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Explorations of the Mind: Intuition with Daniel Kahneman

Explorations of the Mind: Intuition with Daniel Kahneman
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Brain, Mind, and Altered States of Consciousness The conspiracy to reduce consciousness to intellectual awareness of the physical world has been in evidence for at least five thousand years. Over the centuries the mental and psychic powers that only mystics and seers now possess have been filtered out of most people. So we now assume that our narrow, tightly-bound consciousness is normal and natural. "Ordinary consciousness" is "normal" only in the strict sense of "statistically most frequent," not inherently "good" or "natural" as the term is sometimes misconstrued to mean. When contrasted with supernormal consciousness experienced by certain people in specific instances, our current rigid, intellect-based awareness is highly abnormal and unnatural. Reports of Supernormal Consciousness "The boundary between my physical self and my surroundings seemed to dissolve and my feeling of separation vanished. . . . The Conspiracy to Debase Human Consciousness The Human Brain and Mind Brain Stimulation and Neurofeedback

Lucid Dreaming Techniques: A Guide To Lucid Dream Induction Here are my top lucid dreaming techniques for beginners. They range from simple memory exercises (like Reality Checks and Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams) to specialized meditation (like Wake Induced Lucid Dreams). Lucid Dreaming Tutorials For step-by-step tutorials and audio tools for lucid dream induction and exploration, check out my Lucid Dreaming Fast Track study program for beginners and beyond. 52 Ways to Have Lucid Dreams A complete list of 52 ways to have lucid dreams - based on visualization, memory, supplements, sleep cycles and more methods than you can shake a stick at. How to Have Lucid Dreams A summary of my favorite lucid dreaming techniques, from improving dream recall, to programming your dreams, to meditation and self-hypnosis. How to Remember Your Dreams To lucid dream, you must first remember your dreams. Keeping a Dream Journal How to Perform Reality Checks How to Improve Your Self Awareness Lucid Dreams and Prospective Memory Dream Induced Lucid Dreams (DILDs)

Routes - EuroVelo - the European cycle route network There are currently 15 EuroVelo routes, forming the European cycle route network. The 15 EuroVelo routes, together with their total distance when complete, are: North – South Routes: 1 – Atlantic Coast Route: North Cape – Sagres 8,186 km 3 – Pilgrims’ Route: Trondheim – Santiago de Compostela 5,122 km 5 – Via Romea Francigena: London – Rome and Brindisi 3,900 km 7 – Sun Route: North Cape – Malta 7,409 km 9 – Baltic – Adriatic: Gdansk – Pula 1,930 km 11 – East Europe Route: North Cape – Athens 5,984 km 13 – Iron Curtain Trail: Barents Sea – Black Sea 10,400 km 15 – Rhine Route: Andermatt – Hoek van Holland 1,320 km 17 – Rhone Route: Andermatt – Mediterranean 1,115 km West – East Routes: 2 - Capitals Route: Galway – Moscow 5,500 km 4 – Central Europe Route: Roscoff – Kiev 4,000 km 6 - Atlantic – Black Sea: Nantes – Constanta 4,448km 8 – Mediterranean Route: Cádiz – Athens and Cyprus 5,888 km Circuits: 10 – Baltic Sea Cycle Route (Hansa circuit): 7,980 km 12 – North Sea Cycle Route: 5,932 km

EuroVelo - the European cycle route network Cycle routes and maps Roscoff to Santander On previous cycling trips we had used 3” / mile maps which proved great. We only carry the narrow strips of map required for the journey. These strips plus a coloured highlighter pen allow us to make route changes on the fly. For this trip, we could only find 4.5”/mile maps which were not really adequate. Many of the small minor roads that are ideal for cycling were not marked, nor were routes through towns. We backed up the inadequate paper maps with Nokia maps downloaded onto a N95 mobile phone. Day 0 22nd September 2008 North Devon to Plymouth 66 mls, 4600' climb From our house in North Devon to Plymouth harbour to catch the overnight Brittany Ferries boat. Day 1 Roscoff to Carhaix Plouger 53 mls 2800'climbClick here to view the route The ferry arrives early morning into Roscoff. Our lunch stop is interesting. The accomodation is a B&B about 6 mls from Carhaix owned by an English couple who also sell soft fruit and dog food. Locks on the Nantes Brest Canal. Well, here comes the sun.

Search engine optimization, web design and web writing Narooma, Bermagui, Tilba, and NSW south coast Flairnet is an independent Australian book publisher specialising in e-books Cycling Narooma provides details of 18 great bike rides, the best cycle touring and cycling holidays in New South Wales, including Narooma, Tilba, Bermagui, Bodalla, Cobargo and the South Coast of New South Wales and South East Australia. EuroVelo 15: From the source of the Rhine to its mouth in the North Sea — Eurovélo 15 Pineal secrets - Pineal gland, the land of god. Pineal Secrets: Pineal gland is the true master gland. It is situated between the eyes. It is the organ of clairvoyance, Third eye, the eye of Ra or Heru (God). Biblical Jacob saw God face to face on the island of Pe-ni-el. Its secretes melatonin which is anti ageing in effect and anti oxidant in nature. This also secretes melanin which colours our skin. The pineal gland, the most enigmatic of endocrine organs, has long been of interest to anatomists. The pineal organ is small, weighing little more than 0.1 gram. The pineal gland contains a number of peptides, including GnRH, TRH, and vasotocin, along with a number of important neurotransmitters such as somatostatin, norepinephrine, serotonin, and histamine. Melotonin is the only hormone secreted by the pineal gland. In mammals other than humans melatonin possibly acts as a breeding and mating cue, since it is produced in greater amounts in response to the longer nights of winter and less so during summer.

The Method of Loci | Memory-Sports This is the first part of your guide to get a memory like an elephant. will give you an insight in the amazing techniques of all mental athletes, starting with the famous Method of Loci. You will learn how to memorize numbers, cards, names and words and discover the fascinating world of Memory Sports. The Method of Loci This technique is as old as ancient democracy: The method of loci, used by Greek and Roman senators to hold their intoxicating speeches in front of the senate. To remember a speech, they broke it into peaces and created symbols for every single part. Cicero (De oratore, ii. 86) tells the story of the end of Simonides relations with the Scopadae. Quote: Wikipedia What Simonides did is easy to reproduce, since remembering a route from A to B in its detail has once been part of the survival strategy of mankind. The Power of the Elephant Path Why is the method of loci so powerful? A beautiful harmony, don’t you think? Step 1 – Pick your Location Step 4 – Use it!