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Inside the G-Cloud: Whitehall's grand cloud computing plan unveiled

Google's Fiber lottery: How Google picks winners Google's Fiber lottery: How Google picks winners Google Fiber has established gigabit internet in three US metro areas, with nine more targeted for the near future. Our research has turned up the metros most likely to be targeted in the next wave. Read more → Inside the digital arms race: Global cyberwar

Cloud Management Could Change the CIO's Role It's no secret that cloud computing has been on the minds of a lot of IT executives. Conference agendas are filled with cloud talk and the Internet is abuzz with it. As more enterprise IT departments move to the cloud, it begs the question: How will it affect the traditional role of the CIO.

Unlimited Detail’s non-polygon 3D gets more unlimited When first (and last) we met the Brisbane-based technology company Unlimited Detail, it was promising to revolutionize the creation of 3D images in games. Its technique was called a “point cloud,” a software-created collection of billions of dots that would bestow lifelike characteristics on graphics that, even when rendered by the best video cards on the market, have traditionally looked blocky and unrealistic. And it would do all this with modest, rather than excessive, processing power.

Guerrilla Artist Replaces Ads With Poetry The Scottish artist, Robert Montgomery, like countless street artists who came before him, hijacks billboards and bus stops to display his melancholic verse. For ten years, he’s been replacing ad pitches with poetry and presenting commentary on culture, ranging from consumerism to beauty in bold white type set against a black background. Though not really a street artist, Montgomery takes inspiration from the Situationist tradition of détournement – capturing the audience’s attention in unexpected ways within the public realm.

vmlinuz Definition vmlinuz is the name of the Linux kernel executable. A kernel is a program that constitutes the central core of a computer operating system. It is the first thing that is loaded into memory (which physically consists of RAM chips) when a computer is booted up (i.e., started), and it remains in memory for the entire time that the computer is in operation. Four ways cloud computing can make your business better now Andy McLoughlin is the cofounder and EVP of strategy of Huddle, a provider of cloud-based collaboration tools. Huddle is sponsoring VentureBeat’s first-ever webinar on cloud computing on Nov. 17. McLoughlin contributed this column to VentureBeat. A day doesn’t seem to go by without a mention of cloud computing in the press: the facts and figures, pros and cons, reasons why you should or shouldn’t roll out a cloud computing initiative. Peter Sondergaard, SVP of research for Gartner, declared cloud computing one of the four big trends that will change IT in the next few years and the analyst house estimates the cloud market at $150 billion by 2013.

Battlefield 3 PC version won’t have in-game server browser The tables have turned. A day after we gladly reported that console gamers would be getting this great PC feature called “server browser”, we can now report that PC gamers won’t have an in-game server browser. DICE’s Alan Kertz has confirmed that in order to switch servers, you have to exit Battlefield 3, and use Battlelog to find another server and join. Granted, Kertz points out that BF3 “starts up really fast”, but we can’t imagine it being more effective than having an in-game server browser, which has been the norm in PC games for decades — in fact, there’s no other game that requires you to exit in order to switch servers.

The Culture Game - ... a beginner at something Daniel Mezick's new book for the agile manager due out in March. He was so kind to offer me a preview, from which I quote. Everything is changing, and changing more rapidly than ever before. The rate of this change is increasing like never before. In 1978, Chris Argyris & Donald Schön published Organizational Learning. Anatomy of the Linux kernel History and architectural decomposition M. Tim JonesPublished on June 06, 2007 40 percent of companies have no cloud computing plans November 16, 2010, 2:31 PM — Forty percent of companies are still to be convinced of the benefits of cloud and have no plans to adopt such a service. That's according to a survey from Quest Software, which also found that the need to reduce costs was still the main driver for those companies that have adopted cloud services. When it comes to which virtualisation platform is being employed, Quest found that VMware is still the dominant vendor with 93% (of IT managers surveyed using it - Microsoft's Hyper-V is yet to penetrate in a big way with just 27% of IT organisations opting for it. Citrix is lagging behind in third place with 21% of organisations using it. However, desktop virtualisation was being used by just 46% of respondents.

appBlaster lets you kill the aliens hiding in your home The appBlaster is an iPhone accessory that allows you to shoot at virtual aliens in your real-life surroundings, via the Alien Attack augmented reality app(Photo: RED5) Image Gallery (5 images) Last month we reported on the Aurasma augmented reality (AR) app, and compared it to the special sunglasses in the John Carpenter movie They Live, that let their wearers see the aliens secretly living amongst us.

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