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AI's Time Has Arrived

AI's Time Has Arrived
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Artificial neural network An artificial neural network is an interconnected group of nodes, akin to the vast network of neurons in a brain. Here, each circular node represents an artificial neuron and an arrow represents a connection from the output of one neuron to the input of another. For example, a neural network for handwriting recognition is defined by a set of input neurons which may be activated by the pixels of an input image. After being weighted and transformed by a function (determined by the network's designer), the activations of these neurons are then passed on to other neurons. This process is repeated until finally, an output neuron is activated. This determines which character was read.

BitTorrent Based DNS To Counter US Domain Seizures The domain seizures by the United States authorities in recent days and upcoming legislation that could make similar takeovers even easier in the future, have inspired a group of enthusiasts to come up with a new, decentralized and BitTorrent-powered DNS system. This system will exchange DNS information through peer-to-peer transfers and will work with a new .p2p domain extension. In a direct response to the domain seizures by US authorities during the last few days, a group of established enthusiasts have started working on a DNS system that can’t be touched by any governmental institution. Ironically, considering the seizure of the Torrent-Finder meta-search engine domain, the new DNS system will be partly powered by BitTorrent. In recent months, global anti-piracy efforts have increasingly focused on seizing domains of allegedly infringing sites. The Dot-P2P project was literally started a few days ago, but already the developers are making great progress.

8 Nasty Conservative Lies About the Democrats and Obama That Must Be Debunked Before the Election October 25, 2010 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. There are a number things the public " knows" as we head into the election that are just false. If people elect leaders based on false information, the things those leaders do in office will not be what the public expects or needs. Japan nuclear crisis: Aircraft geared to rapid response A MASS evacuation plan has been drawn up for Australians in Japan. The fear of a nuclear meltdown led government agencies to devise an escape plan, which could be enacted within days. Thousands of Australians have been stranded in Tokyo because airlines are refusing to discount last-minute flights.

In Cutting Off Hurd, Is HP Spiting Its Face? Our Wolfe's Den columnist wonders whether Hewlett-Packard's board isn't taking the easy way out--and potentially reducing future shareholder value--by forcing CEO Mark Hurd to resign. Whatever Hewlett-Packard's employees are feeling in the wake of the sudden resignation of CEO Mark Hurd, I suspect that the company's shareholders are thinking differently. Hey, I'm not defending Hurd for violating HP's standards of business conduct, but if the board's first responsibility is preserving shareholder value, isn't there a better way of handling things than a zero-tolerance kicking out the door of the guy who cleaned up Carly Fiorina's mess? HP is going through a very delicate time right now, what with two major acquisitions -- 3Com and Palm -- still being integrated into the company.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) is a form of direct marketing leveraging database marketing techniques as well as AI concept and model such as machine learning and Bayesian Network. The main difference resides in the reasoning part which suggests it is performed by computer and algorithm instead of human. Behavioral targeting[edit] Artificial intelligence marketing provides a set of tools and techniques that enable behavioral targeting. Did the FCC just bless a capped, two-tier Internet? You like the idea of Internet data caps and overage charges, right? And the prospect of paying your ISP separate fees for "the Internet" and for "managed" IP services like voice, video, VPN, telehealth, and smart grid applications, even when these directly compete with similar Internet-delivered services? Okay, you probably don't—if you're a business or home Internet user. But if you're a major Internet provider, you love both of these ideas a lot... and you found support for both of them in Wednesday's "net neutrality preview" from the Federal Communications Commission. "Broadband rationing" When FCC Chair Julius Genachowski previewed his net neutrality proposal this week, he mentioned "usage-based pricing" and failed to mention "managed services."

New Figures Detail Depth Of Unemployment Misery, Lower Earnings For All But Super Wealthy UPDATE: The numbers that form the basis for the story below are "erroneous." Bloomberg News reports that on Monday, Nov. 1, 2010, the Social Security Administration released corrected tables that show average income for top earners fell by 7.7 percent -- it did not increase five-fold as was previously reported. The administration told Bloomberg news that the bungled numbers stem from two people who "were found to have filed multiple W-2 forms that made them into mulitibillionaires." The administration's inspector general has been asked to investigate the $32.3 billion-dollar mistake. One out of every 34 Americans who earned wages in 2008 earned absolutely nothing -- not one cent -- in 2009.

Pentagon clears exit of military families from Japan From Chris Lawrence, CNN March 17, 2011 12:55 p.m. EDT The authorization applies to family members on the island of Honshu, site of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Pentagon OKs the departure of some family members of military service membersOrder applies to relatives living on the island of Honshu, site of the damaged nuclear plantThe Pentagon has suspended all military family travel to Honshu Hurd - Techmeme Search Techmeme Search finds "items", i.e. blog posts, news stories and tweets, that have appeared as headlines on Techmeme. Items listed only in the "More" areas are excluded from results. By default, only the title and first few sentences are searched. Unchecking "Search title & summary only" extends the search to the full body text. Quoted phrases, wildcards, and standard search operators like + (plus), - (minus), AND, OR, NOT, and parenthesis are all supported. Narrowing searches based on url, author, date, and other attributes is also possible.

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