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Main Page - Tarotpedia

Main Page - Tarotpedia
Tarotpedia Tarotpedia is a tarot wiki that reflects its active community. Anyone may request to be registered to assist in the growth and development of the site. Whether reading through and alerting omissions, making suggestions, or contributing directly to the pages, participation is what makes Tarotpedia a resource treasured by all. Using Tarotpedia To begin looking through Tarotpedia, use the key pages menu or search feature on the left-hand panel

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Tarot Meditations All Rights Reserved. These mediations may work best with a BOTA (Paul Foster Case) or Rider Pack (Waite) Tarot Deck. Fool Meditation 9/30/75 Adapted from "Understanding the Tarot", column six, by Bill Heidrick (First published in "Gnostica") Home Catalog Buy Tarot Cards, Tarot Decks, Futhark Runes, and Tarot Bags First impressions count. Have you been keeping your tarot cards inside a tattered box, plastic bag, or simply wrapped in a rubber band? Are you creating a 5 of pentacles/coins impression of yourself for your clients rather than a 9 of pentacles/coins one? "Let Love Speak" ~ for Tarot or Oracle. "Let Love Speak" ~ for Tarot or Oracle. “Let Love Speak”. I created this spread for one of the oracle reading groups - but it can be used with Tarot Majors and works just as well

Goddess Tarot Cards There is an excellent choice of Goddess tarot decks available. These decks can be both an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with the attributes of the various Goddesses and a means of gaining a greater insight into your life. The Goddess Tarot: by Kris Waldherr is probable the most well known Goddess deck. Make a Tarot Card Bag Once you've found the Tarot deck that's right for you, it's a real treat to have something special to keep them in. Sure, you could leave them in the original box, but many people prefer to use a drawstring pouch. You can sew one in just a few minutes with supplies you probably have laying around the house. You'll need: A piece of fabric in the pattern of your choice, about 12 - 14" long by about 6" wide Two lengths of ribbon, cut to about 12" each 4 - 6 beads with holes large enough for the ribbon to pass through

The Revealer I've gone through all of the relationship spreads and have not seen this one yet in here. I found this spread a while back on the internet somewhere while surfing for a good relationship spread to tell me things I wanted to know about my lover. I find this spread to be a very good spread to use when your lover isn't telling you things. Keeping his/her emotions, desires, anything that they won't communicate to you. I've used this spread about a million times now.

Oracle Card Reading For Divine Guidance Do you use divination cards to receive guided messages sometimes? I have been enjoying the use of my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards The cards are from Doreen Virtue and feature beautiful artwork of cross-cultural goddesses from Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Tibetan, Buddhist and others. Some examples include Isis, Athena, Kuan Yin, Green Tara and Mother Mary. I don’t use to take card readings seriously for years but it has been amazing what has come up recently. The Key of Solomon Index Sacred Texts Grimoires Title PagePrefaceList of PlatesPreliminary DiscourseIntroduction (from Add. MSS. 10862)Introduction from Landsdowne MSS. 1203

Symbols This page presents a glossary and some discussion of a wide variety of different types of symbols used on tarot cards, to serve as a convenient reference for tarot readers and students. Click on a topic below to go directly to that section. I. Bottle Spells and Spell Bottles A spell bottle is a bottle into which a magical spell has been cast in the form of physical items used to ensure that the spell results in the desired outcome. A bottle spell is a magical spell that is contained within a bottle, and which, when finished, is expected to work for the ends one desires. There are many types of bottle spells used in folk magic traditions from around the world.

Mystic Eye Tarot Symbols Glossary! This your website's holding page. Please refer to your welcome email to start building your site and setting up your new email accounts. This welcome page is named index.html and is located in your public_html folder. Once you create or upload a new index page, it will replace this one. Support Magic Books, Occult Books, Esoteric, Ancient, Rare Books And Texts. Grimoires, Spellbooks, Manuscripts These catalogs give me the opportunity to present collections or groups of related books in a more detailed and sympathetic context than the normal website allows, and will also enable me to give people first choice at some of the more interesting new arrivals. As usual I have a variety of other catalogs in preparation. Future catalogs will be devoted to Hermetica, Witchcraft, Astrology, Kabbalah, Grimoires, Theosophy and also Aleister Crowley, H.P.Blavatsky, George Robert Stowe Mead, Gerald Gardner, Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Hermes Trismegistus, Eliphas Levi, Austin Osman Spare, Ea Wallis Budge, Arthur Edward Waite, Leonardo Da Vinci, Louis Claude De Saint Martin.

Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night - Darkness Forums 'Kelly', on 22 March 2010 - 09:35 PM, said: I want this deck. The depictions are realistic, beautiful and haunting...quite different from the cartoonish vampire decks. Take a look at the some of the cards: do you think? I really want this deck. The art is so beautiful. Free Book of Shadows .com - The Book of Shadows CD-ROM The Book of Shadows CD-ROM is a Complete Library! And it's all FREE The Book of Shadows & The High Magick Compendium CD-ROM What it is Throughout time, pagans have known that human beings have possessed the power to alter reality. Finally, a program that teaches you how. Painstakingly filled with spells, pagan information, virtually anything you may possibly need, this CD-ROM is a must for any witch and witchcraft library.

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