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Pensioner incomes 'outstrip those of working families' Image copyright Thinkstock Typical pensioner incomes now outstrip those of working-age people, a report from the Resolution Foundation says.

Pensioner incomes 'outstrip those of working families'

Pensioners are also now more likely than their predecessors to still be in work, own a home and have access to generous private pensions, it adds. The think tank says growth in pensioner incomes has been coupled with weak income growth for working-age people. Pensioner households are now £20 a week better off than working age households, but were £70 a week worse off in 2001.

However, the report, called As Time Goes By, adds: "This strong growth is not the result of a boom time for all pensioners, with most finding that their personal situation changes little from year-to-year It says while typical incomes across the pensioner population have grown by more than 30% since 2001, the typical income of someone who turned 65 in that year was only 7% higher by 2014. Sources of income Review triple-lock Are you seeing a gap in earnings in your family? Great-granny, 90, wows the world with her amazing water-skiing... We have a new answer to the question of where we want to be when we’re 90: we now officially want to be just like Millie Sullens.

Great-granny, 90, wows the world with her amazing water-skiing...

Millie, a 90-year-old great-grandmother, has made headlines around the world for her amazing skill at water-skiing. Yes, you read that correctly! Millie, who doesn’t even need her hands to stay balanced on the ski, began water-skiing at the age of 34 and developed a passion and talent for the sport over the bones of 60 years. In an interview with local news station 5 News Online, Millie explained her love of the sport: “It’s like you’ve got the whole world by yourself, and when you get a new skier you live that same thing.” Millie also went on to share some pretty amazing advice that works just as well for life in general, as it does for water-skiing: “Go for it!

In between her own sessions out on the water, Millie now enjoys passing on her love of the sport to her great-grandchildren. Check Millie out in action, below. An adult at 18? Not any more: Adolescence now ends at 25 to prevent young people getting an inferiority complex. Child psychologists getting new guidelines about the age range they coverThe upper age range for adolescence is being increased from 18 to 25It is hoped changes will prevent children being 'rushed' through childhood By Victoria Woollaston Published: 15:48 GMT, 24 September 2013 | Updated: 13:29 GMT, 26 September 2013 Adolescence no longer ends when people hit 18, according to updated guidelines being given to child psychologists.

An adult at 18? Not any more: Adolescence now ends at 25 to prevent young people getting an inferiority complex

The new directive is designed to extend the age range that child psychologists can work with from 18 years old up to 25. It is hoped the initiative will stop children being 'rushed' through their childhood and feeling pressured to achieve key milestones quickly, reports the BBC. New guidelines are being given to child psychologists across the UK that state the age of adolescence should be increased to 25. England's youngest high achievers. For many, young adulthood is a time of tentatively finding your place in the world, sleeping late, partying hard and not becoming a mayor.

England's youngest high achievers

But as Terrence Smith bucks the trend and assumes the chain of office for Goole, East Yorkshire, at the tender age of 19, BBC News looks at other young high-achievers. The politicians Terence Smith is one of a cavalcade of young people with an interest in running the country. And Mr Smith is dedicated to the cause, displaying a sensible approach to his future. "When the A-level results came out last year, my friends were out partying," he says. Formerly deputy mayor at the age of 18, when he popped up alongside Jo Brand in her Hell of a Walk for Sport Relief, he has the experience to make his appointment a success. His father Tom is even tipping him for the top, cheerily predicting: "Next stop Number 10! " But Mr Smith junior has serious competition in the youth politics world. The author.

'Oldest marathon man' Fauja Singh runs last 10km race. A man believed to be the world's oldest marathon runner has run his last long distance competitive race in Hong Kong.

'Oldest marathon man' Fauja Singh runs last 10km race

Fauja Singh, from Ilford, east London, who is 101 years old, finished the Hong Kong 10km (6.25 mile) event in one hour, 32 minutes and 28 seconds. "I will remember this day. I will miss it," Mr Singh said minutes after crossing the finish line. In 2000, he ran his first London marathon and went on to compete in a further eight marathons. Earlier in the day, he said: "I am feeling a bit of happiness and a bit of sadness mixed together. "I am happy that I am retiring at the top of the game but I am sad that the time has come for me to not be part of it. " Report on child poverty map 2014. BBC denies ageism as Arlene Phillips shifted off Strictly Come Dancing.