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NY Daily News Reveals Who Created Trump's Fake Twitter Followers - Get Ready. Last month, shortly after he went on a massive blocking spree, an audit of President Trump’s Twitter account revealed that almost 50 percent of his followers are fake.

NY Daily News Reveals Who Created Trump's Fake Twitter Followers - Get Ready

On Saturday, the person who created those fake accounts was also exposed. According to the New York Daily News, the person behind the several million Twitter bots bolstering Trump’s ego is Robert Mercer, a “Republican mega-donor and staunch Trump supporter” who was once connected to IBM. Sanders's report on Trump's infrastructure package. Trump infrastructure report. Bilderberg 2017: secret meeting of global leaders could prove a problem for Trump. GOP Lawmaker Drops Debit-Card Provision From Regulatory-Overhaul Bill - WSJ. Secretive Foundation’s Blueprint for Spreading Right-Wing Ideology. Documents Reveal a Powerful, Secretive [...]

Secretive Foundation’s Blueprint for Spreading Right-Wing Ideology

North Carolina millionaire and political operative Art Pope, who received $1.5 million from the Bradley Foundation for two conservative groups he founded. (Photo by Ted Richardson/For The Washington Post via Getty Images) This post originally appeared at AlterNet. The billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch get a lot of press coverage about their vast, conservative political spending network that helps elect right-wing officials at the federal, state and local levels and advocates for policies that increase the profits of their fossil fuel and manufacturing conglomerate, Koch Industries.

By firing James Comey, Trump is continuing the work Putin started. A brazen attack on the rule of law.

By firing James Comey, Trump is continuing the work Putin started

There is no other way to describe Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey. Recalling the dismissal of Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox, Democratic senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania rightly called the act “Nixonian”. But it is more than that. Russia’s criminal interference in our presidential election represents one of the great scandals in our history. It's Official: How the Koch Brothers Killed Trump’s Job Plan. It’s Official: How the Koch [...]

It's Official: How the Koch Brothers Killed Trump’s Job Plan

This post originally appeared at Alternet. As the 100-day mark of Donald Trump’s embattled presidency approaches, it’s official: the self-proclaimed champion of America’s forgotten workers has no jobs plan. 21 state AGs denounce DeVos for ending student loan reform. The Real Trump Agenda: Helping Big Business. What with U.S. aircraft carriers sailing in the wrong direction, Attorney General Jeff Sessions describing Hawaii as “an island in the Pacific,” and Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock larking around in the Oval Office, it’s been a pretty typical week for the Trump Administration: jaw-dropping, mind-addling, hard to keep up with.

The Real Trump Agenda: Helping Big Business

With all the chaos and dysfunction at the top, the Administration’s many pro-corporate regulatory initiatives are being somewhat overlooked by both the media and the public at large. This is wrong: these are decisions and actions that will have harmful consequences, and Trump’s own supporters will be among those hurt. Consider the Environmental Protection Agency, where Scott Pruitt, the former Oklahoma Attorney General who has long served as a protector of the oil and gas industry, is busy hiring fellow-climate-change skeptics to help him carry out Trump’s edict to dismantle the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan.

ELIZABETH WARREN: The Cover-Up In Trump’s Taxes. Airlines Treat People Like Dirt Because the Republicans Let Them. Airlines Treat People Like Dirt Because [...]

Airlines Treat People Like Dirt Because the Republicans Let Them

This post originally appeared at Mother Jones. Policymakers reacted swiftly this week to the outrageous viral video of police officers forcibly removing an innocent passenger from an overbooked United Airlines flight. A new passenger bill of rights, including regulations on bumping people from flights, was announced on Tuesday — by Canada’s transportation ministry. Their constituents are being mistreated, just like Democratic constituents. — Sally Greenberg, National Consumers League Here in the United States, at least one party has a long history of siding with the airlines at the expense of their passengers. You Are Now Paying Internet Companies to Sell Your Browsing History. You Are Now Paying Internet Companies [...]

