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Teacher Resources, Lessons, Plans, Activities

Teacher Resources, Lessons, Plans, Activities
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Intermediate Curriculum Resources Intermediate Energy Infobook (e-publication) Energy Infobooks are the resource for many NEED activities and include an introduction to energy, information on major sources of energy, new technologies, energy conservation, electricity, climate change, and other energy information. They are available on four reading levels and are revised and updated annually. Blueprint for Success (e-publication) This essential gusdide helps educators develop effective energy education programs. It provides an outline of a basic energy curriculum unit and matrix of all curriculum options. also included within the Blueprint for Success is a sample work plan and suggestions for energy outreach activities to conduct other classes, schools, families, and communities. the Youth Awards Program Guide and Application Form can also be found in the Blueprint for Success. Building Science This unit teaches the science behind keeping building occupants healthy and comfortable and the buildings energy efficient.

Environmental Data Explorer - The Environmental Database (search | map | graph | download) United Nations Environment Programme environment for development Environmental Data Explorer English | Français | Contact | Help | System sign in Environmental Data Explorer Posters >> "Basic Fact" Posters | InfoGraphics Posters | ISO Code Posters | Bubble Chart Posters "Basic Fact" Posters These posters have been developed mainly on the basis of existing data from the Environmental Data Explorer. Resource Efficiency - Electricity Production Download PDF here Resource Efficiency - Waste Management Download PDF here Ecosystem Management - Fisheries Download PDF here Climate Change - CO2 Emissions Download PDF here Ecosystem Management - Forests Download PDF here Environmental Governance - Treaties Download PDF here Resource Efficiency - Electricity Consumption Download PDF here Ecosystem Management - Protected Areas Download PDF here Harmful Substances - Hazardous Waste Download PDF here Infographic Posters GEO Indicators Download PDF here Recycling Download PDF here Access to Safe Drinking Water Flows of GDP & CO2

The Story Of 'Gautam Buddha' for kids Benjamin Franklin's Many "Hats" "Franklin, elder statesman of the Revolution and oldest signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, sat on the committee that drafted the Declaration, attended the Constitutional Convention, and distinguished himself as a diplomat. But he was a self-made man and self-educated intellectual colossus whose interests far transcended politics. He won international renown as a printer, publisher, author, philosopher, scientist, inventor, and philanthropist. On both sides of the Atlantic, he mingled with the social elite, whom he impressed with his sagacity, wit, and zest for life." These EDSITEment Lesson Plans relate to Benjamin Franklin's role as a founding father of the United States: Thinkfinity and EDSITEment have a wealth of resources about Franklin in his many different "hats" or roles. Sculptor — Hiram Powers (1805-1873) Neoclassical Art style Hiram Powers' Benjamin Franklin These EDSITEment lesson plans also deal with portraits that reveal character:

TinkerBox HD Energy Flow Through Ecosystems Summary:The objective of this lesson plan is to give students a basic understanding of how energy flows through an ecosystem by introducing them to the concepts of food chains and energy pyramids. Included in this lesson are two small group activities and a power point presentation. The power point presentation provides the students with fundamental knowledge about one way that organisms in an ecosystem interact and depend on one another. By using the power point lecture, the students are able to visualize food chains and energy pyramids. Main Curriculum Tie: Science - BiologyStandard 1 Objective 1Summarize how energy flows through an ecosystem. Materials: LCD projector and classroom computer 1 computer for every 2 students Graph paper Microsoft PowerPoint Internet Access on each computer Attachments Ecological_Food_Chains.ppt Teacher PowerPoint Presentation Student Prior Knowledge: Students will be expected to have a basic understanding of ecosystems and organism interactions. Extensions:

HORRIBLE HISTORIES - The Stone Age Report with Bob Hale Grit Curriculum Lesson: The Perseverance Walk Student: During your life so far, what has been one of the biggest goals you've set and you were able to achieve? Man: Well, when I was high school age, I thought that it would be-- Amy: You're going to need to pick somebody, could be a relative, could be somebody in school. It could be a neighbor who has shown grit and your job is to interview that person. Student: Yeah. Amy: He got to set his goal.

More resources available through the Science Curriculum Office:

World of Seven Billion is a website with lesson plans tied to addressing social issues through critical thinking and problem solving. Students explore contemporary problems that affect our environment and society. by c.williams Jul 22