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VIDÉO. Un robot qui chasse comme un rapace RAPACE. Des pinces robotiques capables d'attraper des objets, cela existe depuis longtemps. Mais pour un robot, attraper un objet n'est pas une mince affaire lorsque le robot (ou l'objet) sont en mouvement. En effet, le système doit alors recalculer en permanence sa position de manière à saisir efficacement ce qu'il veut attraper. Une telle pince placée sur un drone volant impliquait jusqu'à présent que le drone se maintienne au dessus de sa cible en vol stationnaire, le plus immobile possible, le temps que la pince se saisisse de l'objet. SERRES. Il est donc capable de vous arracher votre sandwich des mains et de s'enfuir avec, avant que vous ayez eu le temps de dire ouf ! Le drone volant de l'Université de Pennsylvanie peut fondre sur un objet pour le saisir. Cette prouesse technique a de nombreuses applications potentielles telles que "la récupération rapide d'objets d'intérêt dans le cadre d'opérations de sauvetage" évoque l'équipe dans sa publication. ROBOT PERCHÉ.

Vulpestruments The breve Simulation Environment | breve What is breve? breve is a free, open-source software package which makes it easy to build 3D simulations of multi-agent systems and artificial life. Using Python, or using a simple scripting language called steve, you can define the behaviors of agents in a 3D world and observe how they interact. breve includes physical simulation and collision detection so you can simulate realistic creatures, and an OpenGL display engine so you can visualize your simulated worlds. breve is available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows in the download section. breveCreatures screensaver 2.7 now available for download [02/19/08] breve 2.7.2 now available for download [02/19/08] breve 2.7.2 fixes a crash during startup on Mac OS X, issues with the breveIDE for Windows and Linux, and a problem deleting objects in Python simulations. breve 2.7 adds some major new features, including: Support for non-convex shapes. Write Your Own Simulations Interface With Your Own Code Feedback and Bug Reports About the Author Links

InMoov » open-source 3D printed life-size robot The Atom 3D printed guitar: A guitar inspired by the patterns of oil coalescing on water, with an internal atom with spinning electrons. The bodies are printed, using Selective Laser Sintering, by 3D Systems in the USA, on an sPro 230 SLS system. The material being used for these guitars is Duraform PA which is a very strong form of Nylon. The resolution for the prints was 0.1mm (which means that each layer that makes up the guitar body is 0.1mm thick). The guitars feature a wooden inner core (choices of Mahogany or Maple, etc.) that links the neck to the bridge, which allows us to customize the sustain and tone of the instrument to suit the musician, and a number of options for hardware, etc. Price: US$3500, incl hard case, excl shipping. This includes the following example specifications: Below are pictures of some of the details of the guitar: And, to show the historical progression of our designs, below are pictures of a few different early iterations: Atom Black - Green Cheers Olaf

Open Source Robotics Foundation Insentricity Lisp | recluze Lisp is my favourite language. I’ve spent more fun-time with it than any other language. I know very few people who’re actually interested in learning lisp but I also know that it’s one of the greatest tools for teaching newbies about computer programming and the structure of computer programs. I’m not alone in this thought either. Anyway, here are the resources. Legend [B]eginner [I]ntermediate [A]dvance Books Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computing by David Touretzky [B]Practical Common Lisp by Peter Seibel [B]Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp by Peter Norvig. Editors/IDEs Lispworks – One of the most friendly environments for lisp I’ve worked in. Lectures Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs – One and only. Course Notes These notes have been prepared for my class in City University. P.S. P.P.S.

DIY main robotique contrôlée par un gant et Arduino In total, this project will cost about $100-150, depending on where you get some of the parts. Here's the parts list: 5x MG946R Servos (or equivalent - MG995 or MG996 should work too. I've had a bit of trouble with the range of motion, so servos that support more degrees of rotation would be better) - I got mine from, but for a less expensive option I'd go with eBay (they come directly from China, so shipping may take longer). 5x 4.5 inch flex sensors - I got mine here: 1x small breadboard 1x battery connector - something like this: Hot glue Super glue Sandpaper (I used 431 grit) - a Dremel tool with a sanding head would also work Needle and thread A power drill A soldering iron Access to a 3D printer ...And you're ready to start!

Travesseiro | Mais de 100 Modelos | Mobly Uma boa noite de sono reflete no nosso cotidiano, por isso, investir em qualidade na hora do descanso é um detalhe que fará toda a diferença. Além da escolha de uma boa cama, outros acessórios também são importantes, como os jogos de cama , edredons , cobertores e claro, um bom travesseiro . O travesseiro é um dos principais acessórios para cama e pode nos trazer conforto e qualidade durante o sono. Portanto, investir no travesseiro ideal é investir no bem estar. Para isso, a Mobly reservou para você mais de 100 modelos de travesseiros para ajudar a sua escolha, além das diversas opções de material, como os de algodão , pluma , pena e espuma , há também diversos tamanhos. Veja também aqui na Mobly, outros acessórios para deixar o seu descanso ainda mais agradável, são diversas opções de cobertores , lençóis , colchas e muito mais, confira!