You Are Now Paying Internet Companies to Sell Your Browsing History

Privacy advocates note that while you might be able to avoid Facebook or even Google to protect your privacy, it’s awfully hard to avoid one of the major telecom providers in a nearly monopolized field. (Photo by flickr CC 2.0) This post originally appeared at The Nation. "They tried to supplant mainstream media": Jane Mayer on the billionaire behind Bannon and Trump. New database details White House officials' finances. On Friday night, the White House began releasing financial disclosures for scores of key employees — including familiar names such as Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway and Chief Strategist Stephen K.

New database details White House officials' finances

Bannon. Reporters from dozens of news organizations, including the Associated Press, the New York Times, ProPublica and the Washington Post, then compiled and reported on the documents, which the White House released one-by-one. The Center for Public Integrity compiled data from those disclosures into a searchable, sortable database, which provide a window into the wealth, assets and business interests of many of the people closest to President Donald Trump. The Center for Public Integrity’s news developer, Chris Zubak-Skees, extracted these details from more than 90 reports, released in PDF format, using a software tool he created.

Mega-donor urged Bannon not to resign. The man credited with honing Donald Trump’s populist message and guiding him into the White House has grown frustrated amid continued infighting in the West Wing, so much so that in recent weeks a top donor had to persuade him to stay in his position.

Mega-donor urged Bannon not to resign

Five people, including a senior administration official and several sources close to the president, tell POLITICO that Steve Bannon, one of Trump’s closest advisers, has clashed with the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who’s taken on an increasingly prominent portfolio in the West Wing. Bannon has complained that Kushner and his allies are trying to undermine his populist approach, the sources said.

Story Continued Below. The Rich Line Up at the White House ATM – Based on the assets revealed in recent financial disclosure reports, presidential advisers Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon are key players in the wealthiest administration in American history, making decisions that greatly impact less well-off Americans.

The Rich Line Up at the White House ATM –

(Photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images) Some of the latest hooey uttered by White House press secretary Sean Spicer — the man from whom a seemingly bottomless wellspring of hooey flows — was his pronouncement the other day that having so many fabulously wealthy men and women working in the White House is a good and wondrous thing. “The president has brought a lot of people into this administration, and this White House in particular, who have been very blessed and very successful by this country, and have given up a lot to come into government by setting aside a lot of assets,” Spicer said. “… People are often told they have to sell an asset or get rid of something to come serve in the government.

"fiscal conservative" Koch Brothers’ Operatives Fill Top White House Positions, Ethics Forms Reveal. If the billionaire Koch brothers turn to the White House for favors, they will see many familiar faces. Newly disclosed ethics forms reveal that a significant number of senior Trump staffers were previously employed by the sprawling network of hard-right and libertarian advocacy groups financed and controlled by Charles and David Koch, the conservative duo hyper-focused on entrenching Republican power, eliminating taxes, and slashing environmental and labor regulations. Some of the relationships were well-known. Marc Short, for instance, now Trump’s chief liaison to Congress, previously led Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, the dark money nonprofit used by the Koch brothers and their donor cohort to dispense money to allied groups.

Why Republicans were in such a hurry on health care. Republicans withdrew the American Health Care Act moments before a scheduled vote on March 24, after failing to woo enough lawmakers to support it. Here are the key turning points in their fight to pass the bill. (Jenny Starrs/The Washington Post) Republicans withdrew the American Health Care Act moments before a scheduled vote on March 24, after failing to woo enough lawmakers to support it.

Here are the key turning points in their fight to pass the bill. Here Are the 50 GOP Senators Who Just Sacrificed Your #BroadbandPrivacy to Corporate Profits. Privacy and consumer advocates—and a seemingly endless chorus of Internet users—were expressing outrage on Thursday after the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate passed a bill that will allow powerful media corporations to collect personal data of internet users without their consent and sell that information to the "highest bidder" for profit. As Common Dreams previously reported, the controversial Congressional Review Act (CRA), if passed by Congress and signed by President Trump, would repeal a rule put forth the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under President Obama that forced companies to receive permission from online users before collecting or selling sensitive data, such as browsing history and search queries.

