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Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt, London Like this? Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt was founded in London, 2008 by Rob Baines and Pablo Uribe. They offer high quality frozen yogurt in well designed spaces with site specific light installations created by London based design studio, Cinimod Studio who were responsible for all of the permanent UK store’s designs, including all architectural and lighting design. With 7 locations now open, and a further dozen currently being rolled out across South America, Europe and the Middle East, Cinimod Studio relishes the challenge to keep pushing the store design as far as possible. In particular, the lighting designs have become a ‘signature’ of the Snog identity, and play a crucial role in the ever-expanding social network media presence that Snog enjoys. The Soho restaurant has a bubbly ceiling inspired by the colourful neighbourhood.

Concordia University Chicago - Art Lessons Welcome to Concordia University Chicago’s link to Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories, a tool to promote visual literacy through artwork. Recognizing visual cues in a work of art as well as being aware of the times and conditions in which an artist lived enables students to better interpret its imagery, draw conclusions about its effectiveness, and speak critically about the art. Art education research indicates students enjoy a richer art experience and improved visual comprehension when the following four disciplines are included in the art experience: Art History (the study of past artists), Art Aesthetics (response to art), Art Criticism (discussion of art using art vocabulary), and Art Production (hands-on making of art). Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories focuses mainly on art history by providing a biographical sketch of the artist, an image of one of the artist’s specific works and details about that work.

Mural is Purposely Painted Upside Down to Reflect Right Side Up in the Water Artist Ray Bartkus wanted to incorporate Lithuania’s Šešupė River into a captivating work of art, so he intentionally painted his mural upside-down. While the designs of the mural may appear quite ordinary at first glance, the real magic happens when viewers first notice the display’s river reflection. When reflected in the river’s dark waters, the painted figures seem to come to life, interacting with the water itself. Suddenly, swimmers, swans, and rowers seem to be sitting atop the water at the Marijampolė, Lithuania location. Even a pair of legs appear to peek out of the water, as though diver has just gone headfirst into the river. Meanwhile the ripples give the illusion of movement–the swans, boats, rowers seem to glide across the water’s surface.

Download 200 Free Art Books, Courtesy of the Guggenheim Perusing through a beautiful, hefty art book is one of life’s simple pleasures, but beautiful, hefty art books can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, the Guggenheim is on a mission to digitize its vast collection of titles. As Beckett Mufson reports for Vice, the museum has made 205 art books available for free download. The project began in 2012, when 65 titles were released online, and the Guggenheim has slowly been growing its digital archive ever since. Among the latest additions are works devoted to Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein, Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.

Free for All: NYPL Enhances Public Domain Collections For Sharing and Reuse Today we are proud to announce that out-of-copyright materials in NYPL Digital Collections are now available as high-resolution downloads. No permission required, no hoops to jump through: just go forth and reuse! The release of more than 180,000 digitized items represents both a simplification and an enhancement of digital access to a trove of unique and rare materials: a removal of administration fees and processes from public domain content, and also improvements to interfaces — popular and technical — to the digital assets themselves. Online users of the NYPL Digital Collections website will find more prominent download links and filters highlighting restriction-free content; while more technically inclined users will also benefit from updates to the Digital Collections API enabling bulk use and analysis, as well as data exports and utilities posted to NYPL's GitHub account.

A museum dedicated entirely to words and language to open in Washington D.C. – The Language Nerds Great news for the lovers of words and the sounds of language. Planet Word, a museum dedicated to languages and words in Washington D.C. has announced that it will open May 31, 2020. The museum will feature 11 immersive galleries that will showcase and explore language in interesting and entertaining ways. Planet Word was designed with the goal to educate visitors about language, with exhibits focusing on the spoken, sung, and written words. It sits on 51,000-square-foot space and it will be located inside the historic Franklin School in the heart of DC.

Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights About this project The interactive documentary Jheronimus Bosch, the Garden of Earthly Delights provides an in-depth tour though The Garden of Earthly Delights. In a web interface the visitor will be taken on an audio-visual journey, including sound, music, video and images to enrich the storytelling. Synopsis The interactive documentary Jheronimus Bosch, the Garden of Earthly Delights provides an in-depth tour though The Garden of Earthly Delights. Accompanied by high resolution images of the painting, the exciting story of this masterpiece unfolds.

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Metroplitan Museum of Art: free full-text books online "The 1688 Paradise Lost and Dr. Aldrich": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 6 (1972) Boorsch, Suzanne (1972) 20th-Century Art: A Resource for Educators Paul, Stella (1999) National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Seoul, South Korea Since opening its door in 1969, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Korea has lived through the history of Korean art. In the process, MMCA established itself as a representative institution of Korean modern art. The museum’s four branches, including Gwacheon (opened in 1986), Deoksugung (opened in 1998), Seoul (opened in 2013), and Cheongju (expected to open in 2017), each in its own way, will continue to carry out MMCA’s commitment to the art and culture of Korea by enriching the first-hand cultural experience of the viewing public.

Don McCullin – Exhibition at Tate Britain Tate Britain presents a comprehensive retrospective of the legendary British photographer Don McCullin This exhibition showcases some of the most impactful photographs captured over the last 60 years. It includes many of his iconic war photographs – including images from Vietnam, Northern Ireland and more recently Syria. Hundreds of Vintage Posters Are Now Available to Download and Print 100% Free - Creators If the posters of today still had the look of those of yesteryear, would they still get tagged and trolled as often? Much work today, it seems, lacks the graphic audacity of yore, opting instead for forms and formats we've become accustomed to. That's why, when you find vintage posters in flea markets, you find prices that might suggest they were just printed. Many of these posters are available online, but it's often difficult to find high enough quality to print them beyond standard A4 printer paper sizing. Finally, our savior: FreeVintagePosters.Com.

Claudio Parmiggiani Simon Lee Gallery is delighted to present a new body of work by Italian conceptual artist Claudio Parmiggiani, one of the first exhibitions of his work in the U.K. During his time at the Istituto di Belle Arti di Modena (1958-1960), Parmiggiani frequented the studio of Giorgio Morandi, whose work was to have a profound impact on him. The spirit of Marcel Duchamp and Piero Manzoni was also apparent early on in his manipulation and presentation of objects, for example the arrangement of a globe and a pickle jar containing a crumpled map in 1968. He has never allied himself with any particular group, but he shared with some of his contemporaries, such as Michelangelo Pistoletto and Giulio Paolini, a progression from conceptual works, including installations, photo-works and books, towards a use of assemblage.

How to get an art education without going to art school An education in the UK currently slides between £3,000 and £9,000 per year, and with many students struggling to find work after the golden gates of uni close you'd be forgiven for thinking 'what's the point?' Enter: the Internet, a glorious wormhole of philosophical memes, endless hours wasted and, if you know where to look, an actual education. Ever wanted to strap on some boxing gloves, roll around in some paint and make a masterpiece? Sit in silence for hours while a complete stranger – and possibly your long lost love – stares back at you? Sneak out in the night and irrationally remove a piece of the wall from a bridge that a famous artist painted? At the click of a .com, log on to Netflix – where these films are all readily available – and let your imagination run wild with these stunning films, and educate yourself in all aspects of art.

Next best thing to being there. Somehow, there's still something about being physically "in contact" with such art that adds a necessary dimension, imo. Glad to have the virtual alternative though, as I no longer travel (physically) by dcoda Feb 20

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