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Join the Story We’re a community of problem solvers — parents, community leaders, teachers and students, people of faith, entrepreneurs, scientists and more — working to create a healthy and just world. Help us grow Solutions! Kids, Parents and Climate Annie sits with Lisa Hoyos, co-founder of Climate Parents, to discuss how parents can approach the tough topic of climate change with their kids and gear up to take action. What’s Your Type?

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Watch online ads and this startup will give money to charity Online ads have a seriously bad rap — banner ads are annoying and no one likes sitting through a video about diapers before tucking into a Saturday Night Live clip on YouTube. The recently launched Australian startup Make Some Change, founded by Michael Battle and Jesse Richardson, is proposing a different equation. Instead of being forced to watch a brand's message when you are not in the mood, you can visit the Make Some Change website and the company will donate cash to charity when you view ads on their site. To this end, the team have created a digital currency called Change coins, Battle and Richardson told Mashable Australia. Change coins are generated each time a piece of content is viewed, and the person who watched the clip can choose a charity on the site they'd like to donate it to. Unlike other digital currencies such as Bitcoin, the value of the Change coin is tied to the U.S. dollar.

Bag It The Movie Since Bag It's Since Bag It's premiere in 2010, over 2,500 festivals, nonprofits, theaters, churches and community organizations have hosted screenings of Bag It across the world! We invite you to host a screening in your community next. To order a public exhibition for schools or libraries, please be in touch with our Educational Distributor, New Day Films or click on the button below. Then, take a peek at our Bag It Screening Tool Kit for ideas about planning your event! Bag It invites you to make a difference in your community! First, Let's Fire All the Managers Management is the least efficient activity in your organization. Think of the countless hours that team leaders, department heads, and vice presidents devote to supervising the work of others. Most managers are hardworking; the problem doesn’t lie with them. The inefficiency stems from a top-heavy management model that is both cumbersome and costly. A hierarchy of managers exacts a hefty tax on any organization. This levy comes in several forms.

Recycling for Kids These days it is recognised that it is important that children know how to help the environment by recycling, and schools do a really good job! Consequently children are often the instigators and policemen of recycling in the home. If they are not, are if you think the children you know need a little nudge in the right direction, you can find plenty of inspiration on our Recycling pages! Teach kids the three R's:

Animal Action Education Looking for tools and resources to educate and inspire young people about animals and our shared environment? You've come to the right place! IFAW offers a wide variety of free thematic education packs including teaching guides, lessons, worksheets, films, and interactive activities aligned with core curricula in more than 18 countries and eight languages plus Braille. Cats, Dogs, and Us, IFAW's latest release in the series, explores the unique relationships cats and dogs have shared with human communities for thousands of years. The library

14 TED talks on how the power of social entrepreneurship is helping solve the world’s biggest problems [Part 2] TED talks are highly addictive, moving, dramatic and inspire listeners to think, and sometimes act. We have curated a list of TED talks by a variety of high quality speakers who have had immense impact in the areas that they have chosen to be involved in. They have taken on the big problems facing the world at the moment including urban upheaval, illiteracy, environmental degradation and financial inclusion.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Resulting from several research missions, travelling across and above the GPGP, The Ocean Cleanup team compiled an unprecedented amount of data to better understand the plastic that persists in this region. Research Expeditions Scientists have been studying this area since the 1970's - usually by means of dragging a small sampling net through the debris. This method showed a bias towards smaller objects and did not provide much insight into the larger pieces, and, thus, the entire scope of the GPGP.

Stop Competing to Be the Best - Joan Magretta With Cyber Monday, the tablet wars kicked into full swing. Which one is the best? Is it the iPad? The Kindle? Recycling Game - Recycling Word Search Game - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Ozzoom - Planet Ozkids - Games, Puzzles and Crosswords Ozzoom > Word Search Games > Recycling Recycling Word Search Game Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Taking care of the environment is very important to all of us. You can make a difference! Many materials you use everyday can be reused and recycled.

From The Bow Seat - WATCH THE FILM The Right Whale: Urbanizes is a new short film by 16-year-old Noelle Anderson. This 14-minute film outlines the history and future of the North Atlantic Right Whale. Researches Scott Krauss and Rosalind Rolland of the New England Aquarium narrate the film. PopTech : Social Innovation Fellows Around the world, visionary change agents are hard at work incubating new approaches to the planet’s toughest challenges. Yet they’re often doing so without taking advantage of the latest tools and thinking in technology, communications and innovation – or a network of experts, peers, and supporters who can help them truly change the world. The PopTech Social Innovation Fellows program is designed to help fill that gap – to equip world-changing innovators with the tools, insights, visibility and social network that can help them scale their impacts to new heights. The Fellows

Wow - I never thought of that. Could be a cool school project! Thanks dollyisnawan! by gormcc May 29

Yeah, and the most interesting part is, everyone can involve and contribute by subtitling it to their own language by dollyisnawan May 29

I've built many great English lessons from the material here - excellent additional resources (transcripts, etc.) to go with the films which are very well made. by gormcc May 1

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