On Thursday afternoon, the Senate passed the resolution along strict party lines with a 50-48 vote. Revealed: how US billionaire helped to back Brexit. The US billionaire who helped bankroll Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency played a key role in the campaign for Britain to leave the EU, the Observer has learned. It has emerged that Robert Mercer, a hedge-fund billionaire, who helped to finance the Trump campaign and who was revealed this weekend as one of the owners of the rightwing Breitbart News Network, is a long-time friend of Nigel Farage. He directed his data analytics firm to provide expert advice to the Leave campaign on how to target swing voters via Facebook – a donation of services that was not declared to the electoral commission. Cambridge Analytica, an offshoot of a British company, SCL Group, which has 25 years’ experience in military disinformation campaigns and “election management”, claims to use cutting-edge technology to build intimate psychometric profiles of voters to find and target their emotional triggers.

Crimes of the Trump Era (a Preview) - Congressman: Rarely used law could make Trump tax returns public. Rep. Koch Dark-Money Operative Is Trump's Liaison to Congress - Activists hold a protest near the Manhattan apartment of billionaire and Republican financier David Koch on June 5, 2014 in New York City. The GOP of 2017 is the most extreme party coalition since the Civil War. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. It’s Ayn Rand’s America now: Republicans have stripped the country of its last shred of morality. Trump's conflicts of interest: a visual guide.

Noam Chomsky: America’s corporate doctrine of power a grave threat to humanity. The question of how foreign policy is determined is a crucial one in world affairs. In these comments, I can only provide a few hints as to how I think the subject can be productively explored, keeping to the United States for several reasons. The KKK was a pyramid scheme exploiting racism for money — Quartz.

The 1920s KKK made a lot of money selling robes, memorabilia, candy, and life insurance policies to its own members. Doing What the Feds Won't on Corporate Political Disclosure. A tiny Washington nonprofit has been left to do what the Securities and Exchange Commission won't. (Photo: Securities and Exchange Commission via Flickr) The Securities and Exchange Commission won’t do it; Congress is emphatically against the idea.

Deniers club: Meet the people clouding the climate change debate. Corporations Are Pouring Millions into Local Ballot Fights - Corporations Are Pouring Millions into [...] This post originally appeared at Common Dreams. This election cycle, corporate donors are not just beefing up the war chests of their most-favored politicians. According to a new study, industry is flexing its Supreme Court-approved political power to dominate local democracy, as well. In the study, Big Business Ballot Bullies(pdf), Public Citizen examined eight state-level ballot initiatives and referenda that have seen an outsized amount of political spending.

According to the research, published Sept. 28, the corporate-backed campaigns have an average of 10-to-1 financial advantage over their mostly grass-roots opponents, with total corporate spending in those races topping $139 million. Koch brothers and fossil fuel utilities poised to destroy roof-top solar in Florida. Trump would roll back food safety regulations. New Analysis: 2016 Judicial Elections See Secret Money and Heightened Outside Spending.

North Dakota activates National Guard to protect the pipeline instead of our tribes. The man behind Citizens United gears up for Hillary Clinton attacks. Trump's Campaign Chairman Long Time Washington Insider. What's Mike Pence Got to Offer Trump? Billionaire Backers - Former IRS Official Sees Dark Money Scandal Brewing - Dark Money. Is An Un-Great America Headed For The Abyss? Warren Buffett Says 'No' Does Giving Money to the Rich Actually Help the Economy? 250 Years of Campaigns, Cash and Corruption. Happy Lobbying Reports Day! Here's What You Won't Find Out - This war is for America’s soul: Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and how wealthy white elites protect themselves.

$ and lack of reason run the country

The Greedy Old Party.