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Stone Age

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Timeline British History for Kids - Uk. History of countryside, farming and agriculture in the UK. Welcome to our unique history of the countryside series.

History of countryside, farming and agriculture in the UK

The above and below links will transport you through 15,000 years of our countryside's history. Each time period contains information on population, crops, livestock, farming systems, woodland & hedges, social economy and climate. Each time period has custom 3D images and animations for you to view and download. UK Countryside history - 13,000 BC Snow and ice had covered much of the countryside for the preceding 10,000 years and only a few alpine plants lived in the short summer seasons.

The Stone Age for KS1 and KS2 children. Hands on History - Ancient Britain: Activities for Families and Groups. Stone Age to Iron Age -KS2 History. Stone Age Timeline. History - Animations - Reconstructing an Iron Age Roundhouse.