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Geodesic Dome Greenhouses, Greenhouse Kits, Solar Greenhouses, Garden Green Houses, Home Greenhouses

Geodesic Dome Greenhouses, Greenhouse Kits, Solar Greenhouses, Garden Green Houses, Home Greenhouses

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AQUAPONICS TILAPIA/SHELL FISH WARM FRESH WATER - Jeff's Geo Metro _Have question ask me please, I'm still building this page and know there is much more to put on it. Email is watercatwn6535nd@yahoo.com_________________________________________________________________________________________________Well its been a very busy year around here. Wit the cost of fuel rising the Geo end of the farm has been intense to say the least. From local to out of state customers bringing me Geo's I have barley had time to keep everything running. Thanks for the business everyone I appreciate it.

Eating Lamb’s Quarters You know that weed popping up in between your heads of lettuce, spinach leaves, and pretty much all the plants and established rows that you’ve been persistently trying to maintain within your garden? You know, the one with those diamond-looking leaves that no matter how many times you pull it out, it seems to have a million other siblings to take its place. If you’ve ever worked in a garden, or have even just examined the “weeds” growing in your backyard, you’re probably familiar with what I’m talking about. But did you know that that weed you’ve been relentlessly pulling out is just as edible (and tasty) as any of those veggies you’ve been preciously trying to keep away from the nagging pest? The ubiquitous weed in which I’m referring (pictured above) is known as lamb’s quarter and is a member of the Chenopodium album family, which also includes beets and spinach. Like its cousins and many other vegetables, lamb’s quarter is loaded with nutrients.

Growing Spaces provides garden greenhouses, home greenhouses and community gardens Sunset Dome I spent a bit of time this weekend in my 26′ Dome getting it tidied and ready for a fall planting. We just had 3 weeks of monsoon rains and our temperatures have moderated somewhat, so I am hoping to get my fall crops planted this week . Biodome Revolution Biodome Revolution 2.0 Is Here! Now You Too Can Grow Food For Your Family Year Round! Our Step-by-Step Videos, and Revolutionary Hub Connection System Shows You How! Special Price: $49.95 Lifetime 100% Money-Back Guarantee © Copyright 2013.

How to Raise Aquaponic Shrimp and Crayfish Florida Electric Blue Crayfish (Florida Blue Crayfish) Color Morphs: The Florida Blue Crayfish come is blue in color and shades of blue varying from bright Electric Blue to a duller bluish white. Other then their unique coloration, they are similar to other crayfish. By maturity, Blue Florida Crayfish can achieve lengths of about 6 inches. Purslane - Weed It or Eat It? - The Homeowners Column - University of Illinois Extension serving Champaign, Ford, Iroquois and Vermilion Counties Is it a weed or a wonderful taste treat? Purslane is cursed and curried all at the same time. For most of us, it comes as an unwelcome guest. Purslane, Portulaca oleracea, is probably in your garden right now but not because you invited it to dinner. Purslane is native to India and Persia and has spread throughout the world as an edible plant and as a weed. Many cultures embrace purslane as a food.

Shellac: It’s a bug AND a feature! Happy Valentines Day! This holiday is traditionally celebrated with a gift of plant genitalia and candy. The flowers exist to attract pollinating insects, and the candy has an insect connection you might not know about. Hiker's Notebook: Sweet Cicely Return to Hiker's Notebook Home Page Common Names: Sweet Cicely, sweet jarvil, and Aniseroot, sweet chervil - Cicely is an anglicized version of the Greek seselis which was a collective name for a group of plants with umbels, an arrangement in which the stalks of the (usually small) flowers extend from a single point or apex and are all about the same height. The Aniseroot has a licorice redolence similar to that of anise (Pimpinella anisum). Scientific Names: Osmorhiza claytonii and O. longistylis - The generic name is from the Greek words osme, meaning odor and rhiza meaning root; the plants of the genus have aromatic roots. John Clayton (1694-1773) was one of the early collectors of plant specimens in Virginia; he was Clerk to the Gloucester County Court.

Winter Growing: Heating Your Greenhouse Greenhouses are wonderful places, especially in the spring when benches are filled with brilliant green starts, and in the summer, its doors and roof vents propped open, with cucumbers trailing from the ceiling and tomatoes ready for picking. But in winter? Not so much. Overwintering herbs and potted plants cluster together for warmth. A few brown, leafless cucumber vines hang from an overhead trellis. Kale and spinach are over-picked and the seeds you planted have yet to sprout. Lambs Quarters Recipes Mariquita Farm Chenopodium album: also called lamb's quarters, white goosefoot, fat hen. This is a common weed that is one of those marvelous wild plants that's completely edible, delicious and nutritious. Use it where you would spinach, raw or cooked. It can be eaten raw in salads, pasta salads on sandwiches or use in soups or stir-fry. Steam it like spinach and serve like a side dish or put in an omelet or lasagna. It is quite versatile as a garnish and the mild flavor blends well with other vegetables.

World’s Largest Aquaponics Project, in China’s Third Largest Aquaculture Lake Lake Taihu algal bloom (Credit: LIU JIN/AFP/Getty Images) Lake Taihu experienced its worst ever algal bloom at the height of summer, pushing researchers to search for new solutions. They decided to try a new technology, Aqua Biofilter, that is designed to remove nutrients that fuel algal blooms.

Seasonal Eats: 5 Ways to Enjoy Lambs Quarters A Bunch of Lambs Quarters from the Highland Park Farmers' Market (Heather Parlato/LAist) Lambs quarters (sometimes seen as one word, lambsquarters) is a wild edible leafy green that usually appears in farmers' markets in early spring, but with the exceptionally temperate winter we've had in Southern California, many spring greens are arriving early. It's a good substitute for spinach or chard without the oxalic bite and a great substitution or supplement to either in any recipes you find. Lambs quarters adds a soft, toothy crunch to salads, and can easily be blended into smoothies for a great source of vitamins. Belonging to the chenopodium family, commonly called goosefoot, it's most closely related to seeded plants like spinach and quinoa. Allergic people, take heed, goosefoot pollen is a weed allergen common to many people in the cause of hay fever, so take a small taste before having a meal if you're not sure.