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Minimalissimo – Minimalism in Design

Minimalissimo – Minimalism in Design

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Key Statistics about Men and Mental Health Mental health problems can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, race or social background. Despite this however, studies have shown that certain mental illnesses affect men and women differently. Perhaps the most interesting (and worrying) finding is that while on average more women are diagnosed with common mental health problems than men, the rate of male suicide is significantly higher. This suggests that men are suffering with mental distress, but may not be receiving (or indeed asking for) the help they need. On this page we will look at some statistics surrounding men's mental health, and how talk therapy can help. Shoplift ciorny: Valentin Yudashkin FW ‘14/15 (via responsibledruguse) (Source : kuraplka, via cr0p) (via saucay)

50+ Beautiful Websites with Great Colour Schemes Here is another guest post, this time from Stu Greenham, a web designer / developer from Hull, United Kingdom and creator of the upcoming design and development blog You can also follow Stu on Twitter – @stugreenham. If you like this post from Stu, you should also check another Inspired Classic – 25 Bright WordPress Themes Using Popping Colors

Art Inspiration For The Weekend - Smashing Magazine Advertisement In a creative field like design, we face an undeniable truth: our wells of inspiration are bound to run dry from time to time. In those periods of imaginative downtime, we seek out sources that can help us return the creative flow to our working process, and get us “back in the game.” But when we need a quick recharge, where do we turn? Many of us have our favorite “go-to” places when we are victim to creative drought, though perhaps with a little help, our routinely chosen paths could change. Although they are so different in their purpose, art and design have such a close relationship; extensive discussions, over the years, have tried to figure out what separates these two imaginative fields.

13 Sites to Download Free eBooks eBooks have become very popular with devices such as the Kindle and the new iPad. You can get applications for your smart phone to read PDF files and eBooks from most popular book sites. There ia a large choice of eBooks and many are free. Amazon has a collection of free eBooks for their Kindle reader so be sure and check their site. You don’t have to buy a Kindle to read them.

Personal well-being in the UK - Office for National Statistics Average ratings of anxiety increased slightly between the years ending September 2015 and 2016. Average life satisfaction, worthwhile and happiness ratings were unchanged between the years ending September 2015 and 2016. Wales was the only country to have higher anxiety ratings than the UK average. Back to table of contents Some Call Me J-Dawg ☕ Gestures are important!! Do them! Gestures weren’t done to be animated so the weight’s all off. Traveling garage sale merchant thief duo and their obligatory animal mascot. Best of CSS Design 2009 Since 2007, every year I do a round up of best of CSS from Best Web Gallery (check out 07 and 08 collection). Well, it is the time of the year again — Best of CSS Design 2009. This year I've selected another 50 nicely designed web sites. Among the list, I notice a lot of them are minimalistic design with beautiful serif fonts. The grungy and sketchy styles are still strong.

Matthew Lyons' Inspiration Tumblr "Yellowstone" Illustration (by Milt Banta?) 1957. Gouache on illustration board (view more of the original illustrations for the Disney Magazine via Miehana) Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, 1969 (via Miehana) JavascriptTips - jslibs - JavaScript language advanced tips and tricks - standalone JavaScript development runtime environment with general purpose native libraries These tips and tricks are not related to any web browser or any Document Object Model (DOM), they are only general purpose tips and tricks for the JavaScript language. Some of these tricks are using a latest version of JavaScript language (v1.8) and cannot run with the Microsoft Implementation of JavaScript (v1.5). All these tricks has been tested with the Mozilla SpiderMonkey/TraceMonkey JavaScript engine (v1.8). You can try these examples using jshost, a command-line JavaScript interpreter. (download it).

Statistics about Key Mental Health Problems Just like physical health, we all have mental health. The term itself covers a broad range of emotional and psychological concerns that affect millions of people every day. According to the Mental Health Foundation, every year in the UK 70 million workdays are lost due to mental illness, including anxiety, depression and stress related conditions. This means mental illness is the leading cause of sickness and absence from work. On this page we will look at some facts and statistics for key mental health problems many of us are dealing with. Anxiety and related disorders BOOKLIST CENTER Includes lists prepared by authorities in dozens of fields as well as comprehensive listings of award winning books complete from the first year of the award to the present. Incorporates more than 335 graphics. ---- See What's New for Additions Made Each Week ---- Since the last edition of this site, we have updated the following lists: Los Angeles Times Book Prize for a Mystery/Thriller Novel, 2001-2004 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography, 1981-2004 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction, 1981-2004 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for History, 1981-2004 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Science and Technology, 1981-2004

industrial design courses ? designboom apr 19, 2014 the sound collection was produced for preciosa lighting and it comes alive with music to create a glowing, » 35 shares apr 18, 2014 the motion photography prize has been the first global open entry competition for artists and creative people » 49 shares

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