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Uncharted Territory: The Power of Amateur Cartographers - Wired Science In May 2013, Google’s vice president took to stage and announced that Google was aiming to build “a perfect map of the world.” An honorable notion with almost utopian connotations — and why shouldn’t it? After all, Google has been at the forefront of leading the biggest change to mapping since the 15th century, when maps went from manuscript to print. Now they’re online and taking advantage of satellite imagery, maps are more detailed, accurate and multi-dimensional than they’ve ever been, but could such a thing as the perfect map ever exist? [partner id="wireduk"]History tells us no, and that we should be wary of anyone — any state, any organization or any company — that declares a wish to create one, says Jerry Brotton, Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary University London and author of A History of the World in Twelve Maps.

Empowering Community Health Workers with Inkjet-printed Diagnostic Test Strips 214 Allison Ranslow et al. / Procedia Engineering 107 ( 2015 ) 205 – 214 References [1] World Health Organization. Global Health Observatory Data Repository. Prescription meds get trapped in disturbing pee-to-food-to-pee loop If you love something, set it free… so the old adage goes. Well, if the things you love are pharmaceuticals, then you're in luck. Through vegetables and fruits, the drugs that we flush down the drain are returning to us—though we’ll ultimately pee them out again.

Library Solutions Leading, Learning and Linking Through conversations with hundreds of librarians about Linked Data in Libraries and the purpose and promise of BIBFRAME, we at Zepheira have heard three key themes: Awareness and EducationAssessment and Planning (request more information)Action and Exploration In response to these themes, Zepheira now provides several Linked Data and BIBFRAME services focused on Libraries. In addition, we are the Founding Sponsor of the Libhub Initative ( An Affordable Open-Source Turbidimeter 1 Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, 3400 N. Charles St, Ames 313, Baltimore, MD 21218, USA 2 Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University, 108 Upson Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA 3 School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 220 Hollister Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA * Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Received: 22 February 2014 / Revised: 4 April 2014 / Accepted: 8 April 2014 / Published: 22 April 2014 Turbidity is an internationally recognized criterion for assessing drinking water quality, because the colloidal particles in turbid water may harbor pathogens, chemically reduce oxidizing disinfectants, and hinder attempts to disinfect water with ultraviolet radiation. A turbidimeter is an electronic/optical instrument that assesses turbidity by measuring the scattering of light passing through a water sample containing such colloidal particles.

The Release of GMO Creatures Into the Wild - WAKING SCIENCE Mosquitoes have been described as the world’s deadliest animals. More aptly, this applies to female mosquitoes, which are the ones that bite humans. While male mosquitoes survive quite well by feeding off of flower nectar, females require meals of blood in order to develop and lay eggs.The problem is when a female mosquito pierces your skin with her proboscis: it’s similar to inserting a hypodermic needle. Some of her saliva gets injected into your body as she feeds, along with any diseases she may be carrying.Malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, chikungunya, and West Nile virus are all transmitted by mosquitoes. So, too, is Lyme disease and the latest public health “emergency,” Zika virus.There’s no debating that mosquitoes can indeed be deadly. Humans have been waging war against them since ancient times, when Egyptians began sleeping under nets to avoid their bites.

Get ready for the robot propaganda machine This article was taken from The WIRED World in 2015. Be the first to read WIRED's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. Humanity has been advancing the field of propaganda for as long as we've been at war or had political fights to win. #LOWCOST - #LED - A Simple, Low-Cost Double Beam Spectrophotometer for Colorimetric Detection of Nitrite in Seawater 5–30 , but higher deviations elsewhere. At high concen- trations, deviations are primarily caused by the polychromatic radiation (FWHM 10 nm versus 1 nm for CAMPUS LIFE - Wisconsin - Planning Circle of Cities To Aid the Environment MADISON, Wis.— A professor of landscape architecture at the University of Wisconsin at Madison not only has a design for the urban future but is planning a way to make it come true as well. The professor, Philip Lewis, says he envisions a core of natural resources around which cities would be formed. For example, there would be such a core in southwestern Wisconsin.

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