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A Tarot Blog – tarot tutorials, tips and techniques. — Tarot Eon

A Tarot Blog – tarot tutorials, tips and techniques. — Tarot Eon

7 Tips for Buying a Tarot Deck Buying your first tarot deck is a wonderful experience. There is the excitement of exploring the unknown, of having answers to your burning questions, and of learning a new discipline. And today, there is the benefit of having a large variety of tarot decks to choose from (e.g., Celtic, Wiccan, fairy, Zen, Native American, goddess-centered, mythological, and traditional). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The last and best piece of advice is this: Enjoy your deck.

Polyphony Tarot Elements - tarot for you Learning the Tarot - An On-Line Course Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog Pondering Archives - Wisdom & Healing Tarot Reiki Numerology in Guelph Ontario. Here I will discuss the different kinds of Tarot readers and the style of readings they may use. 1) Divination. 2) Guidance. 3) A combination of divination and guidance. 1) The clients that want a pure divination reading are looking for information into the future. They may ask about career choices. 2) The clients that want a guidance only reading are not interested in the future as much as in working with the present. They want to understand: What is going on? 3) The clients that want a combination of both are open to see what the Tarot has to say. How are they emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually? They may want to look into areas of their lives to get a more objective view of the situation. I believe there is room and purpose for each style of Tarot reading. The same reader can be perceived as great by a client and bad by another. What kind of reading does the client seek? They just want to know. Their reader must share their belief and be accurate all the time. Client 3.

Home | Readings By Dale | Intuitive Tarot Readings Main Page - Tarotpedia Deviant Moon Tarot Thank you for your support! Ordering directly from this site will help fund the creation of the upcoming “Sister” tarot. Order your signed borderless deck + exclusive bonus artist card: $30 usd Already have the deck? Single PROMO-ARTIST CARD-SIGNED on BACK Only $12 usd We also have the Queen of Wands as a beautiful 9 x 13 inch GICLEE/PRINT! Only $30 usd each (Print run of 25) (Photo courtesy of Donnaleigh de LaRose ) Filed under: Updates | Comments (34) I have a slightly damaged UNCUT BORDERLESS SHEET available at a discounted price. Slightly imperfect sheet $75 usd Filed under: Updates | Comment (0) Five spring birds have returned from the cold and are looking for a home…won’t you take one into your warm garden? ABIGAIL (8×11 inches)GONE… Rose (8×11 in.) $18 usd Clarissa (8×11 inches)GONE SOUTH….. Esther (8×11 inches) $18 usd Nina (8×11 inches) Filed under: Updates | Comment (0) Video review of the Borderless Deviant Moon (Courtesy of The Tea Room),,,,check the kitty in the end

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