Kirby Desmarais, 26, a band manager and volunteer with the local branch of Occupy Sandy, an effort launched the day after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the East Coast in late October. “I’m getting a little verklempt. Behind the tents, volunteers unloaded boxes of meals ready to eat from a six-wheel National Guard truck. (PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street, One Year Later: Protesters Return to the Movement’s Roots) Before the hurricane, direct collaboration between Occupy activists and city authorities would have been unthinkable. (PHOTOS: The Toil After the Storm: Life in Sandy’s Wake) At St.

Help HubPages Make it to SXSW! If you’re a fan of music, film, technology, and the tech scene, you probably know about SXSW, an Austin-based set of conferences and festivals that take place every March. Last year, Paul Edmondson spoke at SXSW about bringing back the love when Google hates you (remember the Panda days? I try not to), and this year we’d like to speak again, though we can’t make it without your help and support. This year, we’ve proposed two different talks- one led by Paul and the other by Yours, Truly (we had multiple cool ideas- why not give both a shot?). Paul’s proposal: Why You Should Pay People to Learn My proposal: Blogging is Dead: Long Live the Individual Do those sound intriguing? To support a HubPages presence at SXSW, you can help us out by: Here is the official summary of each proposed talk, should you be curious to learn more: Why You Should Pay People to Learn Blogging is Dead: Long Live the Individual The world of blogging as we once knew it is dead and gone. We hope you’ll help us out!

Occupy Sandy Efforts Highlight Need for Solidarity, Not Charity Share Hurricane Sandy, the unprecedented superstorm that ravaged the Caribbean and the East Coast of the United States, left large swaths of New York City destroyed and ultimately killed 109 people in the US alone. In addition to experiencing trauma and shock, many resident now express frustration with lagging federal aid and assistance from other aid agencies like the Red Cross. Vincent Ignizio, a New York City Councilman representing Staten Island’s 51st District, blames the gas shortage for hurting the recovery effort. Five-hour-long waits for gas have resulted in citizens’ being highly frugal with their commutes, and may be hindering aid, according to Ignizio. “People who want to volunteer…are stymied from doing so,” he said. And while the Defense Department recently dispatched 24 million gallons of fuel to the region, many citizens haven’t seen the military, or the Red Cross, since the storm hit. “It was decimated and really intense to see,” said LaRoe. Please support our journalism.

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