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Age of Pop

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Who is that looking at you, disapprovingly, with sad eyes behind those glasses? Some of you will recognize him. It's Theodore W. Adorno. What's Theodore doing here?

Why is he the icon of the Age of Pop? Actually he isn't. He is the most severe critic of the Age of Masses. Adorno thought and wrote in the shadow of the Holocaust and World War II. That's the second shadow of the 20th century, the first one being World War I, and the third the Fall of the Wall in 1989.

When Andy Warhol created Pop Art - together with the Idependent Group, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and others - he created the possibility of a different experience of our day to day life. An experience Adorno definity would disaprove. Pop Art has a lot in common with the Age of Masses, but it adds a revolte, a rebellion, an anti authoritarian mood, a pursuit of freedom and happines. The new experience of reality pop articulates, has as its condition the esthetics of every day life. As the members of the Idenpendent Group already mentioned in the 50ties: a full color all page add for a newspaper demands often more esthetic and creative energy, than a work of serious art with a capital A.

Since Pop Art entered the scene, the mood of the 20th century started to change. Pop covers everything. We speak of pop society, pop science and pop philosophy - and of course the most influential of all pop developments: pop music. In this pearltree we explore the Age of Pop. In what sense does if differ from the Age of Masses? What are its main themes and developments? Pop music is our point of departure. We present some great pop songs and connect them with works of art, and historical events which shaped the 20the century. And still good old Theodore is looking over our shoulder wondering 'What's the difference and does it matter?"

The Dark Side of the Moon. The Album as a Great Work of Art. As a great work of art. The Age of Pop. Doing Pop Philosophy, thinking with an against Adorno I thought I would get away with some nice oneliners Peter Paul, but you don’t let me of the hook.

The Age of Pop

Rightly so. Because the question what nowadays is the decent place of doing philosophy is absolutely worth asking, though I’m not sure that the way Artie frames this question would be my way. I made two provocative statements. The first one, philosophy has no history, but it definitely has a future. Regarding the first one. This is maybee just an entertaining way of thinking about philosophy. Pop Science. Kaeser - Pop Science. Canetti - Masse und Macht. Thinking with and against Adorno. John Lennon - Imagine.

John Lennon en Yoko Ono in bed: Hilton Hotel (1969) John and Yoko in Amsterdam, 1969. Yoko Ono - 1965 - One (Fluxus Films) Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner. U2 - Bullet The Blue Sky (Syracuse 87) Aletheia Art. Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner (Woodstock 1969) Jimi Hendrix' Guitar Burning 1967. Goya - Desastres de la Guerra. Goya - Los Desastres de la Guerra.

The Art of War. Picasso, Guernica. Guernica is Bombed by Luftwaffe - Music by René-Louis Baron About Guernica and Picasso. Destroy the Picture. Jean Fautrier, Tête d'otage No. 14. Destroy Painting. Lucio Fontana, Concetto spaziale, Attese 58 T 2. Escape of the flat surface. Victory Boogie Woogie. Guus Jansen, Blue, Yellow and Red Notes. De Nederlandse Publieke Omroep maakt gebruik van cookies.

Guus Jansen, Blue, Yellow and Red Notes

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